Saturday, September 12, 2009

Taking Back our Country

Washington, D.C. -- 9-12-09

At the conclusion of the march it became readily apparent that mere mastery of language would be insufficient to describe what had just taken place. Anyone who got there first was doomed to stay in place because of the crowd pressing to be close to the speakers platform. That valued spot soon became unseeable to the new arrivals. From the steps, down the hill, then behind the reflecting pool, across 3rd St and on to 4th and finally across the avenue they piled up. The closer ones to the front were jostled good naturedly by those pressing to see. The most notable feature was with this mass of humanity the rule was courtesy, respect, and deference to favored groups; women, kids, the elderly and especially the infirm.

I did at no time see any hostility directed to any attendee but considerable animus was aimed at the administration in general. It seemed that every person had a sign, a flag, or some other creative _expression to demonstrate their displeasure. No one will ever know the exact number of those present but we have some good indications. The Washington Post said "tens of thousands", the port-a-potties were in a line about a 75 units long on the street north of the pool with folks waiting in lines up to forty people long, and since the crowd was variable, counting heads was out of the question. My personal guess would be in the neighborhood of a quarter of a million.

I spoke to enough personally to assure you that every state was well represented at the rally and of course in the parade. I was extremely pleased to see all age groups adequately represented with gender imbalance not a factor. The only under-represented category was dogs. Although largely Caucasian, there were many other racial and ethnic components as well. I saw no obviously identifiable Muslims.

The speakers were fiery. The music was sparse and and the general spirit of the gathering was singular. The citizens want their government back! They didn't make a fuss to get the Republicans back in power so much as to get responsible people in general back in charge. The hope is that no one sees the conclusion of this event as any sort of an "end." This massive demonstration should only be viewed as a beginning. A raw seed for a movement which will actually make a difference. This was for show. What comes after will be the definitive marker of our national character. That selfless concern for others so visible at this rally needs to be carried into the halls of congress and the white house. Lincoln said, "you can't fool all of the people, all of the time." I say, that's true, but you don't to irritate them constantly either.

There are people, happily of all ages, who do understand what it took to build this society we call America. I met many of them this week. All we need now is for them to get off their stumps and take part in government at every level. Let the people legislate themselves. God bless America!

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

Cecil's Excellent Adventure-The Big Day

I spoke with Cec around 9:30. He was standing in the middle of a huge crowd (mob-to you liberals out there.) He says there are at least tens of thousands and if you tune in to Fox news you'll see. If you go to CNN you'll see nothing. More later.

Our gutless wonder prez has gone off campaigning again—something he can't seem to do without. Like a security bankie. So he'll not be in the DC area today. Imagine that!

Fairfax, VA -- 9-12-09

Today's the day we take back America. If not in the government at least in the hearts of Americans. Everyone here is champing at the bit to get onto Pennsylvania Avenue and demonstrate our love of the principles of liberty and independence. Rarely have I ever seen so many citizens of the same mind on any subject. They are charged up and truly inspired.

Before I leave this particular area, thanks are in order to McDonalds for a consistent WiFi, not only here but all over the DC area. I also want to acknowledge the generosity of Wal-Mart for a peaceful, undisturbed place to park my little home away from home. Not one moment was experienced in either location of any disturbance of a peaceful surrounding.

This is also a note of thanks to those who have followed this geezer's travels in an attempt to get our "rulers" attention to redress the wrongs which they are so apt at creating. Sorry, no pictures for now. Possibly later in the day.

Please forgive me but I have to go now to Freedom Plaza and get ready to scream my way down the avenue to the capitol. Be good to one another.

In His abiding love.

Cecil Moon

Friday, September 11, 2009

Excellent Adventure 6

The reason I'm posting the same thing on here as Gio posts on his world is we have a different readership. Gio's blog is huge and ZB has a very small, dedicated group of people, who give us anywhere from 0 to 75  hits per week. So if you come to ZB from Giovanni's World during the March on DC you'll get the same post except for some snide comments by me, which I get to do by virtue of having started the blog in the first place and by being its editor—a poor one, but an editor nonetheless.

When I look at the divisiveness in this country I wonder just what happened between 9/11 eight years ago and today's 9/11. Then I realize it wasn't just something that happened during the past eight years. It had been coming for decades, centuries. There have always been people who hate this country, but never so many as who are now in high places and are systematically and methodically tearing it to shreds. And they're making great strides. Somehow we managed to elect a president who is an avowed socialist and who is determined, with the help of communists, kooks and crazies, to bring us to our knees. Cec and I don't kneel for anyone but Jesus Christ. This is why he is in Washington this weekend: to join with the rest of the patriots who are willing to give their all to take back the Constitution of the United States. Sorry, Obama, God is still in charge and you ain't Him.

Here's Cec's post:

"Washington, D.C. 9-11-09

Tonight in a completely unplanned event I was able to be part of the crowd who greeted the Tea Party Express. There arrival point was the Washington Renaissance Hotel in the huge parking lot across the street.. Since this was largely an unplanned occasion I was gratified to see nearly a thousand people turn out for their arrival. The enthusiasm level was appropriate for rock stars. The signage was terrific, the people ecstatic in their task, and they raised their voices frequently in standard patriotic songs and an occasional chant. I will make every effort to get you a picture of the colonial figure who posed with the Constitution beside the coach. It may require "geek" skills beyond my pay grade.

This will be the last post of the day so the old geezer can get his sack time and be ready to roar again tomorrow. I will hold no grudge if you miss my postings on the 12th by reason of attending a local event. There are many events so look them up and find one near you.

In the last post on FLIP I neglected to give you the web address for more information:  Please check them out; they have some great ideas. Get some sleep now because we have a busy day tomorrow.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon"

Cecil's Excellent Adventure 5

Trying to keep up now is a challenge. I just asked Cec if he could send pictures. He replied, and I quote, "I'm not the brightest bulb on the string." Actually, he told me that some guy came up to him today and asked him for help with his laptop. Of course I laughed myself silly. Or in eshorthand, (I made that up—I think) LITID!

Anyway, be sure and watch Hannity tomorrow night; he'll be dispelling lies put out by the media.about the event.
Here's Cec's post:

"Washington, D.C. 9-11-09

At an activism training session held at the Washington Renaissance Hotel this afternoon they unveiled a concept that was certainly new to me. Grassfire took the acronym FLIP and turned it into a very clever and, in my mind, very necessary slogan for an upcoming campaign. We all fully realize the necessity for new blood in the congress regardless of party and alleged loyalty. The other points resonated as well.

What was suggested is a combination of four basic areas on which we need to concentrate.

The F: Establishment of freer markets unimpeded by government action and influence

The L: Limit the time of service in the congress to 12 years by a representative with 18 years total.

The I: Impose a uniform tax on all citizens, equally. (Fair Tax perhaps)

The P: Return emphasis to the protection of private property rights.

Each reader can take these four letters and the brief explanation and develop it to his heart's content. During the explanation, the speaker had some difficulty keeping each individual segment within the time frame allocated. We could probably spend the evening discussing each one individually. One thing I really liked is that it did not divert the attention to defeating the socialistic intentions of the administration. I feel that many people go deaf when you mention it so I prefer the back door approach. I would rather let them figure that out for themselves with the information I am willing to provide.

Accompanying the presentation was a logo which featured the capitol building with the message "Flip This House". I struck me as a natural and a way to return the nation in part to the right track for a successful future. The Grassfire people understand the gravity of the current situation and my BS detector didn't sound at any time during the presentation. This is rare during almost any speaker's time at the podium.

The crowd (400-500?) in the ballroom filled it to standees on the back wall and received the message with considerable enthusiasm. It was the largest group of protesters I had seen so far in one place and I was much encouraged about the possibilities of a major turnout for the March tomorrow. As we get closer to the event I am seeing more and more.

In closing I might add they are best behaved, cleanest, most considerate bunch I have ever associated with. How did I get in?

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon"

Cecil's Excellent Adventure 4

10th & E St., Washington, D.C. -- 9-11-09

Believe it! I found a parking place! For a dollar an hour, no less! I burned about $3.00 worth of gas looking for it.

Earlier I had the opportunity to listen in on the hearings of the Senate Banking Committee. Chuckie Schumer was in charge in the perpetual absence of Chris Dodd. The people on the hot seat were the officials of the SEC and the subject of intense questioning over their lack of oversight which made the Madoff Ponzi scheme possible. The gist of it was questioning why with their experience and knowledge of banking they did not detect something wrong over a period of nearly eighteen years. The most telling remark came when one of the officials off-handedly remarked that they had had no complaints from aggrieved parties to follow up on. In a murder investigation, that which prompts the authorities to act, is of course: a dead body. Barring any evidence of harm, they are helpless to do anything. It seemed from the testimony that was the case with Madoff.

What the senators couldn't comprehend was the complicity of the investors themselves in the commission of the highest price crime in history. Madoff was scrupulous about paying excessive dividends to investors so why would they complain. He had earned a reputation for gaming the market and they had little interest in whether it was legal or not. Bernie will never see the light of day other than through bars and his investors have learned a vital life lesson--if it's too good to be true; it isn't. I guess one might call this a teaching moment.

The evidence of protesters gathering in the city is mounting rapidly. Some are brazen with festooned cars and wearing apparel which clearly identifies them. That is, they look like me. Others in their company are obvious to a veteran of Tea Parties. They seem to be enjoying their trip but manage to retain an air of seriousness.

I continue to talk to locals who have no notion of how serious those of us in the boondocks take the management of our country. I guess if you are completely self-centered you also have difficulty worrying about tomorrow. Unfortunately, tomorrow is yesterday's today and this outfit is careening madly down the road to socialistic control and the destruction of our existing government. Forgive me but the old saw applies: life is like a s**t sandwich; the more bread you have, the less s**t you have to eat. With federal debt mounting each and every day, we are facing a rotten diet.

More as things occur to me,

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

Cecil's Excellent Adventure 3

I've got a feeling these are going to be out of order. I'm trying to juggle a couple of blogs, emails, keep up with the news on Fox and talk to Cec several times a day. Here's either # 3 or #4. Bear with me.

"Fairfax, VA -- 9-10-09

This evening I drove into the city with the intention of going to Walter Reed. The traffic on the way in was horrible and I tried to figure out why they were going in and not home.. The capitol mall was covered with young folks playing games of every kind. I was struck by the normalcy. Runners, strollers, dawdlers; each following his own individual muse. The most dramatic was a squadron of Seg-Weys approaching the capitol. Parking was non-existent. The most encouraging thing I saw was the large number of buses from far flung places.. I am assuming that the larger number than expected is a good predictor for the march on Saturday.


It struck me that in a city devoted to monuments not only to long forgotten patriots and familiar presidents (they are on our money--if you have any left) there is casual disregard for both. Their faces remain familiar but what they stood for becomes increasingly forgotten. I drove past the old Justice Department where I worked years a ago and recalled a moment of fright from a night long ago night, as new employee of the FBI, working in the basement. In a sleepy haze I glanced up and looked out the high window. There was the shadowy figure of a man standing there. After a week of indoctrination and warnings about security I did what any loyal employee would do: I kept watch and waited for some movement. At 7am I became distracted by the day shift coming in and made a decision on the way out to investigate. It turned out to be a full size statue of Nathan Hale in full colonial regalia looking out over Constitution Avenue. I drove by last night and he is still there.

Like Nathan Hale, who remains, there is much in Washington to remind us of who we were and what we may continue to be. The men of character and self-less devotion are now memorialized not only in stone and marble but in also in the documents which enduringly last. Are we the equal of those men and women of character who contributed everything to the cause of liberty? Will we "pledge our lives, our treasure and our sacred honor?" They went forth with full knowledge in advance of their fate if they were detected or captured in the pursuit of freedom. Our odds (we are now nearly 100 times more populous) are greater but our voices are also watered down as a result. Our risk is far less but our message is no less important. Perhaps, it is more important since it is a voice to a much larger segment of people.

I used to believe that California represented the pinnacle of selfishness and consumerism. I am now convinced that I was wrong: I am smack dab in the middle of it right here. I guess I'm just alarmed because it is so obvious that the "servants" of the people have it so much better than their paymasters. The bucket which holds hypocrisy is never full; there is always room for more. I always just nod and grin when I hear wild-eyed loons rant and rave about secede from the coastal elites.. They sound less crazy by the day.

More later, for now I need to get to the center of the action.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon"

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cecil's Excellent Adventure 2

Tyson's Corners, VA -- 9-10-09

Like most bad days, this is one is improving. The frustrations of commication have led to coversations which have revealed to some extent the knowledgte of those who live near and serve those who work in the seat of government. Although anecdotal--they don't carry the weight of a Rasmussen Poll--they do hint at the mindset which occupies those near the home of our tormentors.

One nice lady came rushing over as I came out of Best Buy to comment about the signage on the back of the Explorer. She enthusiasticly raved, noted the license plate and asked, "What brings you to this area?" Stunned, I could barely reply. I told her I was here for the march on Saturday and she pleaded she had heard nothing of it. She was delighteed to find some details but said she had abhsolutely no knowledge of the event. This is a perfect example of those who are the victim of the main stream media. I don't intend this to criticize her but rather point out that sometimes we are as "a voice in the wilderness."

I then went to get a battery for my cell phone. Here I met a handsome, young Asian man who was capable, intelligent, and equally clueless when I mentioned how hamstrung I was without my communication. equipment when others were waiting to hear from me. I stayed about a half hour and we discussed the wretched happenings not fifteen miles down the road. He was also surprised to find that I came to town to specifically join other concerned Americans in defense of our values.

I have not heard anyone voluntarily discuss these issues. I realize that a business setting is not appropriate for such conversations but I don't think that the above and others have the genuine concerns that we do in the heartland. When one wanders the neighborhoods of Northern Virginia—five of the six wealthiest counties in America—it is easy to see where their interests lie. Is there anywhere with so many mansions so close together? I have no rancor for those who are doing well but I do find it peculiar that so many have it so close to the seat of government. It's probably just a coincidence which I don't understand.

Are these the people who find the cure for disease? Do they build our cars? I know they don't grow our food because none of them are wearing bib overalls. I think mostly they are those who are best suited to the job of getting everything in triplicate and stapled in the right order. Seriously,what do they create, manufacture, design or implement? Oh, I forgot, taxes, regulations, permits, and yet more fertilizer for the bib-overall crowd. No thanks, I'll pass.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

Cecil's Excellent Adventure

Part One

Cec left for DC Tuesday afternoon. He has had laptop problems, cell phone problems, and last night around midnight dictated the following, which I have copied and pasted from Giovani's World.

"Day #1. Cecil did not leave until this evening to avoid daytime traffic. Will probably get our first update from him around noon-time on Wednesday the 10th. Cecil checked-in a short time ago. He has made it safely to Kentucky.

Day #2. I am fully aware that this is day 3, let me explain. Cecil ran into some problems that you are about to read about, and his lovely wife did not contact me until late last night, after I had gone to bed. What you are about to read is from Cecil’s trip yesterday. First, his wifes explanation, then Cecil…"

You’re probably in bed but I wanted to get this to you. Just spoke with Cec. He’s about 50 miles out of DC. He had a letter all ready to send to you, to me, and to a couple of friends. Just as he was about to hit the “send” button McDonalds shut down. So he found another McDonalds and discovered he can’t get an internet connection. And—his brand new laptop won’t copy and paste. So he dictated to me and I put on the speaker and typed like a maniac. The following is what I came up with, extrapolating from my eshorthand. Tomorrow, first thing, he’s visiting Best Buy and I’m really glad I don’t have to be there to see the blood. To top it off, his cell phone isn’t charging the way it should. I think it will probably resolve, or he can find a phone booth. Do they even exist anymore? Can anything else go wrong? Probably. But he’s almost there and we’ll find a way to get the news to you. Here’s what he wrote to you and dictated to me. Do with it what you want. Thanks again for your prayers.



The last thirty hours have been great. At hour 24 I find myself 902 miles toward the goal—DC and some serious business. I have done much more traveling than the average bear as a matter of choice, so please don’t worry that I am driving so much; I truly love it.

In three million miles I have driven in all fifty states, Canada , Mexico , and, long ago, Europe over a two year span. While the bulk of it was business, a huge amount was pleasure of seeing our magnificent country. Kentucky & West Virginia are both examples of under appreciated areas. Nowhere in this land are properties manicured and lovingly kept. No matter how humble the dwelling each is trimmed like a mansion with a gardener. In fact, I’m tempted to believe care is in direct disproportion to value. A recent topic of discussion has been lack of acknowledgement of American exceptionalism. It is visible everywhere.

We are not just another country. Every possible consumer product is available within the scope of each person’s resources. Our infrastructure, though cited in need of repair, is unparalleled anywhere. Much of that is tax money which managed to filter down for local projects. I have a secret path from central West Virginia to Front Royal which winds up and down in a narrow roadbed. It also saves 100 miles by not having to go around those difficult mountains. Imagine my surprise when I found much of it now as a superb 4-lane highway on WV 55. No doubt the result of the largesse of Sen. Byrd with assistance from U.S. taxpayers, it is a wonder nonetheless. In passing let me note that Kentucky celebrates one of its historical primary industries—the distillers. On the Bluegrass Parkway are signs which read more like a call shot list than informational signage. They point out Wild Turkey, Jim Beam, Old Overholt and my personal favorite, Maker’s Mark as well as every other still in the state. It certainly brought back some memories, some of which I’d love to forget.

Coming across both states it appeared that every town big enough for a McDonalds has at least one college or university. I observed that most local schools appear to have been built within the very near past. New post offices, city halls, government buildings and community facilities dot the land. All of this to me demonstrates once again American exceptionalisn. I am sick to death of listening to officials apologize for America. I readily agree that we are not perfect but we are not nearly as callous, injudicious and selfish as some make us out to be.

I need this ride periodically to remind me how consistently great our nation is. We’ll get down to more serious matters tomorrow.

In His abiding love,


This morning he got a new battery for his phone, my internet went down, his laptop started working—sort of—and I started working from his desktop (a real antique) which does the basics, but no more. He'll be writing about the lack of information among the Virginia and beltway natives. He considers this his mission to the captive CNN viewers. Please pray for a successful weekend in DC. More later.



Monday, September 7, 2009

Monday Morning Rant 108

Unusual weather prevailed on the way to Miami, OK Sunday morning. Rarely seen dense fog turned the familiar roadside landscape into a surreal montage of spookiness. Somehow it seemed to emphasize every misshapen tree and shrub. Fortunately, the condition didn’t require too much reduction in speed and I was able to hear Gary Hoover in a timely manner. Being stubborn about getting there proved worthwhile because it’s always good to be with Saints.

Honduran Policy – Fail!

In a desperate attempt to continue to be on the wrong side of history, the Obama administration imposed new sanctions which would remove $30 million in aid to Honduras. Never mind that the rest of the world has come to its senses and is relenting on first-reactions which they imposed. They obviously recognize that the actions of the Honduran government were within their own constitutional guidelines in regard to the dismissal of ex-president Zelaya.

Obama’s continued obstinacy in this issue of a dependable democracy in Latin America resulted in the removal of visas for their officials, businesses and went so far as to expel their diplomats. In a state of continued willful ignorance they insist on referring to these lawful events as a coup.

Even the Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez recognized the futility of the efforts against the Honduran people and said: “….. Honduras will keep up the fight.” Apparently Chavez has a better understanding than the president.

The administration continues the fiction of labeling the actions as a “coup.” Since the Organization of American States, a recognized Marxist organization, has given up and decided to move on. It may be time for the US to rethink our policies and join the side of democracy.

It is difficult to discern what the president hopes to gain for his continued intransigence.. It is impossible to see any advantage in destroying one of the most solid national governments in this hemisphere. Oh, I almost forgot—he’s doing it here as well. Never mind!

Words best said to Children

As parents, we have a stable full of trite sayings at the ready to be said to the kids. This one may be appropriate to those in the current administration who have anything to do with the economy.

“New policy for you on the economy: Sit in the corner and don’t touch anything.”

The time is upon us

Tomorrow, Tuesday the 8th, I shall depart for the belly of the beast; Washington, DC. For those with concerns who have emailed me I assure you that I shall wash my hands frequently, stay hydrated, drive safely, not challenge union goons (my fingers are crossed,) and try very hard not to get arrested.

As I see things which I think might interest you, I shall send the copy to my own beloved Granny with a Pitchfork and she will post it for you to enjoy. The big news should be the event itself. Pray for massive attendance as we move toward Saturday.

Please keep in mind that the event is not restricted to D.C... There are many, many events taking place nationwide and they deserve your attention and presence. I hate to admit it but the only way we can gain any notice in the regular press is through crippling huge numbers not just in DC but also in other cities. This coverage will result in a heightened awareness on the part of an otherwise uninformed public. Yes, there are folks out there who think that everything is normal and there is no threat to the republic.

This is our moment; let’s not waste it.

And finally

Life is good here in the Ozarks. We haven’t had much of a hint of Fall in the air though. The grass has slowed in growth, some of the fall flowers are blooming and the cantaloupe which has been supplied by friends at church is superb. I have never tasted melons so naturally sweet yet firm. The best part of my daily walks has been diving into one of those once I returned home.

I made a new friend—Radar. He belongs to a neighbor about a mile and a half from our place and has accompanied me for the three and half mile balance of my last walk. Since he trots on ahead, investigates everything and then runs back to me he probably goes twice the distance I do or more. Although I plan to continue walking, after the necessity abates, I will miss being driven by a worthwhile cause. The upside has been the chance to see—I mean really see—those things which fly by so fast when you are on the same road in a car. More than the sights are the smell of rural Missouri, the small critters, the huge birds in the river, the reaction of the cattle I pass, the formations of certain rocks and dells, and the endless trees—each with its own personality. One easily gets lost in the passing scene.

Tomorrow I leave for DC with the promise that I will keep in touch. Meanwhile, pray for the salvation of our nation.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon