Friday, September 11, 2009

Excellent Adventure 6

The reason I'm posting the same thing on here as Gio posts on his world is we have a different readership. Gio's blog is huge and ZB has a very small, dedicated group of people, who give us anywhere from 0 to 75  hits per week. So if you come to ZB from Giovanni's World during the March on DC you'll get the same post except for some snide comments by me, which I get to do by virtue of having started the blog in the first place and by being its editor—a poor one, but an editor nonetheless.

When I look at the divisiveness in this country I wonder just what happened between 9/11 eight years ago and today's 9/11. Then I realize it wasn't just something that happened during the past eight years. It had been coming for decades, centuries. There have always been people who hate this country, but never so many as who are now in high places and are systematically and methodically tearing it to shreds. And they're making great strides. Somehow we managed to elect a president who is an avowed socialist and who is determined, with the help of communists, kooks and crazies, to bring us to our knees. Cec and I don't kneel for anyone but Jesus Christ. This is why he is in Washington this weekend: to join with the rest of the patriots who are willing to give their all to take back the Constitution of the United States. Sorry, Obama, God is still in charge and you ain't Him.

Here's Cec's post:

"Washington, D.C. 9-11-09

Tonight in a completely unplanned event I was able to be part of the crowd who greeted the Tea Party Express. There arrival point was the Washington Renaissance Hotel in the huge parking lot across the street.. Since this was largely an unplanned occasion I was gratified to see nearly a thousand people turn out for their arrival. The enthusiasm level was appropriate for rock stars. The signage was terrific, the people ecstatic in their task, and they raised their voices frequently in standard patriotic songs and an occasional chant. I will make every effort to get you a picture of the colonial figure who posed with the Constitution beside the coach. It may require "geek" skills beyond my pay grade.

This will be the last post of the day so the old geezer can get his sack time and be ready to roar again tomorrow. I will hold no grudge if you miss my postings on the 12th by reason of attending a local event. There are many events so look them up and find one near you.

In the last post on FLIP I neglected to give you the web address for more information:  Please check them out; they have some great ideas. Get some sleep now because we have a busy day tomorrow.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon"

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