Saturday, May 23, 2009

Random Thoughts on a Spring Morning

What does it mean that unemployment figures released today indicate there are 6.66 million jobless? IMAO asked: “does that indicate there are 10,000 anti-Christ’s?”

I understand the Chinese compute age from the moment of conception. It is a custom dating to a time well before routine interaction with the West and Christianity. Adoption of the practice would seem necessary to the forwarding of any Pro-Life arguments here.

By now, you are up to your ears in the comparisons of the Cheney/Obama speeches. One commenter nailed it when he said the latter was a masterful campaign exercise while the former vice-president’s was a masterful oration on wise governance.

I’ve decided to take my Tea Party poster with the picture of “O” with the cig drooping from his lip, and change the text. Currently it says “Hail to the Thief” but it will soon be entitled: “Abortionist in Chief.”

For those who thought Cheney’s speech was a response to Obama should realize the AEI speech was scheduled weeks before the president’s. It’s just another case of turning the truth on its ear. Why does “the one” feel compelled to answer a former office holder?

I listened to the president introduce William Gates (a fully employed billionaire) on TV as secretary of defense yesterday. I didn’t even know he had applied for the job. I guess they had already filled the greeter position at Wal-Mart. Maybe Robert Gates can take that job.

One of the best “tag lines” I’ve seen is on Knowledge is Power: “Life is messy, eat it over the sink.”

As you view the current political scene, does it bring back memories of the old “Ted Mack Amateur Hour?” I ache for the return of those days when the most interesting thing was a performance by the juggling wallabies.

Speaking of old TV, are we experiencing a “Gilligan’s Island” re-run. You do remember that in a couple of episodes they put Gilligan in charge don’t you?

I just noted a headline on a news service: “Clinton’s sax sold at auction for AIDS research.” It’s amazing what scientists can gather from material left on a saxophone.

I spent $32.00 to get my certified birth certificate from the state of Iowa. I needed it to vote, drive, and re-enter from Canada. Obama has spent upwards of $1,000,000 in legal fees to fight demands for the same document. Wassup wit’ dat?

In the mad dash to find alternate labels to the reality of accurate description; e.g. “war on terror,” “axis of evil,” etc., we find a search for an alternate to Guantanamo Detention Facility. Among the suggestions were “offshore holding facility,” Korandemonium,” and my personal favorite, “Allah-holics Anonymous.”

Enough musing; it’s time to get back to work.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

Friday, May 22, 2009

Testimony 10

The testimonies of Hartley Stanbridge continue.

“I was asked to chaperone some young singles to go to a week end Harvest House retreat in Scottsbluff, Nebraska. As things did not go as one might hope I was put in a socially and politically isolated position. The Lord gave me the words to say which helped me hold the position I needed to take, but to say the least I was upset.

After church service Sunday morning I was re-arranging luggage to make room for my passengers when a man came up and asked me if I had ever seen him before. I had not, and so told him. He then told me a few things about me which were true. After he established that he knew things about me that only God could reveal to him, he then said; “God wants you to know that you will be called into service under such circumstances and conditions you cannot now dream or imagine.”

Through the years since then I often wondered if, in my own self will, I had missed the promised opportunity or not been in the right place at the right time. But as I reflect this day, I have not found any moments in my life that were beyond my dreams or imagination until a few months ago.

The escalation of the political posturing has startled me. It is not my intention to cast myself into the fray, this is not my purpose, but just to remark that being a few months away from my 79th birthday causes me to think that the time must be short.

As I sit here with testimonies and remarks in front of me, one might say my past is before me. With every testimony I could add pages of comments hoping to invigorate the desire in people to bow before and believe the scriptures with anxious sincerity.

Last fall I heard a wonderful sermon in Independence by Pastor Jim Hobbs of Waldo Avenue congregation. One suggestion he offered caused me to sit straight up. Jim suggested ‘we should examine ourselves.’ On the way home I wondered how many people would know where to look?

Jesus said, “From your belly flows water of everlasting life,” and “when you do what I say I will put a burning in your bosom.” Remember the ten virgins; five had oil in their lamps? The oil is stored in the lower chamber, the results of gift for gift, grace for grace.

Remember Moses coming down from the mountain, they put a veil over his face. He had been in the presence of God! His face shone and people could hardly abide his presence! His lamp was lit! The Lord said in the last days He would make His ministers faces as burning fire!

As you examine yourself what do you find in your lower chamber; love, anxiousness, nothing? Hate, jealousies, anger; what is there? After you interact, preach, minister, what do you leave behind in the lower chambers of those to whom you have spoken? Does the show of your countenance give you away? Posturing and pretending obscures the path that permits continual grace for grace and gift for gift. Christmas once a year is just not enough.

Some sermons are forbidden from behind the RLDS pulpit in these days. The Celestial Law, Everlasting Covenant, the Law of Consecration. Due to the changes taking place I suspect people giving testimony such as this will soon be declared insane. (I remember the times such as these, leading up to the 2nd World War.)

Rev. 12:17 (Ed.: And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.)

God Bless,

Hartley Stanbridge, Elder”

If you feel led to share this testimony in any manner, please feel free to do so without specific permission.The usual rules apply; unedited and an appropriate link. I am grateful to Hartley for sharing with us his most personal experiences with the Lord.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Compromise, Capitulation and Catholics

The liturgical crimes committed at the University of Notre Dame on Sunday reached an historical apex with the appearance of the president. Simply stated, the university abandoned its long held prestige as America’s premier Catholic University and exemplar of the faith. It offered a platform to espouse toleration, diversity, reconciliation, ideological problem solving, change, fair-minded words, and not least; a defense of efforts to abate global warming.

All of this was offered in a venue noted for single minded devotion to the one true God. God, who has stated, in written language, his concepts of life as He requires. From that platform we heard instead, a political thank you to those, who in denial of their faith, offered support for a man diametrically opposed to the principals which have formed the identity of the church for centuries. We observed a purely secular figure allowed to insert his opinions into the internal workings of an allegedly viable faith and put, by his presence, his imprimatur on doctrine clearly in opposition to that church’s teachings. Teachings well covered not just in the Catholic Church, but in the history of God Almighty.

By offering his laundry list of pop culture phrasing, as noted above, he urged the audience to take the easy path and compromise. Where was the speaker’s “open heart” when millions of unborn children were mercilessly slain in the mother’s womb as he pushed legislation to continue the practice? What “fair-minded” words did he offer to prevent the late-term slaughter of innocents? Most important, where is the word “compromise” in the Bible? It is alien to that noble work. It does not appear in any verse, in any chapter, in any book. (ref. “Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance”) In short, compromise is not a part of the Christian ethic.

Glib speech, with a teleprompter assist, is a secular accomplishment which should not be confused with an inner spiritual disposition. Common currency of the progressive leftist is to use the weasel words of deception to paint a picture of compassion, caring, acceptance of every view to appease and gain support for their own personal agenda. One would think that it would be readily recognized in an academic setting and rejected. One would be wrong since the audience apparently gullibly accepted every word with applause and awe. The “awe” is misplaced to describe any thing other than reverential fear. Those who willingly applauded his remarks should be in awe; not of the speaker but of God who was the object of the offense.

There is no such thing as a “twenty-first” century Christian. God does not measure time. If you have taken on the name of Jesus Christ you have assumed His beliefs, principals, grace, mercy, and should be on a constant search to expand your knowledge of His desire for you. If you lack wisdom, you are directed to ask Him and He has promised to furnish it without criticism. (See James 1:5) Situational ethics are not appropriate to second guess the intent of the Master. In this case they are simply a tool in the traveling case of a snake oil salesman.

The principal ingredient in a recipe for a “bloodless coup” is capitulation. It is the soul of politics but an anathema to faith which requires unswerving devotion. Those who offered their presence and their lives in protest to the travesty at Notre Dame are worthy of our praise and our deep respect. Directed by a proper higher power, they went the distance to express their disgust and attempt to educate others on that which is true. They chose not to ignore the verities of their belief. To capitulate then becomes a denial. Those who carefully read their scripture realize that denial of previously acknowledged acceptance constitutes the unforgivable sin. May God extend His mercy to Notre Dame.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday Morning Rant 92

What a glorious time to be alive! I am totally captivated by the activity of the plants and animals in the neighborhood and here on the ridge this spring. It seems as though I am seeing things which have undoubtedly been present previously but, obviously, I wasn’t paying attention.

The nine or ten stumps which I burned and or excavated over the last six years have grown over and are difficult to remember. The grass has filled in the bare spots and it is becoming a continuous area of lustrous green. Jan’s flowers are making wonderful progress and some are blooming. The roses are coming well, the peonies are outstanding, and the day lilies are flashing here and there.

Judging from the little pigs, calves, colts (both horse and ass) and lambs in the nearby meadows, I’d say everybody wintered well. The wild creatures seem to have increased their number as well. Apparently the only creature who suffered during the recent winter was man who seems to have a predilection to consistently mess up every thing he touches: or is that just in Washington?

The Value of the Child

Late this last week we were treated to a recent Gallup Poll which I took the liberty of reprinting. It’s worth a careful look. In summation, it appears that Pro-Life has now become the option for 51% of the population by 9 percentage points. That would be the first time in fourteen years for that posture to be in the lead. Possibly it was longer because Gallup only started that particular poll question in 1995. The poll starts with a decline in the pro-choice stance during the Clinton years with a virtual tie in the run-up to the election of G.W. Bush.

I’m not so sure that more people have become convinced on the issue but rather more eager to share their opinion on the matter with others. Polls are funny that way. About 9 months ago, we adopted a policy of not answering calls from 1-800 numbers because they were nearly always intrusive beyond our interest or annoying politically.

Continuing along the same subject we find “the one” accepting an honorary juris doctorate from Notre Dame and giving the commencement address to the graduates. The Rev. John Jenkins, Notre Dame’s president remarked, “I do not suggest that the debate surrounding abortion can or should go away.” That being said, he was also responsible for authorizing the arrest and incarceration of dozens of protesters the night before and almost that many more during the service itself. No doubt he thought they “should go away.” Apparently some priests and other Catholic officials are doing their job too well. Many of those arrested had the idea that God Himself sees the practice of murdering the unborn as sin. It is apparent that the very worst of the Catholic Church and the very finest have collided in South Bend this past weekend.

One of the arrested protesters was Norma McCorvey who was the plaintiff who was named in the infamous Supreme Court decision known as Roe v. Wade. After the practice of abortion was thus legalized, we find McCorvey now opposes abortion and joined the demonstrators in the pokey.

There is something in the water at American Universities. It manifests itself in absolute arrogance. If you are looking for character, morals, faith, and unfettered honesty within the ivy covered walls or for that matter under the gold dome, I suggest you go to the cafeteria or the maintenance department and hunt up someone carrying trays or a wrench. Find that person who sweats for a living and you will probably find those characteristics. If ,on the other hand, if duplicity, deviousness, compromise and self interest are your bag, check the offices with the broad walnut desks, the easy chairs and the expensive religious icons and pictures of the executive posing with “important” people adorning the walls. In such haunts lurk the predators of education: the presidents, the board chairmen, the department heads, and those others who would sell the students souls for their own self-aggrandizement. May God have mercy on their souls.

A Reminder

I ran this before but I am going to run it again for the benefit of those who missed it the first time. It is the ad which was turned down which was to have been aired during the super-bowl. The networks couldn’t tolerate the idea of the truth so apparent in the ad.

And finally

Mrs. Pelosi continues to embarrass herself and the House of Representatives, if that is possible. I think I shall tear a page out of the tradition of Alcoholics Anonymous and present the adage that recoverees have found so helpful over their years of struggle. “If you find yourself in a hole; quit digging!”

She now has a web of claims and counter claims and witnesses with amnesia in her struggle to maintain the high ground against the CIA. She’s losing! After hearing five different versions of the story, not only am I confused but it is obvious that she is too. Experience dictates that honesty is the lazy man’s best friend.. It’s much tougher to keep all those tall tales straight than it is to just tell the truth at the beginning. The truth is a complicated narrative but multiplied times 5 it becomes impossible.

Our final thought is a grateful thank you to those who serve, those who love those who serve , those who wait for those who serve, and those who honor the memory of those who have served and did not return. Our military is entitled to all that a grateful nation can deliver. If you didn’t do it today keep Armed Forces Day in mind and give a slap on the back of those who are doing their job so well. Keep these noble men and women in mind the next time some politico shows hesitation in their support.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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