Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cecil's Excellent Adventure 2

Tyson's Corners, VA -- 9-10-09

Like most bad days, this is one is improving. The frustrations of commication have led to coversations which have revealed to some extent the knowledgte of those who live near and serve those who work in the seat of government. Although anecdotal--they don't carry the weight of a Rasmussen Poll--they do hint at the mindset which occupies those near the home of our tormentors.

One nice lady came rushing over as I came out of Best Buy to comment about the signage on the back of the Explorer. She enthusiasticly raved, noted the license plate and asked, "What brings you to this area?" Stunned, I could barely reply. I told her I was here for the march on Saturday and she pleaded she had heard nothing of it. She was delighteed to find some details but said she had abhsolutely no knowledge of the event. This is a perfect example of those who are the victim of the main stream media. I don't intend this to criticize her but rather point out that sometimes we are as "a voice in the wilderness."

I then went to get a battery for my cell phone. Here I met a handsome, young Asian man who was capable, intelligent, and equally clueless when I mentioned how hamstrung I was without my communication. equipment when others were waiting to hear from me. I stayed about a half hour and we discussed the wretched happenings not fifteen miles down the road. He was also surprised to find that I came to town to specifically join other concerned Americans in defense of our values.

I have not heard anyone voluntarily discuss these issues. I realize that a business setting is not appropriate for such conversations but I don't think that the above and others have the genuine concerns that we do in the heartland. When one wanders the neighborhoods of Northern Virginia—five of the six wealthiest counties in America—it is easy to see where their interests lie. Is there anywhere with so many mansions so close together? I have no rancor for those who are doing well but I do find it peculiar that so many have it so close to the seat of government. It's probably just a coincidence which I don't understand.

Are these the people who find the cure for disease? Do they build our cars? I know they don't grow our food because none of them are wearing bib overalls. I think mostly they are those who are best suited to the job of getting everything in triplicate and stapled in the right order. Seriously,what do they create, manufacture, design or implement? Oh, I forgot, taxes, regulations, permits, and yet more fertilizer for the bib-overall crowd. No thanks, I'll pass.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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