Saturday, August 28, 2010

Get the Lead Out

Finally! In a rare moment of sanity, the Environmental Protection Agency rejected a proposal by hysterical activists to ban lead in ammunition and fishing weights. It is difficult to imagine any proposal that would affect more Americans of every political persuasion than an assault on those who hunt and fish. Even those who suffer from absolute total political apathy would have been targeted by this insane proposal.

The usual complaint was registered that the spent lead in bullets and lost fishing weights was poisoning protected bird species. Among those 75 species cited was the classic symbol of America, the bald eagle which has enjoyed a near 700% increase in reported numbers of mating pairs over the past 25 years. The claim was that in excess of 87,000 tons of toxic lead had entered the environment per year from expended ammo and lost fishing tackle. Do the math and discover that amounts to roughly 9 ounces for every man, woman and child in the United States. The surprise here is that the figure is astonishingly low.

What saved the sportsmen on this issue turned out to be a “stream.” In this case it is a revenue stream. The EPA is required to keep its hands off whenever an excise tax which benefits the government is involved. Much of the sportsman’s equipment is subject to such levies and especially, ammunition.

It is possible that saner heads prevailed and suggested that messing with hunter's and fishermen's gear could possibly result in an even greater expenditure of lead bullets? If you get my drift.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

Friday, August 27, 2010

An Absolute Outrage !!!

I am ever so grateful to Pajama’s Media for this article on Instapundit which appeared last night. Be warned!! I got so mad reading that linked article that I blew my beverage all over the keyboard, kicked the dog, yelled at my wife and screamed imprecations on the congress, the Department of Justice, and anyone remotely connected to the government.

As a veteran, and a citizen, I take the disenfranchisement of those who lay their lives on the line to protect my sorry butt and yours very seriously. Five states asked for and received waivers from the MOVE Act to allow them to NOT get their absentee ballots on the way on time to be executed, returned and tallied. By so doing, with the lamest of excuses, they effectively deny the right to vote in a national election to those persons who volunteered to defend our country in foreign lands. Is it not obvious that no single class of Americans should be more entitled to vote than our military?

I recall a cold November night back in 1952. I was private, E-2 in training at Ft. Devens, Mass. and lived off post with my wife in Cambridge. I had heard that Ike was making his final speech before the election from a local TV/radio station so we went over to see him. We stood waiting among a handful of onlookers and finally he and Mamie came out to the waiting car. As he glanced over at me, (I was in uniform) I rendered my best version of a salute—which he immediately returned with a smile. By that time the next evening, he was the President-elect.

In retrospect, I believe he had aged fifteen years during that campaign. As his term wore on, he appeared to regain his vigor but it had obviously taken much from him. Within two months, I was on the USS Marine Carp with 2500 other enlistees headed for Germany where I stayed through the next election in ’54. Iowa sent me a ballot well in advance and I had no difficulty voting. It is a memory which I will cherish and no doubt take to the grave.

This is a matter with serious consequences. Our defenders in uniform are citizens unlike any others who seek to exercise their franchise. They have more than earned their right to have their voice heard. To deny that right through political caprice is a vile device. If you haven’t clicked on that link yet, do it now so you can feel like kicking the dog and yelling at your wife. While you’re there, take note of the political disposition of the states which have taken it upon themselves to deny their citizens the vote.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

Islam, Faith or Law?

It is well to note that at least in the blogosphere, some are beginning to question (finally) whether Islam is a representation of religion or one of law and an alien assault. For the non-believer, which includes a little over 5 billion of the world’s inhabitants, who carefully examines Islam from both aspects, the issue is not settled but people are becoming more aware. Most faiths indulge a higher power who seeks to provide a beneficial life to all persons regardless of belief. An evangelical outreach is also a common factor generally encouraged, and mostly tolerated between groups. The key is the spiritual component which is recognized as the guiding force.

In a lifetime examination of other faiths, it has been rare to find one which does not claim some measure of unique identity which separates it from the rest. These doctrinal differences are often the cause of offshoot branches within major general religious designations. Check your local phone book for the huge variety of Baptist churches listed under their individual classifications for a verification of this assertion. While you are there, check some of the other more recognizable listings as well. Even the holy texts have a variance from site to site, including Islam which relies on two different volumes.

One principal feature which Islam has in common with all of these faiths and their offshoots is the conviction of an afterlife. Otherwise, why should they advertise a crib full of virgins for successful suicidal jihadists? No mention is made of the reward for females of the faith. What it does not have in common is the notion of conducting all of their affairs with honesty and fairness in interfaith and secular transactions.

More important is the secular emphasis which is preached in the mosque, and reflected in the thinking of the believers. The subjugation of other peoples takes center stage and endorses whatever ruse or device to accomplish. This is wrapped up in what they call Sharia Law. As we turn to that part of Islam we shall now substitute the word “cult” for “faith.” As we contemplate the ramifications of Sharia Law, the word “religion” becomes less relative. This contrived behavior is only suitable to them as a furtherance of an oppressive social order; an order which is closer to Nazism than Presbyterianism.

Most of what we know of this cult is gathered from remarks by various officials, quotations from the Koran, documented observation, behavior of individual members, and public utterances. The evidence points to a history of beheadings, stonings, suicide attacks, subjugation of women, battered and bartered brides, “eye for an eye” justice, selective homophobia, and a general pattern of behavior more suitable to the 7th century than the present. As we look at this laundry list of outrage, with memory of our government’s reaction to the Branch Dividians in Waco, one wonders where our consistency starts and stops in government. Apparently the destruction of the twin towers and the loss of nearly 3000 lives doesn’t rise to equivalency for alleged gun violations.

Our dedication to the First amendment of the constitution, while laudable and necessary, has little to do with any allowance made for the progress of Islam in the United States. The time has come to define this plague for what it is. We must listen to what their leadership shares with their followers in their native tongue and clearly understand that the overthrow of the United States is their goal. In scantily veiled addresses to groups of believers, they have clearly stated this as the only possible outcome of this nightmare. One only need ask oneself what the influence of Islam on our society was ten, twenty, or thirty years ago. They have stated their goals articulately and without hesitation as rendering our way of life subjugated to Islam. The continued thought that there is any level of innocence in the intentions of the promoters of Islam test credulity to the utmost.

The protections of the US Constitution are only available when they are clearly understood by all the people. Only then can the electorate insist upon their enforcement. So long as we continue to accommodate Islam as a religion and not as the political cult it has proven repeatedly to be, our problems will continue. Once the truth is realized, and only then, can we rise, as a body, and reject this invasion by “the religion of peace.”

Our nation has become steadily more and more divided by various factions, some of whom see that as their purpose for being. With each passing day we see our president contributing more to that division than showing any inclination to unite our peoples to resist these tyrannies. By American standards, practicing a faith is not grounds for condemnation. Plotting the overthrow of our system of government is, however, actionable as well it should be. If these two issues collide, as is the case with Islam, the condition needs to be recognized and an energetic response needs be mobilized to resist. If we fail to acknowledge the actions of this emergent cult in the name of political correctness, our government will have failed, our laws will be of no value and our people will be subjugated. God help us all.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Can You Hear me Now?

Although always prepared for disappointment when final election results come in, I am heartened by Alaskan's response to the presence of Murkowski as their senator. With Anchorage’s (40+% of the total) tally in, Joe Miller has garnered 51.2% of the vote. The issue is then left to out state results from more remote areas and the critical absentee ballots. Current predictions are that Miller will replace the RINO on the ballot in November.

“Guardedly optimistic” is the usual description of the estimation I now have of the final outcome. Miller represents, among conservative opinion watchers, a refreshing addition to the fall line up of candidates. Unlike the RINO faction, he is willing to advance true conservative principles on both social and national fiscal issues.

In other states, the presence of 10,000 absentee ballots would be viewed as a minor element considering their far greater populations. Not so in the wilds of America’s northern most. This is a huge number relative to their population. This then prompts one to question why the electorate would have so many in an off-year plebiscite. The action requires absolute intention. Unlike simple voting, you have to request a ballot, verify your legitimacy as a voter, receive it, fill it out, and then see to the business of getting it mailed in and on time. In short you must have the motivation to be insistent to have your voice heard. This rigorous civic exercise requires discipline, a strong will, and the type of determination that a true conservative would be most likely to possess.

This then, when added to the “anti-incumbency” faction increasingly prevalent in today’s electorate, would explain Joe Miller’s late inning rise in general popularity in Alaska. One can only pray it holds.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fourteen Ways to Shrink Federal Spending

A common complaint heard from the media and especially from the Democrat controlled congress is that the opposition has little to offer in the way of solutions to our current fiscal crisis. For those who abjure from Kool-Aid intake and are willing to listen, we found a very well presented list of fourteen ways to solve some very knotty fiscal problems at the federal level. Yes, there will be some math but stick with this and see if it doesn’t make a lot of sense.

For those who just want the topics in general, they are listed in synopsis. For those who require an in depth view, we suggest you get the detailed outline from Americans for Tax Reform here.

Here are the Fourteen Topics in general:

1. Resurrect the “Byrd Committee.”

2. Give the public five days to read bills before a floor vote.

3. Put every federal transaction and contract online in real time.

4. Term limit appropriators.

5. Sitting Congressmen and Senators should not be able to name buildings or other monuments to themselves, and none should be named for them while they are still living.

6. Block grant education funding and welfare to the states.

7. Freeze the salary and benefit levels of federal employees.

8. Require all eligible federal employees to compete for their job with a private sector bidder.

9. Only hire one new federal employee for every two that retire from government employment.

10. Repeal the Davis-Bacon Act.

11. Reform farm subsidies along the lines of the 1996 “Freedom to Farm” Act.

12. Leave defense cuts on the table.

13. Stop using “emergency” spending loopholes to get around budget rules.

14. Freeze discretionary spending at 2007 levels.

The savings in the restraints mentioned above would result in Trillions in both the near and the long term. Implementation of any of these reforms would require a congress with both the will and the determination to make these changes. For those who see little value in off year elections, perhaps a little study of these proposals will be convincing.

(Ed: A very special hat tip to the Vail Spot for calling attention to this).

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

“Recovery Summer” – A Dream Up in Smoke

Traditionally, summer ends on the last day of August. Less than one week away, it appears that the promise of recovery from the nation’s collective financial woes has proven to be yet one more elusive dream. But—you never know—we have all watched a team come from behind and score a last second “game-winner.” However, that would apply only to those teams which have managed to keep the game close in the first place. Soaring unemployment, sagging home sales, troubled financials, dipping poll numbers, and absolute ownership of the current problems do not bode well for this administration. It is almost as though “the fix” was in to destroy America and its traditional prosperity.

VP Joe Biden continues to refuse to wake up at the end of his dream of a recovery ere the end of the dog days of August. Wake up and smell the coffee Joe—it aint happening. In fact, many indicators predict a further drop. It should be obvious by now that the restoration of the economy of the United States will not be accomplished by a clever phrase. In fact, it will only become accomplished through the efforts of its citizens and their willingness to accept reality, cut back on government interference, and cut our outlays to the bone.

Historically, once American citizens are addressed honestly with the problems which face the nation; they react in unity to overcome those difficulties. War, famine, weather borne disaster, even civil strife have been addressed head on and overcome. It’s what we do. This condition which we endure today should not be described as “near depression” or some other soft pedaled description because they universally understate the problems we face. Mislabeling only contributes to an extension of the situation and misleads the public perception of our complex difficulties.

The principal failure of this administration has been to ignore the people as the primary engine of change Americans traditionally rely upon for success. Our background is full of stories of the independent actions of a people who accomplished deeds of heroic proportions in the face of adversity. Once the problem is honestly defined they then devote their efforts to the solutions which create a greater good for everyone.

Born during the Hoover administration, I have had eye-witness observations of depression, world war, racial tensions, recessions, ruinous interest, police actions by the UN, emergent cults, multiple natural disasters, and fourteen different presidents. While individual national leaders have claimed credit for the solution to these widely varied problems, most were actually accomplished by a unified effort on the part of the people. By the sacrifice of their lives, their resources, or attitudes, they managed to overcome adversity and prevail. The simple truth is that we are indeed, an exceptional people.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Solutions, Not Accusations

I cranked up the computer this morning and found much carping and backbiting over matters great and small with no obvious solutions. In other words, it is a normal Tuesday morning. A lot of these folks have their undies in a bundle over matters which, although legitimate criticism, are not all that earth shattering. A poster at Volokh Conspiracy stirred the pot with an article on Obama’s golfing which precipitated dozens of comments both pro and con.

Personally, I don’t give a hoot if he wants to move to some country club and become a permanent resident. In point of fact, the country seems to benefit when he is absent from the oval office no matter how temporarily. While they are counting strokes and the total number of outings are they simultaneously counting job losses in the Gulf, a GDP equal to the national debt, troop casualties in Afghanistan, the precipitous drop in home valuations and monies pilfered from the citizens by politicians, czars, banks, and other financial entities? Those are the statistics which are of concern to the citizens who don’t know the difference between a golf handicap and a five iron.

I find it difficult to imagine, after nineteen months of observation, that his constant presence in the White House would improve the prospects for the country one iota. At the least, it allows the secret service guys a chance to be in the great outdoors, enjoy the birds and the bees, and be in the presence of people armed with the aforementioned five irons. The last remark was not meant to start a discussion of club choice for an assassination attempt. My personal preference would be a three iron because I rarely use it anyway.

This golf business, coupled with preoccupation with family vacations, is just not that big a deal. There are so many very real problems to be addressed that muddying the water with inconsequential nonsense seems pointless. Are we so busy looking for lost tees that we are blinded to the larger prize which is the possibility of wresting control of the congress and return it to sane hands in November.

We continue to find an ongoing discussion of the “faith” of Obama. This furor then presents yet another distraction preventing in depth examination of his ruinous policies. From his own mouth we heard him claim the Muslim faith as his own so deal with it. He said it—I believe it—George Stephanopoulos’ correction not withstanding. In this case, actions speak much louder than words but the words were there anyway. I find it difficult to accept that his belief extends to anything other than Obama. Works, actions and behavior form a better platform for establishing his credentials than a simple declarative sentence here and there. For confirmation just review the overnight flip-flop on the Ground Zero Mosque. He’s “agin’” it but respects the local official’s judgment. Give me a break!

Over the last year and half plus, I have been reminded constantly by the president that George Bush was a jerk. Will somebody close to the president please remind him that he now has the job and also the responsibility to make positive corrections where necessary to get the country back on track? I wish I had the convenience to blame every stupid life style choice I have made on a third party. This excuse is right up there with “the dog ate my homework.”

I once had a friend who constantly claimed that “the difference between rape and rapture was salesmanship.” As my country continues to be violated I yearn for those days when we had leadership which at the least attempted to take my friends advice. After suffering the ham-fisted ukase, being labeled a right-wing extremist by DHS, ridiculed for my overt patriotism, and subjected to nanny state regulations, I find the time has come to return adult supervision to our leadership.

Lastly, the solutions to our problems do exist. Most are not pleasant. Fiscal responsibility at the current level of the United States indebtedness will require alterations in the life style of every citizen. Our omnipresent government “services” need to be abridged. Unrealistic benefits for government service need to be cut back. Easing the path for private enterprise, the source of most private sector employment, is an absolute necessity. Public sector unions have to be reined in to a reasonable level or possibly eliminated altogether. Respect for other nations needs to be returned in substitution for submission. Recognition of the military as our public face abroad should be established as well as overdue acknowledgement of their sacrifice.

As you make your tentative choices of candidates for the upcoming elections, check their attitudes on the foregoing issues. We need to do this now and render our support accordingly. “We the People” are the controlling force for the coming direction of our country. Individually, our voice is tiny. Collectively we can form a mighty wave and overcome any obstacle in our path. In your own personal way, you must be a participant and not a mere onlooker. Do it today—tomorrow may be too late.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

Mine Ebenezer - A Repost

In a minor dust-up with Granny over the who, what and when of Zion Beckons origin I found myself in the archives looking for answers. While there, I came across the post, “Mine Ebenezer.”

In the whirlwind of events since the date on the post, we have altered the direction of the website and now appear to be more politically oriented. For those who have not been with us since the “git-go,” you may benefit from taking a moment’s relief from the Washington scene and revisit that which was and continues to be our purpose. Through the snark and criticism we would trust that our faith is detectable.

You may note that it also emphasizes the importance which God places on physical outward expressions of changes in the heart of the inner man. If no other purpose is served we pray that you listen more carefully to the message of your well-worn hymns.

August 27, 2007

Mine Ebenezer

One great thing about being a geezer is the memory, both past and present, of the great hymns which cross denominational lines to glorify God. You have your favorites I’m sure. Like particular bits of scripture, certain music resonates as a result of its message and your personal experience with it. In 1948 I was sent by my local M.E. church to a national assembly of Methodist Youth Fellowship leaders in Cleveland, Ohio. Not only was it an adventure for a kid from rural Iowa but an inspiration to be with 12,000 others, dedicated to Jesus Christ. We started and ended every session with “All Hail the Power of Jesus Name” (first tune) with the raucous laudatory vigor that only teenagers can muster. That experience earned the hymn a place among the top five for me.

Twenty years later I went to Kirtland temple and the guide, at the end of the tour, had us take a seat and activated a sound system which filled the sanctuary with those hallowed words, “The Spirit of God Like a Fire is Burning. . . .” Like almost every other visitor to Kirtland, I carry that memory close to my heart. Unlike my other favorites, it has a very special restoration relevance.

On occasion I perform special music for the congregation and I can assure you that there is no doubt in my mind what my unchallenged favorite selection is. “The End of the Sabbath” by Oley Speaks which features the words taken from Matthew 28:l to 5. I rejoice to be the voice to echo those wonderful words: “He is risen!”

As I type, I recognize that our collective music is so important to me that I could continue citing examples of personal favorites and we would be delayed getting to the hymn I really want to discuss. “Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing” While the first and third verses constitute an important prayer let us concentrate on the second:

"Here I raise mine Ebenezer,

hither by thy help I’m come:

and I hope, by thy good pleasure,

safely to arrive at home.

Jesus sought me when a stranger,

wandering from the fold of God;

He, to rescue me from danger,

interposed His precious blood."

After many decades of enjoying this hymn, I decided it was time to discern its actual meaning. My search led me to I Samuel 7:12 in the Inspired Version. As I read the entire chapter I found the Jews in their usual pattern of repeated sin and repeated repentance. On this occasion, Samuel had started to appreciate God’s intercession in his conflict with the Philistines. When they drew a mighty host to attack, Samuel made a burnt offering and implored God to intercede. He did and brought a great thunder and “discomfited” them and they pursued and finally smote the Philistines.

That second verse tells it all. It thoroughly analyses the text stated and the text implied: “Then Samuel took a stone, and set it between Mizpah and Shen, and called the name of it Eben-ezer, saying, hitherto hath the Lord helped us.” This represents the open fact of Samuels’s and God’s actions. The hymn describes in lyric fashion the greater meaning. The hymn points to the “wandering from the fold of God” (sin), the “rescue” (intercession) and, most important, “interposed his precious blood (forgiveness by His sacrifice.”)

We may easily deduce from this a roadmap for following the path to salvation. In these important steps it takes us from recognition of our sin, seeking God for intercession, and then enjoying the forgiveness as a result of the blood sacrifice. Here we can not underestimate the importance of the Eben-ezer. This great stone, more than likely a stela, is an outward visible landmark signifying the separation of the past sin (which has been forgiven) and the prospect for the future enabled by redemption. This marker places all the importance on that which is yet to come. The prior sin, now forgiven, is relegated to the past and “remembered not.” Recognition of this separation point is very important.

I have never met a successful recovering alcoholic who does not remember the exact date, and probably hour, of his last drink. He is readily able to identify explicitly that time when he realized that God was in charge and he was not. He then headed down the path to recovery. His first step on that path was to acknowledge his errancy, his second an affirmation of his belief and from there the rest of journey is the reconstruction of the whole man and repentance.

We have all sinned in our own way. Have we identified that “turn-around” point? Can we isolate when we marked our decision to stop offending God and repent? Have we raised our Eben-ezer?

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Morning Rant 161

Mark Hemmingway has an article this morning in the Washington Examiner which is enough to make any blogger’s blood run cold. The essence of the tale is a report from Philadelphia that they are imposing a “business privilege license” on websites generated within their confines.

The article is unclear about whether that would be an annual assessment or a one time start up tax. We would guess, given the rapacious nature of city governments, it would be annually. We, in our tiny blog adventure, would be, if we lived there, subject to an annual tax of $900 to operate our three blogs. The remote ISP’s, all satellite driven, would add an additional annual cost of nearly $1800. It was not indicated if our equipment outlay would be deductible from that onerous levy. We added a lap-top to our computer family about a year ago for $650. We did so with no expectation of return on investment but rather to have more complete resources to stay current with events and the ability to do remote postings.

It is also unclear how this levy would not contribute to an abridgement of free speech as provided by the US Constitution. It also sounds eerily familiar to the assessment on the lemonade stand for the 11 year old girl in the news recently.

Since we have had a total income of $300 over the three plus years of our existence we are reluctant to view it as a big money-maker. Even that cash was used to support the trip to the 9/11 March on DC last year. The contributions were never solicited on the blog but rather came from some kind and supportive readers who were aware in advance of our financial restrictions. Although we were extremely grateful to them; we in no way consider their support as indicative of a plan of personal enrichment.

One does question who in city government thinks up these things to harass ordinary people in their pursuit of truth and informing their fellow citizens.

Religion and Privacy

I have a huge respect for Charles Krauthammer. I respect his intellect, his ability as a wordsmith, his tolerance of his disability, and his seriousness. Also, I feel he is man enough to be equally respectful if I choose to disagree with him.

This is provoked by an article he wrote for National Review on August 20.  In that piece, he makes an argument for Obama’s right to enjoy privacy in his religious preference. I am not familiar with every religion but I do have a pretty good grip on Christianity and the need for witness. It would also appear that Islam is none too secretive about the foundation and furtherance of their religion either. These are the two religions which fuel the fires of the current discussion about Obama’s faith. Neither religion seems at all shy about publicizing the tenets of their faith or the actions of their principal figures.

Inasmuch as I have better knowledge of Christianity and Obama claims it as his faith, I would suggest that no where in the Bible do I remember any advice from any author or Christ himself begging the believer to conceal his ardor for the Savior. We have a specific injunction not to “hide our light under a bushel.” We are advised to share “the good news” and cry it from the house tops.

In fact, common weekly features of many Christian churches are mid-week meetings. In these, the emphasis is on prayer and testimony. Testimony in this case refers to a specific experience which individual members have had with the various manifestations of God. Be it answered prayer for healing or any issue which seemed so hopeless for individual solution that it necessitated the intervention of a higher Power. Upon a successful conclusion of the problem, the faithful are urged to share the details with others to further reinforce their belief and is a regular feature of these meetings. Even the prayers seeking this divine intervention are not always private and part of a dedicated service. These “success” stories are a foundational part of many faiths.

If the supplicants suspect that the use of actual names and circumstances might cause harm or embarrassment to another individual involved, prayer requests are made as “Unspoken.” God, after all, knows our heart and the petty details as well as we do and He is probably not much impressed with our personal oratory skills. He is our Creator and as such really does know our every need.

I find it difficult to remember a service in any Christian Church I have recently attended which at some point did not remind the congregation that we are the “only Bible” some people will ever experience. If those who we contact have even the least curiosity, upon viewing our attitudes and behavior, are stimulated to ask themselves why they had a pleasant and fair encounter, we have performed a “witness.” If we are reluctant to share our joy because of privacy concerns, it shall remain a secret. This is definitely NOT what Christianity is all about. We are constantly reminded to present a suitable example and share our faith.

When all is said and done, Dr. Krauthammer, I disagree to the extent that I believe that Obama has other more sinister motives to conceal his religious faith. It is a testament to Krauthammer’s sense of fairness that he is even willing to entertain the thought.

It’s For the Birds

Those of us (that would be Granny and your host) who have had little experience with hummingbirds and their feeders stand amazed. First, a four cup feeder filled with 3 to 1 water-sugar is gone in under 48 hours. They gather in a mass assault in numbers up to 7 birds. Granny stepped out to the feeder on Friday and up to 5 birds came and went and fed and totally ignored her presence about 18”s away. It’s the store brand sugar and nothing really special.

Although the gold finches are not as brazen at their seed feeder, they have increased their consumption exponentially. Granted, they waste a lot on the ground, but they are also in the 48 hour category for a liter bottle. I don’t dare add up what it’s costing us to maintain these devices but it has to be a bunch. It is possible, I suppose, that they are simply enjoying a level of increased chutzpah. It certainly puts the lie to that old expression: “they just eat like a bird” to signify a slight appetite. Their ravenous consumption might be better compared to vultures. The presence of cats doesn’t seem to bother either category.

It’s now been a month since the last measurable rainfall and that may be a factor. If you happen to see any, (rain, that is) kindly shoo it our way. I went 70 miles west to Miami, OK for church and noted that they are getting plenty. About half of my prayers are centered on that subject.

Speaking of Prayer

For those looking for a suitable prayer for Obama, we would suggest Psalm 109:8: “Let his days be few; and let another take his office.” (KJV)

And finally,

As stated above, we continue our drought and the well continues to function but on tight water restrictions for personal and garden use. With the next five days predicted to be a continuation of the last few weeks we shall anxiously regard the skies and pray for relief. We do wish that Al Gore would get busy and get this climate thing under control. So far it seems to be an exercise in feast or famine.

In His abiding love,
Cecil Moon