Monday, September 7, 2009

Monday Morning Rant 108

Unusual weather prevailed on the way to Miami, OK Sunday morning. Rarely seen dense fog turned the familiar roadside landscape into a surreal montage of spookiness. Somehow it seemed to emphasize every misshapen tree and shrub. Fortunately, the condition didn’t require too much reduction in speed and I was able to hear Gary Hoover in a timely manner. Being stubborn about getting there proved worthwhile because it’s always good to be with Saints.

Honduran Policy – Fail!

In a desperate attempt to continue to be on the wrong side of history, the Obama administration imposed new sanctions which would remove $30 million in aid to Honduras. Never mind that the rest of the world has come to its senses and is relenting on first-reactions which they imposed. They obviously recognize that the actions of the Honduran government were within their own constitutional guidelines in regard to the dismissal of ex-president Zelaya.

Obama’s continued obstinacy in this issue of a dependable democracy in Latin America resulted in the removal of visas for their officials, businesses and went so far as to expel their diplomats. In a state of continued willful ignorance they insist on referring to these lawful events as a coup.

Even the Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez recognized the futility of the efforts against the Honduran people and said: “….. Honduras will keep up the fight.” Apparently Chavez has a better understanding than the president.

The administration continues the fiction of labeling the actions as a “coup.” Since the Organization of American States, a recognized Marxist organization, has given up and decided to move on. It may be time for the US to rethink our policies and join the side of democracy.

It is difficult to discern what the president hopes to gain for his continued intransigence.. It is impossible to see any advantage in destroying one of the most solid national governments in this hemisphere. Oh, I almost forgot—he’s doing it here as well. Never mind!

Words best said to Children

As parents, we have a stable full of trite sayings at the ready to be said to the kids. This one may be appropriate to those in the current administration who have anything to do with the economy.

“New policy for you on the economy: Sit in the corner and don’t touch anything.”

The time is upon us

Tomorrow, Tuesday the 8th, I shall depart for the belly of the beast; Washington, DC. For those with concerns who have emailed me I assure you that I shall wash my hands frequently, stay hydrated, drive safely, not challenge union goons (my fingers are crossed,) and try very hard not to get arrested.

As I see things which I think might interest you, I shall send the copy to my own beloved Granny with a Pitchfork and she will post it for you to enjoy. The big news should be the event itself. Pray for massive attendance as we move toward Saturday.

Please keep in mind that the event is not restricted to D.C... There are many, many events taking place nationwide and they deserve your attention and presence. I hate to admit it but the only way we can gain any notice in the regular press is through crippling huge numbers not just in DC but also in other cities. This coverage will result in a heightened awareness on the part of an otherwise uninformed public. Yes, there are folks out there who think that everything is normal and there is no threat to the republic.

This is our moment; let’s not waste it.

And finally

Life is good here in the Ozarks. We haven’t had much of a hint of Fall in the air though. The grass has slowed in growth, some of the fall flowers are blooming and the cantaloupe which has been supplied by friends at church is superb. I have never tasted melons so naturally sweet yet firm. The best part of my daily walks has been diving into one of those once I returned home.

I made a new friend—Radar. He belongs to a neighbor about a mile and a half from our place and has accompanied me for the three and half mile balance of my last walk. Since he trots on ahead, investigates everything and then runs back to me he probably goes twice the distance I do or more. Although I plan to continue walking, after the necessity abates, I will miss being driven by a worthwhile cause. The upside has been the chance to see—I mean really see—those things which fly by so fast when you are on the same road in a car. More than the sights are the smell of rural Missouri, the small critters, the huge birds in the river, the reaction of the cattle I pass, the formations of certain rocks and dells, and the endless trees—each with its own personality. One easily gets lost in the passing scene.

Tomorrow I leave for DC with the promise that I will keep in touch. Meanwhile, pray for the salvation of our nation.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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