Saturday, May 1, 2010

Impending Disaster

We suffer a level of justifiable paranoia at our house over what we see as the immediate dire future for our nation. We have tried dismissal, avoidance, willful ignorance and pie in the sky dreaming but none seem to work. The warning signs keep piling up and we have become increasingly worried. Currently, our fears are centered on the apparent lack of concern the Democrat Party demonstrates over the possibilities of a party reversal as a result of the upcoming November elections. This prompts the question of why they show little hesitation in continuing their downward spiral to socialism when they must realize that it is a recipe for disaster. They appear oblivious to the impact their activities will have on their established influence in holding both house of congress and the presidency.

Historically, we are unaccustomed, as a people, to extracting nefarious purpose from every political move. While we typically have much to criticize about the party, or president, in power, we seldom assume that down deep they hold animosity for or actively seek to blatantly alter our form of government. We have joined millions of others, who have giggled, chuckled, guffawed, and generally been otherwise unimpressed by the promises of “hope and change.” We figured it was campaign sloganeering and dismissed the seriousness of the thought. Now, we must grudgingly admit that we were wrong.

Over the last fifteen months we have seen dramatic changes in the functions of our government. Bank bailouts, industrial federalization, record breaking spending, national debt without any ceilings, enactment of socialized medicine, alienation of our former allies, Marxists filling major posts in government and worst; continued emphasis on separations of our peoples by ethnic and racial identity. These are the results of the “hope and change” which was promised to the people. Any one of the preceding would represent an absolute alteration in the way the United States does business. If this process is not identified and acted upon; in a scant few months our former country will become unrecognizable.

This brings us to what the current occupants of the seats of power can possibly do that will render the threat of the upcoming elections moot. In plain language, they can call them off. You may plead that it cannot be done and underestimate the ultimate goals which are at stake for these people. It would necessitate the manufacturing of a sufficiently important national crisis to negate the constitutional mandates currently in place. It would require a crisis of sufficient magnitude to require the institution of martial law and dispensing with habeas corpus.

So far, the efforts to paint the Tea Party as violent, racist, and disruptive have been largely unsuccessful. In the blatant attempt by the congressional black caucus members to manufacture a race based incident, we found no substantive evidence to back their ridiculous claims. Most recently, they called for a SWAT team in Quincy, Ill to face down a collection of grandmas bearing cookies. These would be laughable if it were not for the seriousness of the effort to discredit the patriots involved. Given the deportment of the Tea Party participants, it will be difficult to find a way to incite them to the violence of which they are routinely and falsely accused.

This prompts observers of the news to question each and every cataclysmic event which occupies the headlines. One is ongoing at the present which has the earmarks of a potential manufactured crisis. At the expense of eleven killed, a mysterious explosion occurred on a BP oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico just off the Louisiana coast. The result was a spill of mammoth proportions which has resulted in an uncontrollable spill to rival the Exxon Valdez in Alaska several years ago. This crisis has the potential to bring grief at many levels. In terms of actual damage, it will affect the fishing, ecology, tourist, boating and oil extraction businesses now and for years to come.

More important, it has an affect on the public perception of drilling which the administration will no doubt use to abate the recent clamor for more drilling to free us from dependency on foreign oil. Further it represents an opportunity, with established causation, real or imagined, to place further federal controls on oil rigs, and service companies in the oil patch. One can easily imagine the placement of “security” personnel on the offshore rigs as well.

For several years in the early eighties we ran an arms business in Houma, LA with a three part customer base; hard working blacks, hard working Cajuns (old time) and hard working oil well “monkeys.” We valued every category and learned from each of them. All, and especially the oil people, were fun loving, loyal and were more friends than customers. The oil guys had a special seriousness which was born of working in a constant dangerous environment. There is no contention that accidents cannot happen but knowing the types of people who man the rigs, it is difficult to imagine that this occurrence was a result of carelessness or happenstance. It is even harder to imagine when one projects the benefits available to enemies of the United States both foreign and domestic. As a caveat, let me assure you we have no solid evidence of sabotage on the rig. Would we be surprised to learn of it at some later date? Absolutely not!

As each new crisis arrives—and they will—carefully examine the details and question the circumstances. Could this have been manufactured from “whole cloth?” Does it serve to further divide an already fractured society? Does it call for more governmental control, personnel and expenditure of already short funds? Does it present an opportunity to shift blame to something already under attack from the administration? A measure of cynicism is required of our people to be certain that civic breakdown has an explainable source and that the government is reacting with logic and skill and no over-reaching. Enough tragedy occurs in a nation of 310 million people without supplying more to satisfy any political agendas. Our constitution guarantees this government to be directed by “We the people…”; we must never stand still and be deprived of the ability to exercise that intention.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Time Out --- for humor

I found these quotes on Knowledge is Power and shall re-post them here for the grins with a caveat. I question the attribution. I fully realize that comics will shed any vestige of principal for a laugh. Most, however, have an agenda and hold Obama as a god and are sympathetic to his ideas. That having been said: read them, join me in laughter and take the attribution with a grain of salt.

“The liberals are asking us to give Obama time. We agree - and think 25 to life would be appropriate.” Jay Leno

“America needs Obama-care like Nancy Pelosi needs a Halloween mask. “ Jay Leno

“Q: Have you heard about McDonald’s’ new Obama Value Meal?

A: Order anything you like and the guy behind you has to pay for it.”

Conan O’Brien

‘Q: What does Barack Obama call lunch with a convicted felon?

A: A fund raiser.’ Jay Leno

“Q: What’s the difference between Obama’s cabinet and a penitentiary?

A: One is filled with tax evaders, blackmailers and threats to society. The other is for housing prisoners.” Letterman

“Q: If Nancy Pelosi and Obama were on a boat in the middle of the ocean and it started to sink, who would be saved?

A. America.” Fallon

“Q: What’s the difference between Obama and his dog, Bo?

A: Bo has papers.” Kimmel

“Q: What was the most positive result of the “Cash for clunkers” program?

A: It took 95% of the Obama bumper stickers off the road.” Letterman

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Amnesty Games

Arizona governor Jan Brewer has signed the legislation which puts teeth into the effort of restricting the flow of illegal immigrants into that state. In response to ever increasing crime and lack of responsible enforcement from the federal government, the legislature took on the job as a sovereign state. With the backing of 70% of the people they had little difficulty passing it.

The US Constitution is very clear on the issue:

Article IV, Section. 6 states:

"The United States shall guarantee to every State in the Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on the Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence." (Color highlighting for emphasis.)

The “invasion” and “domestic violence” which has occurred in Arizona and the other Border States adjacent to Mexico has resulted from an influx of illegal aliens numbering from 10 to 20 million. Like it or not, each and every one of those persons who have crossed the border illegally can only be defined as having committed a criminal act. Our federal law is clear on the matter and appropriate penalties are available for those who chose to violate our statutes. There are no exceptions for gender, age, or any other criteria. In response to the demands of the citizens, the state of Arizona has elected to enforce the laws which the federal government has chosen to ignore.

The history of the issue takes us back to 1875 and the prohibition of convicts and prostitutes entering the US. Under Chester A. Arthur, in 1882, nearly all Chinese, paupers, criminals, and mentally ill were also banned thus establishing a criteria of legal and illegal immigrants.

During the 39 years between 1881 and 1920, 23,500,000 from the rest of the world, came to America legally. Thereafter, Congress continued to pass reduced quotas, based on the ethnic mix of the country, and the flow diminished. Even then, the traffic in immigration from Mexico—largely illegal—was swept under the rug. Since that time, the problem has only accelerated along with the need for lower paid workers.

Over history, the only times which have seen a drop in illegal immigration are those of economic distress in our country. This of course, puts the lie to the observation; “they are doing the jobs which Americans won’t do.” For all the criticisms of Americans, we will work when the cupboard is bare. Once Hoover left office, Roosevelt also limited immigration but omitted Mexicans and Canadians and the pattern continued culminating in the “bracero” program in WWII to supply workers in food production. These “undocumented” led the way to tidal wave of illegals which the new Arizona law addresses.

During the administration of Eisenhower, the problem was recognized and the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS, now ICE) launched the politically incorrectly named “Operation Wetback” and violators by the tens of thousands were deported. In 1965, the Immigration and Nationality Act was passed and led the way to a series of amnesties. Here are seven:

1. Immigration and Reform Control Act (IRCA), 1986: A blanket amnesty for over 2.7 million illegal aliens

2. Section 245(i) Amnesty, 1994: A temporary rolling amnesty for 578,000 illegal aliens

3. Section 245(i) Extension Amnesty, 1997: An extension of the rolling amnesty created in 1994

4. Nicaraguan Adjustment and Central American Relief Act (NACARA) Amnesty, 1997: An amnesty for close to one million illegal aliens from Central America

5. Haitian Refugee Immigration Fairness Act Amnesty (HRIFA), 1998: An amnesty for 125,000 illegal aliens from Haiti

6. Late Amnesty, 2000: An amnesty for some illegal aliens who claim they should have been amnestied under the 1986 IRCA amnesty, an estimated 400,000 illegal aliens
7. LIFE Act Amnesty, 2000: A reinstatement of the rolling Section 245(i) amnesty, an estimated 900,000 illegal aliens

In short, the federal answer to the flood of illigal immigrants has been to offer amnesty. They have abused the word by using more acceptable euphamisms such as: comprehensive immigration reform, earned legalization, temporary workers, undocumented immigrants, and pathway to citizenship. All of this while refusing to enforce existing law. The “virtual fence” to turn away the univited along our southern border has turned into little more than a farce.

Years ago, when I lived in Cochise County, AZ, there was already a problem and a drive from Sierra Vista on the backroads to Nogales was instructive. There are several spots on that sixty mile drive which have intersections which present unmarked alternatives which take you directly into Mexico and vice versa for opposing traffic. I am informed by old friends that little has changed since. That high plateau has long been a gateway for illicit traffic.

The current weeping and wailing about the recent Arizona actions have brought out the usual arguments about the fairness of enforcement and possible civil rights violations. Few citizens in that area are inconvenienced by showing proper ID to law enforcement to verify their citizenship. That is a minor inconvenience compared to being a victim of theft, vandalism, kidnapping and murder. Please note that the complaints from locals who have been interviewed are rarely mentioned. Beside which, they pale to insignificance when compared to the methods currently employed by TSA and other government agencies.

It is a rarity in the country these days but the legislators and the governor working in concert actually listened to their constituents and took the action which the people were demanding. This is how a republic of the people is supposed to work. To subject them to criticism is to include the founders of the nation as subjects of disdain as well.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

Some of the material in this piece may be found here in longer form.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Morning Rant 143

As a boy, I learned many important lessons from the men in my family. Be it father, grandfathers, uncles, whatever; when women folk are ill it is best not to inquire too specifically into the illness but rather remain solicitous and sympathetic to their discomfort. I am grateful for their advice as it has served me well to keep from asking embarrassing questions and getting in over my head in matters which shouldn’t really concern me other than in general ways.

We had just such a circumstance this past week with my bride which involved taking her to Springfield to a medical facility there. The lead-up to the procedure was difficult for her and uncomfortable. She was anxious about the procedure but faithful in the routine proscribed to accomplish the medical inquiry. It did prove quite disruptive to our normal lives but everything turned out well with no dire consequences so we are all happy and feel secure in her continued good health. If your curiosity is getting the better of you, you may read about her experiences in her own entertaining words by going to Granny with a Pitchfork.

In any case, it did disrupt my normal schedule and I was remiss in failing to make my routine number of posts. For that; I apologize. Please forgive me and accept my promise that I shall attempt to do better in the future.

A Response to a “Nameless Cynic”

In a rather harsh criticism of the Monday Morning Rant 142, a comment was belatedly posted to that entry so you can read for yourself his opinion of your host. Since the individual has chosen to remain anonymous we shall use “he” for convenience.

The first issue was the character of David Koresh. He raises many issues and accusations, none of which were identified as the purpose of the raid on the compound by the federal authorities. Had they been after Koresh they could have arrested him in town in the preceding days without an assault on the compound. In addition, I have heard the local sheriff complain that he was not advised of the initial raid and greeted the news with absolute denial of any prior consultation. The accusations voiced by “Nameless Cynic” are all within the jurisdiction of that officer.

As it was, they launched an all-out assault and were met with considerable resistance. It is difficult to justify your concern for the young girls that were supposedly Koresh’s victims when they found it necessary to burn the compound to the ground at the end, killing 76 people, 20 of which were children. If this is not an example of a “government gone power mad,” I hesitate to imagine exactly what you think would rise to that level.

I will admit I was amused by the remark that they had spent “$2K” on guns, ammo, and other munitions and equipment. Either that is a typo or you don’t have much to do with firearms. $2,000 won’t acquire much in the line of armaments; maybe a couple of guns and a few hundred rounds of ammo.

As far as McVeigh and the Oklahoma City bombing; his choice of the anniversary of the Waco debacle lead me to believe along with other evidence that he was indeed influenced by governmental overreach. It would only be fair to mention that several militia groups recognized that he would not be a suitable person to join their efforts and he was rejected. I do acknowledge that as one who lives in close proximity to the occurrence (Tulsa?) you may have been exposed to better coverage than I had living in Wisconsin at the time.

The savage beating of Allee Bautsch in New Orleans, in spite of your protests, has not had much coverage in the news or on the net in the last few days. Her mother has altered her story and claimed that the protesters were responsible. Since she wasn’t there, I shall take that with a grain of salt and wait until the NOPD completes their investigation. Whatever the cause of the attack; grown men in numbers assaulting a woman is not my idea of a fair fight. The fact that they could do this at all is reprehensible in a civilized American city.

Lastly, when the Tea Party Express buses arrived at the fairgrounds in Tulsa a few weeks ago, the first person I sought out was Lloyd Marcus. We had a nice chat and I thanked him for his efforts. He was received with huge enthusiasm in that crowd who loved his singing and appreciated what he had to say. I found the Tulsa gathering exactly the same as every other one of the many I have attended: spirited, safe, noisy, and peopled with folks who have problems with changing America into a socialist state. I am not only happy, but proud to be associated with such a crowd—including Mr. Marcus.

This site does not operate a conversational type open forum so I shall wish you well for the future with the assurance that I shall have no further response.

The Tea Party Affect

There is a continuing frustration on the left with the Tea Party movement. With no clear individual leadership, the group offers no readily available person to attack, demean, or otherwise defame. Thus, denied their usual tool of personal assault, they must confront ideas. As though in compliance with the assertions of the Tea Partiers; the administration continues to supply grist for the mill.

The difficulty lies in the failure of the left to recognize “the people” as an independent voice. It is a concept that those unfamiliar with our history and the procedures used to establish the greatest nation in the world are near totally unfamiliar. A simple reading and understanding of the words in our constitution would clear all this up. From the very first words of that document—“We the People,”—the governing authority is established.

The free exercise of individual rights is alien to those who depend upon a state for their every need. They cannot fathom that our rights, a gift from the Creator, are protected from intrusion of government in that document. In the God-given genius of the founders, it outlines the many ways the authority of government may not intrude in the daily lives of its citizens. In so doing, no allowance is made for the despots who despoil other nations for their personal gain.

This clear understanding of our constitutional mandate by those in the Tea Party Movement is what has the leftists so flummoxed. Their cry for liberty will always fall upon deaf ears of those who would rule. For those whose self-interest and lust for power prevails, it will continue to be mis-understood. For me, I am content to be part of “We the People...”

And finally,

With Granny back to her usual feisty self and life on the ridge continuing to bloom, we are returning to our usual bliss. The grapes I planted to eventually cover the lattice on the roof of the deck are doing exceptionally well. This will be the critical season for them to find their way aloft and complete the vision I have of a roof sagging from the weight of fruit. I’m just a Roman at heart.

The indigo buntings have returned and the occasional flash of intense blue on the rail under the feeder is a welcome sight. Officially, the bird visitor list has 17 species and we were finally able to firmly identify the tufted titmouse. The red-bellied woodpecker is our “clown prince.” He is really too large to be on the feeder and so hangs precariously off the edge and has his own unique system for retrieving the seed. It is amazing how fast they go through a 40# bag of seed.

Life is now returning to normal and we are thankful—God is good.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon