Saturday, August 14, 2010

More Outrageous Clap Trap from Obama

Either in an attempt at deception or in absolute ignorance of our history, Obama quotes Thomas Jefferson on his hosting of the ambassador from Tunisia in 1796: “The United States has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion or tranquility of Muslims.” What it didn’t have was completely ignored by the president. We had no navy at the time to enforce any sort of action against the piracy which ships under the stars and stripes were subject to in the Mediterranean Sea. This experience precipitated the birth of the United States Navy which came to be the universally recognized superior naval power of the world. As time went by we shortly did have a navy and straightened that lawless behavior out with the force of arms.

He then asserted that “Islam has always been a part of America’s story.” That is equivalent to claiming that a vicious thief who breaks into your house and harms your family then becomes part of your inner circle; not just it’s history. In a way, he is right, they are a part “of America’s story;” a vile, evil, episode in a precarious series stretching over two hundred years.

We presume that the ambassador from Morocco was a faithful Muslim. Why else would he choose Ramadan to visit the United States other than to put off the president? I submit that it was a calculated diplomatic move to soften a difficult situation. Other than that purpose, there would be no reason to leave hearth and home during that important time (to Muslims) on his calendar. The quotes above were lifted from the full text of a speech given in Cairo in 2009 and printed in total by the New York Times.

In a further quote from the Times, they said: “Noting that “Muslim Americans serve with honor in our military,” Mr. Obama said that at next week’s iftar at the Pentagon, “tribute will be paid to three soldiers who gave their lives in Iraq and now rest among the heroes of Arlington National Cemetery.”  May we assume that Major Hasan (a Muslim) who shot up the base down in Fort Hood, Texas was “serving with honor?” A blanket condemnation of all Muslims is pure foolishness. So, too, is the general assumption that no Muslims intend to do our people harm. How many Muslims must we apprehend for intent and actual harm to our people before we are permitted to make a few generalizations?

All of this was relative to the possible erection of a Muslim Community Center and Mosque at ground zero in New York. He claims to be standing clear of the issue until the city makes up its muddled mind. Hogwash! We all fully realize that it would be a dream come true for him. He could then report to his handlers that Sharia law is just around the corner—oops, it’s already creept in.

The most insulting remarks entailed his supposed view on freedom of religion. If it were a matter of concern one would think that his posture on abortion, sanctity of marriage, and other issues of importance to the vast majority of Americans would not be to intentionally go against the grain. Yes, Barry, we cling to our Bibles and the inherent truths therein even though you see that as a pejorative. We also believe that the rights protected in our sacred document, the US Constitution, are gifts from nature’s God. You may maintain that government is a substitute for God Almighty but it is not. Men come and go, as shall you, but He lives on and is above your pettiness. May He have mercy on your soul.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

All Gave Some – Some Gave All

In the lottery of life, there are some who win and some who lose. I was one of the lucky ones. Nearly sixty years ago I enlisted in the US Army during the Korean War. After basic training at Fort Knox I was sent to Fort Devens near Ayer, Mass for additional training with the Army Security Agency. A year later I found myself on the USS Marine Carp on the way to Germany to be part of the occupation army. After two years there, I came home and opted not to “re-up”, got an honorable discharge and went on with my life.

That two years in Germany I was assigned to Hq. & Hq. Co with a Communications Reconnaissance Battalion in VII Corps. It was, with the exception of one incident, thank God, for the most part, uneventful. Although a few German nationals viewed our presence as distasteful, it presented an opportunity for an Iowa kid to expand his world view. I was in the company of a great bunch of guys, lived “on the economy” with my wife, had good German friends, a super dog, and managed to make E-5 before my enlistment was up. As mentioned above, I was one of the lucky ones.

The army is huge but that does not mean that I was unable to keep tabs on many of the guys I trained with at Fort Knox and Fort Devens as well. The critical day came when we assembled on the parade ground and the lst Sergeant opened his remarks with “The following named men will report to duty station…..” From “Aaron thru Little” it was followed by Korean assignments. “Lyons through C. Miller” were to report to Asmara in Africa. From R. Miller to the end of the alphabet it was off to Bremerhaven. After the troop movements were accomplished, we periodically heard from some of our classmates. The news was not always good. It included rotation to the US to deal with injuries, MIA, POW, and loss of life. I had spent a year of my life with these guys and it was difficult to deal with. It still is. I often think on the alphabetical position of my name on a list of two hundred and the possibilities of having been born to Mr. and Mrs. Clark, or Jones, or Baker.

My son, a father and grandfather in his own right, sent me an outstanding video. I urge you to watch it. It is a mere 4 min and 6 seconds long but tells a story you shall never forget. You will find the YouTube reference here.

Short of actual participation, this will explain the military mind set better than anything I have ever seen. Most important it explains the relationship to each person in his family and to his individual memories. I choose the personal pronoun “his” because back in the day, the forces were largely male and mostly segregated overseas. It is not PC but it is the reality.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

Friday, August 13, 2010

Military Voting Rights Denied

Sorting through the issues of the day, this one stabs right through the heart. We have an all-volunteer military made up of those who see their responsibility and respond to it. For the most part, they see their duty and act upon their obligation to the nation and to their fellow citizens. At the present time, there is in progress a move to deprive them of their right to vote. It is difficult to imagine what sort of persons would actively work to dis-enfranchise those Americans whose total effort is to defend this nation and perpetuate our values to others in a messed up world.

Certain states have sought waivers to avoid the MOVE act and not send absentee ballots to the troops 45 days in advance of the election in November. Any delay in that time frame would result in barring the voice of some of America’s most important citizens to express themselves by ballot. This “Dirty Dozen” need to get their legislatures “off the dime” and take care of their interests while they are busy overseas doing the real work of defending the concepts of liberty and US interest. Who are they?













Some states (Florida, Georgia and Vermont) managed to get that job done in a timely manner. Normally, the secretary of state processes withdrawal of waiver requests. Failure to seek withdrawal of these waivers demonstrates a blatant disregard for those members of our military who have already sacrificed far more than the average bear.

We are already very aware of the Department of Justice’s position on voting rights as we watch the dismissal of the Black Panther interference suit in the process in 2008. This is an issue of far greater magnitude not just in the numbers but also in the unconscionable depravation of this group’s rights.

Personally, I would endorse the concept that any state which is unwilling to properly enfranchise their citizens in the military should be forced to delay the entire result until the total legitimate vote can be tabulated. I am sick and tired of hearing “it’s for the children,” “it’s for your health,” “it’s for your own safety,” and the rest of the nanny state crap. These people in the military are willing to put their lives on the line to defend these cretins.

If you have any respect for those who are willing to fight and die for you and your state’s name is on that list; follow up by contacting your individual secretary of state, state legislators, etc. to right this grievous wrong. This is disgraceful. It needs to be done NOW!

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Peter Karsinov Understands the Administration

I am embarrassed to continue blogging as I accept the fact that writers like Peter Karsinow have the extraordinary ability to encapsulate problems with skills which vastly exceed mine.  Here is a teaser from National Review which aptly sums up how I feel:


August 11, 2010 10:30 AM

By Peter Kirsanow

The contempt for ordinary Americans displayed by the ruling class is reaching critical mass. There may never have been a time in American history when the governing, academic, cultural, and media elites have been more manifestly disdainful of the country’s values, traditions, principles, and people.

Individuals who express sincere concerns that the polices and practices of the elites are imperiling the nation’s economy and security are branded as racists and xenophobes by the anointed: A diminutive mayor who appears to conflate a talent for acquiring wealth with omniscience lectures that anyone who opposes the erection of a mosque on the site where 2,700 Americans were slaughtered by radical-Islamic terrorists must be motivated by religious intolerance; tea-party activists who protest the federal government’s insane spending spree are motivated not by horror at a $13,300,000,000,000 debt but by racial animus toward the chief fiscal incontinent residing in the White House; those who voted to maintain the central institution of civilization were actually voting for bigotry and oppression.

The same elites who lecture incessantly refuse to listen to the racist rabble populating flyover country. They have no problem listening, apologizing, and bowing obsequiously to our declared enemies, but insist on acting imperiously toward their fellow Americans.

(continue reading:)
The author has considerable experience in both private and public service. Wikipedia reports this closing paragraph:

“Chair of the board of directors of the Center for New Black Leadership, Mr. Kirsanow also serves on the advisory board of the National Center for Public Policy Research. He received his B.A. in 1976 from Cornell University and his J.D. with honors in 1979 from Cleveland State University, where he served as articles editor of the Cleveland State Law Review.”

Obviously, I find no fault with his observations and delight in reading them expressed so clearly. Any further comment would be superfluous.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

“After the Ball is Over ------“

Few remember that song but it could well be the theme for the Obama administration. The Rasmusssen presidential index this morning showed likely voters registered a -22 on the index which measures strongly as the major component of disapproval. In the generic approve/disapprove it was -13 among likely voters. This marked a low point for the current administration on both sets of data.. These numbers vastly exceed the margin of error on polling of any sort.

The euphoria of the campaign and the early days of the administration have now passed and the realities of failure are now apparent. It has reached the point where some of this administration’s harshest critics are on the extreme left; apparently he is not destroying the country fast enough to suit some of them. After eighteen months of an economy in free- fall, a southern border which invites invasion, an un-constitutional bill on socialized medicine which even the congress has not read, and an insistence on appeasement of Islamic terrorists heads up that onrush to destruction.

Through it all, he has maintained a separation from the American people. With the exception of some outstanding hoopsters and a clutch of golfers, he shows little interest in those who comprise the population. He treats the hoi polloi as an inconvenience. For all his alleged education it is obvious that he thinks vox populi is a contagious disease and to be shunned. One benefit is that we need not worry about a tell-all book written by a knowledgeable friend who is close enough to spill the beans and embarrass the president. That person does not exist in Barry’s world. In today’s middle school, he would come home with a report card notation: “doesn’t play well with others.”

Any NFL coach with a 0-16 record is busy looking over his shoulder waiting for the “new guy” to take over his slot running the team. They, however, are overseen by a group of directors who understand the business end of sport and seek a talent which can elevate the franchise; no matter how slightly. I choose that metaphor because race is not a factor in the NFL. If you can do the job—you get it. If you can run, pass, block, kick or coach well, that is the first consideration. If you can’t, you are gone.

In America, we give the “coach” a four year contract. We the people still have control of his “players.” We will, in November, have the opportunity to hire as many as we choose for the new team. If we manage to replace enough of the dead wood, we can yet field a group of capable legislators and “turn this thing around.” We the people are the ones responsible for that. If we fail, we shall lose. If we succeed, we still have a fighting chance. It’s hard to start from scratch but that is the challenge which our nation must face. The time has come to dispense with pie in the sky and replace those who do not have the nation’s interest at heart.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Michelle Obama's Trip to Spain

There has been considerable controversy about the first lady’s trip to Spain and the meeting with Don Carlos in Palma de Mallorca. First, let it be said that to ignore the leader of Spain would have been a diplomatic faux pas of the first order. She is, after all, the visiting spouse of the president of the United States.

The rest of the trip is a little fuzzier. The following quote is from the sympathetic Chicago Sun Times

“A White House source told me that Blanchard's father passed away and Mrs. Obama was not able to make the funeral at the beginning of July. Blanchard had promised her daughter she would take her to Spain for her birthday. She asked Mrs. Obama and Sasha to come with. (Malia is at overnight camp.)

"She felt it was important as a dear friend to do this," I was told.”

For a clear look at how to evaluate this mega-dollar vacation expenditure, I of course, went immediately to Ace of Spades.

We’re big pals you know. He lovingly refers to me as “moron” which serves as a term of endearment on his blog. I was rewarded with a full rundown with the inside dope on Michelle’s activities. My next step was to steal it in its entirety and share it with you.

“Top Ten Activities To Honor Friend's Departed Father At Michelle Obama's Five-Star Funeral Jam

10. Barbecued shrimp slightly al dente out of respect for the dead

9. When snorkeling, bereavers hold their heads upside-down so brilliantly-colored coral fish appear to be wearing sad face frowns instead of happy face smiles

8. Commemorative Jet-Skiing

7. Morning's mani-pedi group outing begun by reading of appropriate Psalm, and then reading of a random cartoon from Marmaduke: The Classics, because you can't start your day off too heavy on the Spanish Riviera

6. Extreme zip-line excursion reminds everyone that life is fleeting

5. Resort's specialty drink? The "Mortal Coil Monsoon"

4. Waiters and bartenders only tipped 7% to remind them that there are things more important than money

3. Bereavement Para-sailing

2. Booze Cruise's Martini-and-crossed-swords flag lowered to half mast

And the number one activity to honor the dead at Michelle Obama's five-star funeral jam...

1. Moment of silence strictly observed after each Bama Slamma shot

Bonus! Number 0.

0. Every day after the spa, Michelle flexes her biceps and announces she's giving Father Blanchard a "two-gun salute""

Thanks for the comprehensive run down on the first lady’s activities. It’s a lot more than anyone was able to get from press secretary Robert Gibbs.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

Monday, August 9, 2010

Juan Williams Insanity

In an unguarded moment on TV, Juan Williams exposed a level of racist ignorance and prejudice which he has more or less successfully hidden to this date. To give Williams the benefit of the doubt, you will find the interview here on Gateway Pundit.

Now that the “inner” Williams has been exposed for all to see, let’s take a look at some ridiculous assertions from a mathematical point of view. First of all is the matter of “the echo chamber of old white people.” All persons, white, black, brown, yellow and multi-racial over 65 only comprise 13% of the population of Missouri. If every single one of them had voted “no,” the remainder would have been 61.8% voting yes. He implied that St Louis and Kansas City’s inner city vote was so under-represented as to affect the outcome. In point of fact the two inner cities voted “Yes” over 41% each. Had they both been a solid “no” vote, the issue would have still passed by a 65-35 margin statewide. No other county in the state of Missouri voted “no”. Many of those counties voted well in excess of 80%. At the least, it’s long past time for Mr. Williams to hone up his math skills.

The larger sadness in Williams’ performance is renewal of his view of issues through the lens of racism. By assuming that posture, he invalidates his value to Fox News or any other responsible organization. His new-found openness on racial attitudes also reflects the stated position of our president. He (Obama) promised that it would become a moot issue when in fact racial relations are at their lowest point in decades. Many thinking people have ideological differences with this administration which have absolutely nothing to do with race. It contributes little to any conversation to gratuitously inject it.

Those who forsake intellect for the momentary satisfaction of hurling epithets like Nazi, racist, queer, cracker, et al, are resorting to a level of schoolyard bulling. Mr. Williams, I really thought you were above that sort of thing. Apparently, I was wrong.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

Monday Morning Rant 159

It has been so hot here that when I found it had cooled to 91°, I immediately cranked up the lawn mower and started chasing it again. That 4 acre yard is sure pretty when it’s all tidied up but it is a daunting task when you face mowing it with a 21’ mower. For what it’s worth, that 22 mile stroll behind the “Troy-built” is just the ticket for keeping 78 year old bones and muscles in good shape. You know the old line—no pain, no gain.

Brilliance from Giffords in Arizona 8

A poster on the "Vail Spot" Mark Beres, USAF (ret) happens to live in that congressional district. It is made up of all of Cochise and eastern parts of Pima and Santa Cruz counties in extreme southeast Arizona. It is also home to some of the most violent of the exchanges between the renegade Mexican drug cartels and miles of unguarded border which typify our porous international boundary.

As a former resident of Cochise county and with family (9 persons in total) living in the district I entertained the idea those citizens had good sense. It turns out—not so much. Apparently she was elected when the Democrat sweep commenced in 2007. She brought a satchel full of conflicting views. She opposed our involvement in Iraq. She currently supports the action in Afghanistan. She supports SB 1070 yet seeks amnesty for illegal immigrants. On other issues she is steadfast: pro-choice, anti NRA, NARAL etc..

One can only wonder where she stands on the curtailment of NASA. In 2007, she married one of the last astronauts, Navy Captain, Mark Kelly who was commander of STS-124 which went into orbit May 31, 2008 and participated in three other space missions.

The remaining issue then to both Mark Beres and your host is this: when she had the opportunity to question the theater commander in Afghanistan, General David Petraeus in a House Committee setting, what was she thinking? She inquired: “General Petraeus, what are you doing to reduce carbon emissions in the war on terror?”

Mark makes the following observation: “Gabrielle Giffords is the poster-child for what is wrong with the US Congress. We are being led by imbeciles.” By that I’m sure he means the question was imbecilic. By definition, that would indicate a feebleminded person with the intelligence of a 3 to 7 year old. That comparison does a disservice to mentally challenged persons everywhere. I would have preferred “asinine” which is defined as “an inexcusable failure to exercise intelligence or sound judgment.” It’s no big deal; perhaps Mark is closer after all.

No mention has been made of the general’s response.

Court Rules on GPS Tracking

A US Appeals Court in Washington tossed the conviction of Antoine Jones because of the use of constant GPS tracking device attached to his car without a warrant. The court maintained that the state had based their case on an illegal activity.

"It is one thing for a passerby to observe or even to follow someone during a single journey as he goes to the market or returns home from work," the court opinion said.

"It is another thing entirely for that stranger to pick up the scent again the next day and the day after that, week in and week out, dogging his prey until he has identified all the places, people, amusements, and chores that make up that person's hitherto private routine."

Although it would have been beneficial to remove this individual from activity in pursuance of his illegal drug trade, it does mark a victory for privacy. Apparently the 4th amendment is still alive and well in some quarters.

To see this case for what it actually is, it is necessary to ask if you would wish to have each and every movement of your personal car, no matter how innocent, publicly recorded. Keep in mind that it would register every traffic error as well. Each time, place and frequency of your church attendance, shopping habits, leisure activity, and God forbid, your romantic trysts, would then become a matter of public record.

Sometimes, even the courts get it right.

Flying a False Flag?

Although this is a separate issue, it is relative to an above item about Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ-8) and a potential challenger for her seat in congress. Jesse Kelly has filed as a Republican to oppose Giffords with the supposition he represents Tea Party interests. A closer look reveals the 29 year old Kelly has little in his resume to verify that association.

He is reported to be a good speaker, has (as yet unrevealed) military credentials, and is a fresh face on the Arizona political scene. With little background in any politics it is difficult to assess his sincerity. He registered Republican at roughly the same time he filed for office. As a mediocre high school student he dropped out of college and does have some experience in the family business, Don Kelly Construction, which is accused of accepting a large dose of stimulus funds from the federal government.

This young marine may well be the real deal. On the other hand, it has become apparent that those who wish to discredit the Tea Party have sought to falsify the credentials of potential candidates to misrepresent their goals. For those who vote in AS -8, we would encourage a thorough personal investigation followed by active support for those candidates who understand the perils facing the nation and to vote accordingly.

Further, on a national basis, beware of those who, through the lack of centralized structure in the Tea Party and a formal endorsement process, may claim associations which do not exist. This practice has been widely reported in districts nationwide and requires that we verify the sincerity of each person running for higher office. The November elections are critical to the nation’s health and will require abandonment of normal voter laziness and active participation in the process. Do it; your continued comfort depends upon it.

And finally,

Our little pal, Gus, learned all he needed to know about wasps this morning. We have noticed an up tick in their activity this year and both Granny and I have suffered for it. At 195 pounds, I am certain that their affect on me will be far less than that on Gus at 16 pounds. It does pose the question; why this year? I suppose it’s possible they are as irritated by the heat and lack of rain as the rest of us. Normally, the pain from the bite lasts for about 24 hours so I guess he’ll come out from under the bed tomorrow.

During the sermon on Sunday, I noted that the preacher came dangerously close to expressing a political opinion from the pulpit. Ever circumspect, he narrowly avoided it but still managed to register his disapproval of the California judge who ignored the will of their voters in overturning their proposition protecting the Sanctity of Marriage. One sensed his outrage bubbling very near the surface and I found it understandable. He’s a better man than I am—obviously.

If you happen to see any rain anywhere, we’d appreciate it if you’d shoo it our way. Thanks.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon