Saturday, March 7, 2009

Buyer’s Remorse

All too often, we make a purchase or a selection which upon a sober after thought, reveals that it does not provide the desirable outcome we sought. It looked like a grand solution on the shelf at the store but somehow does not perform as we had hoped when we get it home and in use. Often, reputable merchants allow us to correct our mistake by allowing us to return it and try again. They give us a “do-over.”

A majority of the American people made just such a selection the first Tuesday of last November. In fact, they made many such selections. Unfortunately, the government does not abide “do-overs.” We are now finding pundits, talk show hosts, newspapers editors, neighbors, and miscellaneous others regretting their late Fall actions. We are currently being treated to a heavy dose of reality and the realization that they made a great mistake. Not everyone, of course, is even aware of just what they have placed in the White House and the Congress and probably never will be.

Like so many wrong headed choices we have made in out lives, we are finding that once the gloss and glitter wears off, the product is producing the opposite result from that which was advertised. Many truly thought they had elected a blue ribbon champion and in reality they got a mutt. They did not examine the pedigree well enough and found that some of the qualifications were either overstated or actually false.

For example the voters were led to believe that the man with black African background was actually a Negro—or at least to a substantial degree. As the truth came out we found the rough percentages came to 50% white, 43.75% Arab, and 6.25% black African Negro. Many thought they were electing Tiger Woods when the man they got was closer racially to Ahmadinejad. Personally, I would have no problem with any number of actual genuine folks of Negro extraction occupying the White House. Thomas Sowell, Oklahoma’s J.C. Watts, Alan Keyes, and Clarence Thomas come to mind immediately. There are, I am certain, many others who would be equally talented who could manage the job. Each of the aforementioned has previously demonstrated an ardent love of country and willingness to embrace traditional American values.

Lost in the frenzy of image building was any critical examination by the biased press to establish the unsavory associations with which his past is riddled. The Rezko, Ayres, Dohrn, Wright, Alinsky, associations were haughtily dismissed as unimportant and carping partisan complaints by the press. With Chris Matthews having a “tingling down his leg” every time “the one” opened his mouth, what should we have expected? As a result we have a huge dose of “Chicago politics” being crammed down our throats.

I picked up a comment off the following website which gives all the overview you need to understand the last sentence:

Posted at "knoxnews" blog by: Blacque Jacques Shellacque at March 4, 2009 7:12 PM

"How the New Stimulus Plan Will Work:

Three contractors are bidding to fix a broken fence at the WhiteHouse. One is from Chicago, another is from Tennessee, and the third is from Minnesota.

All three go with a White House official to examine the fence. The Minnesota contractor takes out a tape measure and does some measuring, then works some figures with a pencil. 'Well,' he says, 'I figure the job will run about $900: $400 for materials, $400 for my crew and $100 profit for me.'

The Tennessee contractor also does some measuring and figuring, then says, 'I can do this job for $700: $300 for materials, $300 for my crew and $100 profit for me.'

The Chicago contractor doesn't measure or figure, but leans over to the White House official and whispers, '$2,700.'

The official, incredulous, says, 'You didn't even measure like the other guys! How did you come up with such a high figure?'

The Chicago contractor whispers back, '$1000 for me, $1000 for you, and we hire the guy from Tennessee to fix the fence.'

'Done!' replies the government official.

And that, my friends, is how the new stimulus plan will work.”

I am grateful for this person posting this joke but I really do wish that it were funnier. Every additional snippet I can manage to extract which outlines the details of this farce, convince me that it the most extreme example of self interest I have ever observed in government.

For those “true believers” who are still convinced that Barry is the messiah, I also managed to locate a few extractions from his “scrapbook.” It is well worth the trouble to click here and be exposed to the early life of our new president. It will serve as a reminder of just how ignorant the American voter can be.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

Friday, March 6, 2009


For those readers who are not older than dirt, let me acquaint you with an outfit which preys upon seniors. This organization, under the guise of helping older citizens, is little more than an arm of the socialist paradise-seeking loonies who are constantly trying to dilute the heady brew of a principled republic to further their destructive aims. Like many of their ilk, they never saw a government program they didn’t like.

Chris Muir of "Day by Day" has, as usual, managed to tell their story in very few words and a three frame cartoon strip. If you are not reading Chris, you are missing some of the most accurate and cryptic editorial commentary available on the net. It is my opening gambit each and every day. (Click on "Day by Day" above and go back to March 3.)

Part of AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) membership is a subscription to the house organ: “The magazine, AARP.” It claims to be the “world’s largest circulation magazine." Along with the recipes and tricks to living on $13.00 a month in a crippling economy, we find thinly disguised politics and outright leftist propaganda. Famous oldsters are featured from a roster of “pinko” celebrity types and wasted Hollywood “has beens” whose main accomplishment now is the ability to sit in a chair and not drool. (Ed.—it’s OK, he’s nearly 77 and has earned the right to make this type of joke.)

I am not at all certain that the AARP gave birth to the “senior discount” but they near universally endorse the concept. I do believe that a large percentage of their membership belong for little other reason than having the “card.” It is the only justification I have and I know I’m not alone. If a $3.95 breakfast at Denny’s takes priority over a $trillion dollar bailout then this is the outfit to join—if you’re old enough (50!)

Their editorial content is largely and cleverly contained within articles and constantly presses a liberal agenda. Nowhere was our new “king” so adored as he was between (and on) the covers of this magazine and by the directors of this organization. Never mind that the outcome of his disastrous agenda will have an unhealthy outcome for their readership. When this all shakes out and the boom restarts the only conceivable result will be soaring inflation—the death knell for fixed income retirees. Having said that, I pray that I am wrong—but, I doubt it.

Awareness of the insidious propaganda so cleverly put forth in this bi-monthly publication is important for everyone. It comes cloaked in an aura of the benign purpose of helping seniors face problems in an ever more confusing world. It features articles and pictures of familiar personalities who have, like the rest of us, attained the age of eligibility and beyond to grace their pages and demonstrate how they continue to be useful citizens. Who is not delighted to know that Patrick Duffy (Dallas,) Vicki Lawrence (Mama,) and Jessica Lange all just turned sixty and are still grubbing for the almighty dollar. Apparently none of them read the article on “how to enjoy early retirement.” Personally, I enjoyed each of them in their “hay day” but their attainment of advancing age only reminds me that I too am gaining ground on the reaper.

Am I suggesting you cancel your membership in a snit of conservative outrage? Absolutely not! What I am espousing is the notion that, like every other publication, you should view it with a hyper-critical eye. If you are on their subscription list, you have been bought off by what is probably the absolute least expensive “slick” magazine on the market. Just like every magazine, give full thought and evaluation to every word you read and attempt to see the justification of the author’s opinion. Remember, the editorial staff gets big bucks to be more clever at agenda concealment than you, the reader.

Your best bet here is to file this under “a word to the wise”—you are old and wise, aren’t you?

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

Thursday, March 5, 2009


I received an email from a man I have known, ever more closely, for over ten years. In my opinion, he is deeply spiritual and a guiding light for my spiritual development. He has had many remarkable and memorable experiences with the Lord and has a desire to pass them on to others for whatever worth they may find in them. He has shared them with me that I might use them as I see fit. My decision is to share with others. This is the first of his emails to me:

“Sitting here Monday, checking out the news, scary is it not.. Clinton according to the TV made 220 promises and won with a majority; Bush made 170 and his victory was marginal. Obama made 530 promises and won with a land slide. He is already breaking them as he feels led.

I find my carnal self filled with fear, already my GM pension is on the chopping block, my dollars value has diminished 20% since Obama took office and the economy is poised to implode. THEN I remembered the Scriptures, they say "when you see these things happening, REJOICE!"

Now is the time for the Holy Spirit to be our hope. What hope is there in that? In the last fifty years this soul has accumulated over three hours of testimony. Testimony the carnal man despises. So now the Carnal man will start to sweat, but the Saint will rejoice. How are you doing? A good self examination will show if you are carnal or a Saint.

In the mid sixties I was in the Stone Church one Sunday afternoon, at a Prayer Service. I saw a frail old man bent over with age, using two canes to walk, come in and sit down, not too far from me. During the testimony portion of the service he struggled to get up, and when he was as erect as his feeble body would permit, there was a terrific 'Swoosh,' and the Holy spirit filled every nook and cranny of that room.

He spoke in tongues; it was more beautiful than any music I ever heard. My ears did not understand one word, but my bosom burned within me. Then he spoke in English, admonished those present that all our words were before God and recorded in Heaven. As he sat down there was another Swoosh and the Holy Spirit left as quickly as it came. That is the Holy Spirit in Power. I know it. I felt it.

Now that was a Prayer Service. I have witnessed similar occurrences three times in the thirty years I lived in Independence and again on a mountain top.

So as I reflected on that time, sorry, I am going to rejoice. Who knows? This might be the end of the Babylonian rule and the mark of the beast. There are no frivolous words in the Holy Scriptures--so rejoice!

For your information: If you can buy or sell you have the mark of the beast. Solomon collected 666 talents of God for the building of the Temple in one year. Nebuchadnezzar erected a golden statue which was 60 cubits tall and 6 cubits wide. The mark of the beast is on the frontlet between your eyes and on your right hand.

Moses put a mark on the house of Israel, on the frontlet between their eyes and on their right hand. He then told them as they 'meditated' upon the law of the Lord, and their right hand responded, that would mark them, their Sabbaths, their righteousness and their generations. One can meditate on how to earn more money, and put his right hand to work, consuming all his time according to his desire, or?

Well I am going to rejoice, and if you find any merit or useful information above, I would appreciate it if you sent it to all your friends, and they, their friends,

God Bless and lets all be together in Christ,


As he continues to forward his testimonies, it is my intention to share them with all of you. They will be assembled and be posted near the end of each week as they become available.

These are times when those gifted with closeness to God need to share that which they have witnessed and heard. It is not only uplifting for our spirits but in them bring us that much closer to the Almighty.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

An Attack on Rush

Before we start, let’s establish that in my mind there is but one God and it’s not Rush Limbaugh. It is also not Barack Hussein Obama, nor any other man. The God of our fathers was clearly the Source for all that we hold dear in our nation and the Author of the liberties so well defined in our Constitution. Of the two aforementioned men, both clearly understand those liberties but only one espouses them to a fault while the other attacks them with equal vigor.

It is, so far, an ideological struggle—or is it? I cannot be certain just exactly how many babies were sacrificed today to satisfy the right of “choice”. If the rough estimates of a million deaths of the unborn per year are correct, and I’m sure they are, we can assume a two-day total of 5479 infant fatalities; greater than the total US military deaths in the War on Terror in its seven year entirety. You see, it is far cheaper and easier to kill the unarmed and unborn than to call in an air strike on the beheaders of radical Islam. These helpless souls also do not have the capacity for reprisal. I do not seem to recall Rush encouraging this slaughter. On the other hand, examining his rare voting record in both Illinois and the US Senate, and recent executive orders from his newly occupied oval office in the White House, Obama has firmly established his record as “baby killer-in-chief.” Ideology is one thing but the reality of death is quite another matter.

If that were not enough, we have other comparisons which are equally damning. The ongoing rape of the US Treasury, with the complicity of the Congress (in the vast majority, Obama supporters) and the transfers of wealth to the undeserving continue apace. These generous rewards appear to be only offered to those who have demonstrated incompetence, bad judgment, avarice, sloth and greed. Those Americans, who have played by the rules, worked their tails off, exercised prudent financial acumen and lived within their means have been the recipients of a plunging market brought about by a lack of confidence in our Washington “betters.” The comparative deficit numbers here are both mind boggling and mind numbing. Rush has lined up four-square against this travesty while Obama has been the author.

In the manner of Chamberlain, who sold out the lovers of liberty at Munich in 1939, our president has sought to appease our avowed enemies in what could be a fatal misunderstanding of their sworn intent. Failure to recognize the level of hatred on the part of an enemy has long been a substantial part of the recipe for failure on the international scene. Rush is aware, I’m sure, that he (Obama) either doesn’t recognize that level of animosity or else is complicit in an attempt to abet their evil intent. Obama has long claimed to be the agent of change. Capitulation to sworn enemies of the United States would certainly represent that change and alter the lives of each and every American to a deleterious degree.

For those who love this country, its ideals and its principals; it is impossible to stand idly by as an observer and not speak out against this tsunami of intent to alter our national intention. It is not just Rush Limbaugh who recognizes that the changes which are in progress will destroy the nation sooner than later. Left unsaid here for the sake of brevity are issues of gun control, free speech, health care, education, enlistment of youth in a federal “corps,” energy exploration, voting rights, the census, and not least, the demonstrated lack of character of those cabinet appointees who can’t pass muster with their back taxes and associations with lobbyists. To wish for the failure of the implementation of some of these new “changes” would not only be patriotic but also sane.

In despotic societies, those who disagree with the policies of government resort to assassination. In a civilized nation, we speak out, protest, and resort to legal recourse to face evil intent. This type of behavior is consistent with the framer’s aims when the formal government was established over two centuries ago. Rush is simply responding to that which he recognizes as an attempt to totally restructure this country. In that regard, he desires the failure of these attempts. He is not “the last man standing” however; there are millions of Americans, many of whom have never sought him on the radio dial, who share his opinions.

As a final thought, consider this familiar line from the traditional marriage ceremony: “That which God hath joined together; let man not put asunder.” I am convinced that God directed those who wrote our original sacred documents. We should think long and hard before we allow those first principles to be “put asunder.”

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

Another Mideast Peace Talk

In a conversation with the spouse, she asked a serious question. “If some source had given us $1 for every “Mideast peace talk” that has been conducted since Lawrence of Arabia, how large would our portfolio be today?” She went on: “At the least we could get a brand new Hummer with the gold leaf paint option.” The thought of the immense wealth which could have been generated by such a proposition is mind boggling. Is it safe to say that there has been one every hour, on the hour, for the last sixty years?

A report of the “lasting peace” in that region has been in the news constantly. It has been the font of photo ops, breathless reports, propaganda, and not least, the basis of several Nobel Prizes awarded for non-success. The characters in the drama change constantly but the script remains the same. “We will give you this, if you will do that.” “We will cede this piece of property, if you will behave and stop sending rockets our way.” “We are exercising the will of our people by allowing them to kill you and be killed by you.”

I would suggest that even global warming has been fueled by the hot air expended in the course of these negotiations. It has become a cottage industry in that part of the world as well as the UN, Camp David, Tel Aviv, and anywhere else they can find a table large enough to seat the participants. As a result, Israel and adjacent countries have been a permanent armed camp and in a state of siege since the formation of the state immediately after WWII. Unfortunately, any leader which the people of Israel select to lead their government has, as his principal duty, the role of commander-in-chief of the military. For their survival, all other departments of the state come in a short second. The same applies to their counterparts in the neighboring countries.

Those Christians and Jews who read their sacred books and understand their history will learn little here which is news. What, after all, is the story line in the Pentateuch other than the use of the Jewish people to illustrate the theme? Defiance of the will of God is the common thread. Peace-war-peace-war-and on it goes; century after century, millennium after millennium; it is a constant repetition of an all too familiar pattern. How anyone can hope for peace in the face of near constant disobedience is a mystery. Add to that the presence of Islamic extremism and the traditional powder keg becomes all the more lethal.

Any thinking person would embrace the prospect of a peaceful solution in that area. Unfortunately, peoples conditioned by centuries of hate have little regard for the needs of others. There are folks on both sides of the issues which plague governments who are decent and yearn to live in peace and harmony with their neighbors. So long as certain factions are allowed to foment a cauldron of disruption and mistrust no peaceful solution will ever be found.

Meanwhile, we currently enjoy hearing about “Peace Talk, v.3588776” and yet another lame attempt to ameliorate hate.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Route 66 – Reverse Migration

We are indebted to a variety of authors of “fiction becomes history” for their coverage of the gigantic migration during the perilous combination of natural disaster (drought and “dust bowl”) and economic melt down (The Great Depression) during the early twentieth century. From their portrayal, we saw visions of cars stacked high with household goods, suitcases, and kids making their way west on “America’s Road” to that golden paradise—California. Along the way, they brushed off the residual dust from Oklahoma and the panhandle of Texas, in search of a better way of life.

These were largely simple people with a simple solution: if home becomes uninhabitable, move! These people were all too familiar with defeat and doubt and willingly endured the rigors of the road to seek salvation in the Promised Land. They lacked funds, education, and polish but brought an abundance of grit and character to their new home. They immediately were assigned status as a “sub-class” and given the sobriquet, “Okies.”

While the indigenous residents laughed at them and their rural ways, they stubbornly climbed the ladder to ultimate success. Eventually, they formed the rock-ribbed base of a special category of Californians typified by hard work, ingenuity, persistence, native skills and faith. They had faith in the American system, its laws, its people, its opportunity and most important, its God. Numbed with poverty, they carried frugality into their daily lives. In those extremely difficult years they parlayed their plight into ownership and management in their new home. They exercised an attitude reminiscent of the early pioneers who founded the Golden State.

In the ensuing decades, other forces came to bear in the richness of that natural wonder which is California. Political forces, as those heroes of the twenties, thirties, and forties died out and newer demographics took over, brought more government and less individual initiative into the forefront. The march to ever more dependence on government continued through the subsequent decades and we finally arrived at the current bankrupt situation which we see today. Californians shed the reality of their past for the nebulous promises for the future. Promises based upon a corrupt leadership, personal agendas, and self-promotion.

The result was a combination of a burgeoning economy, remarkable, if faddish, business success, and a soaring housing market with an increasing social dependency, oppressive taxation, regressive regulatory power for business, and environmental controls gone mad which created a climate of distaste for many citizens. That result then became manifest in the current exodus from California which has turned US 66 into a “two-way” street. It was at one time a one way route to success and happiness. It has now (figuratively) become the avenue of escape from taxation, regulation, socialism and general kookiness.

At the onset, this emigration was triggered by unrealistic housing prices which offered an unprecedented opportunity for profit taking on residential property. The individuals took advantage of booming prices, carried their profit to neighboring states in the hope of parlaying their gains into private fortunes. They were abetted by eager lenders who aided their goal of acquiring multiple “low cost” properties in these areas which had problems of their own that were less obvious.

For example, Las Vegas was a prime destination but came with the downside of a diminishing water supply which threatened to dim the lights and thirst of “sin city.” Phoenix had already burgeoned past realistic proportions and had individual municipal problems. Each of these areas had “monkey jar” traps of their own. (This occurs when the greedy monkey reaches through a limited access hole in a clear jar to obtain desirable food from inside. Once the nut, or what have you, is enclosed in his clenched fist, he can no longer retrieve the fist and is then trapped.) With a declining market brought on by untenable lending practices, the home prices fell and the possibility of a “flip for profit” disappeared and they found their collateral insufficient to satisfy their intentions.

They also saw their profits from home sales on the coast dissipated by the consequence of lending practices designed to fund home ownership for persons who had not earned the right.. About the only thing which differentiates the east flow of today and the early Okies is that our current group is driving Hummers and not rattle-trap Fords.

Instead of bringing cartons, boxes and suitcases tied to the tops of their SUV’s, they are carrying the misapplied political ideas which wrecked their former state in the first place. The change in geography did not alter their mistaken ideas so; they failed to discard their foolish notions at the state line. Instead of carrying iron skillets, Aunt Jenny’s picture, the old piano, and provisions, they are laden with diversity, political correctness, social awareness and the Marxist schemes which put them in distress in the first place. From Texas to Washington, reports are constant of California newcomers who bring the socialist mantra as their primary baggage. Unlike the Okies, there is no assimilation in their kit. What is present is “feel good” instead of “work hard.”

Old Route 66 is still with us but is now identified as I-55, I-44, and I-40 with occasional stretches still in tact and retaining its original identity. It was a noble road for a noble time. From the starting point at Buckingham Fountain on Chicago’s lake front to its terminus near the pier in Santa Monica (originally it was in Pasadena) it carried traffic through eight states and generated every emotional extreme in the human vocabulary. The main theme however, was mobility. It was in its time the definition of American independence. I think the nation was better served when it was “one way” to “Cali-forny.”

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday Morning Rant 80

In a change in their line of attack, the environmental left has their undies in a bundle over America’s use of toilet paper. Criticizing the waste involved in the use of disposable tissue to accomplish fundamental clean up, they assert that we are needlessly destroying “virgin” (that, of course, is not true so therefore, it is a lie) forests to accomplish our necessary tidying up. It is not surprising that they don’t have a clue what a “virgin” forest is. Most people who have traveled beyond the county line have encountered managed forests somewhere in their travels. They exist largely in Canada, the US south, and the Pacific Northwest. Manufacturers of tissue require fresh (virgin, not old growth) wood to take advantage of the cellular structure which lends itself to maximum expansion and therefore softness. These are the trees which are planted in rows like most agricultural crops for the convenience of cultivation and maintenance during the growing cycle. They do not harvest the magnificent sequoias off precipitous mountain sides in the west to make Northern Tissue.

Having traveled and lived on foreign soil, I rejoice that my fellow citizens are as scrupulously hygienic as they are. From the perspective of air quality and environmental purity, it is a singular advantage for our countrymen. The Europe I lived in for over two years was, in general, very casual in their approach to personal cleanliness. Toilet paper was scarce, raspy, and very much like old newspapers. Deodorants were unknown. Even hand soap was like cleaning up with a rock. I would personally rather park my SUV and have the aforementioned available if I really thought the planet was in that much peril.

Obviously, the environazis have seen the future and it’s—Bangladesh! This is simply a matter of the hysterics attempting to exercise yet one more control over our lives. Leave me and my neighbors alone—please!

A Surprise Boost in Sales

Here’s a little ray of sunshine in our gloomy economic picture. Apparently most gun dealers are reporting sky rocketing sales in both firearms and ammunition. Manufacturers are having extreme difficulty keeping up with replacement orders on both categories. In addition, sales of Rand’s book, Atlas Shrugged, are enjoying an immense increase in sales and may require a reprinting. Gee, what do you suppose is causing that?

Things To Look Forward To

I found this on this web site (Warning: Most of the ads on this site are pornographic in nature and extremely offensive.) and it scared me to death. I showed it to my spouse and her immediate response was, “Oh that has to be either Iowahawk or the Onion.” Neither of these satire sites has the poor taste to suggest anything quite so vile. Here follows the exact quote from the site:

“For the youth today it is hard to understand parents who don't support Obama. This is common for many of the young people of this generation, just as the youth back during the civil rights era had parents who just didn't understand the racism like they saw it. Many of you are struggling with the fact that your parents just don't get it. They don't feel the same about Obama the way that you do. They still cling to their old ways of guns and bibles and greedy capitalism. You know better. You know that Obama, and the Democratic majority, can run things better than those greedy corporations. You know that the best way to run an industry is to nationalize that industry.That is why this thread has been created. For you, the future of our nation, to let us know who your parents are (sic). Tell us the names of those who do not support Obama the way that you do. Let us know if your parents own guns, or wish ill will toward the government. Let us know before it is too late for you and too late for your country. It is the patriotic thing to do. Let the government take care of this problem for you. List your parents name here.
__________________Things are going to change I can feel it..”

If that doesn’t send cold chills up your spine, you are too naïve for any good purpose. This is the beginning of a not too subtle knockoff of the Hitler Youth movement. The concentration camps of 1930’s Europe and especially Germany were occupied by many relatives who did not hew to the party line. It was real then and it will be real today if we allow it to happen.

For those who maintain, “It can’t happen here” need to check this website and take a big dose of reality. Following this entry on the site are voluntary contributions of names of parents who hold the symbols of a constitutional republic dear. This opens the door to retribution for petty childish grievances to be settled by the state through investigation and eventual incarceration and “reeducation.” The objective of the writer was unambiguous. It was clearly designed and stated that the bible, guns and financial success were the enemy. This swings to the door wide to bring oppression through mistrust into every family circle. This should concern all of us—NOW! You cannot mount an effective protest behind barbed wire..

And finally

A note of sadness filled the hearts of the congregation this morning as we attended the communion service. One of our number, a dear sister had departed in the preceding week to join the Lord. Even though weak and frail she was a tower of strength in her belief and work for the Almighty. Our mutual prayer is for God to extend the full extent of his mercy and welcome her with open arms; as I am certain He will. We shall all miss her terribly.

The combination of the overnight snow (about 2”) and freshly filled feeders left an interesting record of the bird traffic on the deck. There were tracks everywhere. I doubt there was 5 square inches anywhere which they didn’t mark with their distinctive foot prints. The breed mix continues with neither addition nor subtraction. I read somewhere that we should supplement their intake with a supply of water. What next? Perhaps a “comfy” chair and a reading lamp would be nice. Although I only have about a dozen and a half who frequent the “bird landing” here, they can be a worry; what must be the power of God, that he can keep an “eye on each sparrow?”

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon