Saturday, September 12, 2009

Taking Back our Country

Washington, D.C. -- 9-12-09

At the conclusion of the march it became readily apparent that mere mastery of language would be insufficient to describe what had just taken place. Anyone who got there first was doomed to stay in place because of the crowd pressing to be close to the speakers platform. That valued spot soon became unseeable to the new arrivals. From the steps, down the hill, then behind the reflecting pool, across 3rd St and on to 4th and finally across the avenue they piled up. The closer ones to the front were jostled good naturedly by those pressing to see. The most notable feature was with this mass of humanity the rule was courtesy, respect, and deference to favored groups; women, kids, the elderly and especially the infirm.

I did at no time see any hostility directed to any attendee but considerable animus was aimed at the administration in general. It seemed that every person had a sign, a flag, or some other creative _expression to demonstrate their displeasure. No one will ever know the exact number of those present but we have some good indications. The Washington Post said "tens of thousands", the port-a-potties were in a line about a 75 units long on the street north of the pool with folks waiting in lines up to forty people long, and since the crowd was variable, counting heads was out of the question. My personal guess would be in the neighborhood of a quarter of a million.

I spoke to enough personally to assure you that every state was well represented at the rally and of course in the parade. I was extremely pleased to see all age groups adequately represented with gender imbalance not a factor. The only under-represented category was dogs. Although largely Caucasian, there were many other racial and ethnic components as well. I saw no obviously identifiable Muslims.

The speakers were fiery. The music was sparse and and the general spirit of the gathering was singular. The citizens want their government back! They didn't make a fuss to get the Republicans back in power so much as to get responsible people in general back in charge. The hope is that no one sees the conclusion of this event as any sort of an "end." This massive demonstration should only be viewed as a beginning. A raw seed for a movement which will actually make a difference. This was for show. What comes after will be the definitive marker of our national character. That selfless concern for others so visible at this rally needs to be carried into the halls of congress and the white house. Lincoln said, "you can't fool all of the people, all of the time." I say, that's true, but you don't to irritate them constantly either.

There are people, happily of all ages, who do understand what it took to build this society we call America. I met many of them this week. All we need now is for them to get off their stumps and take part in government at every level. Let the people legislate themselves. God bless America!

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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