Saturday, March 20, 2010

Rasmussen –UPDATE !!!!

Here are the latest figures from (Rasmussen) with latest solidification of disapproval of the president. These are both historical lows of polling numbers and indicators of the consistency of the electorate. 

                        Strongly   Strongly       Total       Total

           Net       Approve  Disapprove  Approve  Disapprove

3/20   -21%    23%         44%             43%         56%

3/19   -21%    23%         44%             45%         55%

3/18   -20%    23%         43%             45%         55%

3/17   -18%    24%         42%             44%         55%

3/16   -18%    25%         43%             45%         54%

3/15   -16%    26%         42%             45%         54%

3/14   -15%     27%        42%             46%         53%

3/13   -14%     27%        41%             45%         54%

Is it any wonder that the incoming calls to the president and the congress were numbered at 100,000 per hour yesterday? Granny actually reached the White House. She was polite but insistant. She's agin' it.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

Friday, March 19, 2010

Another Landmark Rasmussen Poll

I have long sung the praises of the Rasmussen polls. By sampling only “likely voters” they managed to deliver exceptional results in recent elections and proved their dependability. Further they differentiate between a simple “approve-disapprove” state with the added “strongly” measure of opinion.

This morning, Obama’s ratings reached a new position. For the first time since he took office, he registered minus 20% or more differential on two consecutive days. This is an indicator of the consistency of the electorate’s opinion. With a Friday morning entry of 44%-23% he had a net position of -21% which equals his lowest rating on two previous occasions. It also marks a steady continuing downward trend since his position of minus 14% on March 13. .

On the straight forward approve-disapprove scale the result was 55%-45% for a net of minus ten.

By limiting their polling to likely voters, Rasmussen brings a level of seriousness to the results and separates the process from selecting a prom queen or head cheerleader. This is vital business which the president continues to ignore at the expense of disregarding the will of the American people. “Beware the Ides of March” was the omen supposedly given to Caesar by a seer on the way to the forum and his death. It was a line furnished by William Shakespeare (Julius Caesar, Act III, 1599) and remains excellent advice.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Teachable Moment

Granny and I took a look at the back-up crowd behind B.H.O. at a speech in Ohio recently and we came to an instant mutual conclusion. Obama’s encounter with Joe the Plumber was a learning experience for his holiness. Rarely has he been seen since beyond the reach of a tightly controlled group of adorees. At the time of the encounter with Joe, he was eager to press the flesh and wrongly assumed he had picked a working stiff ready to agree with his every utterance. When the innocent he picked from the crowd turned out to have some radical concepts of the meaning of America and the founding principles, he found he had dug a deep hole with very slippery sides. Joe the Plumber was not all that enamored of the idea of “sharing the wealth.”

I suspect that Joe would take the shirt off his back for you if he sensed your need and probably chase it with a cup of coffee and a sandwich. He struck me as that kind of guy. I have never heard him claim to be anything other than what he stated at the time. But Obama took the hint and to my knowledge, never again just grabbed some guy from the crowd on the false assumption that every body is a dunce.

As we watched the video referenced in the previous post, we noted carefully the crowd reaction to the ridiculous statement about the 3000% decrease in costs. Most of those dolts just nodded with vacuous grins and followed the party line. On the right of the screen is an older guy in a suit and tie with neatly trimmed beard who bears watching. As the impact of Obama’s ridiculous statement sinks in, he starts to show a grin, stifles it and is then unable to conceal the smirk. He did not join in the applause and one wonders what may have been going on inside his mind. Is it possible that his apparent amusement was at the positive reaction so many of the sheep displayed upon that outrageous announcement. It is obvious that I can in no way determine what was going on in his head. Anyone with an intellect in excess of a bag of hammers would have recognized the statement for what it was—just plain crazy at so many levels.

Obama needs a keeper because when left to his own devices he cannot be trusted to play alone with sharp pointy things. He might also learn something by projecting a graph of his face time before the cameras and his Rasmussen poll ratings. It is a safe bet that as the number of minutes in public increases the polling numbers decrease. Take it to the bank. Osama bin Laden maintains his immense popularity in the Arab world by hiding in a cave; maybe Obama might think about emulating him.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

You Can’t Fix Stupid

I am a Christian and I have acquaintances and even family members who try my faith on a routine basis. Some intentionally irritate me because they are aware of my stance on the current state of affairs in our nation’s capital. They question my patriotism because I am unwilling to see the nation bankrupt to provide services to people who refuse to provide for themselves. They endorse certain government proposals which are thinly disguised as a public benefit, when in fact they would serve only to disrupt our very successful system. I can come to only one of two conclusions: either they hate America or they are intentionally subversive. That position may in fact be a compound answer and not a choice

I am mystified by either alternative. They have, for the most part; all worked hard, assimilated into the American mainstream, enjoy the benefits of liberty, shared in the bounty as a result and are otherwise fairly normal. For all the incessant talk, I have yet to hear the sound arguments to support this insanity. Please spare me the “it’s for the children” crap.

After a lifetime as a peddler, I fully understand the mechanics of a sale. Attention, interest, conviction, desire and close are now and have always been the dependable steps to a successful sale. They were effective when they were first formally outlined sixty plus years ago and they are just as useful today. What is lacking here is the presence of a legitimate product. Once one departs from an honest product the presentation becomes tarnished by the lie. To disguise socialism in the cloak of “health care” to satisfy the requirements of the Cloward/Piven strategy is an outright falsehood.

I remain unconvinced by Nancy Pelosi’s hysteria, Barney Frank’s slurred words, Harry Reid’s dour pronouncements, Chuck Schumer’s New York lawyer act, and most of all by Obama’s Messiah imitation. I have only one Savior and his name isn’t Barack. I also think I would be hesitant to approach the Heavenly throne with a history of deity impersonation. Lacking evidence of his (Ed: please note the lower case “h”) awareness of final judgment, perhaps he has no fear.

Meanwhile, I continue to encounter those who have fallen hook, line, and promise of freebies for this charade. They stubbornly insist that it is the only logical path to caring for each and every crack head and ghetto dweller. They quickly point out that we are covered up with “rich” people to take up the financial slack. They omit any reference to enforced and insanely expensive federal mandates to carry a public policy, death panels, the certain loss of medical practitioners, suborning of the contractual Medicare obligation, and government funding of the deaths of infants in the womb. All of this by ignoring the simple proposition that the government should not intrude into the most private parts of our lives and exert absolute control.

In a recent speech, Obama claimed that some would experience a 3000% reduction in health care costs as a result of the proposed legislation. I freely admit that math was not my strong suit in school. I did learn enough, however, to question just exactly how much that would affect the $167.50 I send to American Family each month for supplemental insurance for Granny or the combined $200+ which is deducted from our SS checks for Medicare. If you are a math whiz, please compile these figures and tell me what I can plan on in the future. I tried it and came up with $11,025.00 per month that I would get back. Assuming we are about average and you project it against the entire population it comes to about $1,708,875,000,000.00 per month. That seems a bit high to me. Please correct my figures if I’m wrong. Grandpa pretty much nailed it when he said: “figures don’t lie; but, liars figure.”

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Iwo Jima Lives

Hot on the heels of Tom Hank’s incredibly stupid remarks about the Japanese and their role in World War II, I found a picture with a very special meaning. Sixty five years ago, Joe Rosenthal took the iconic and Pulitzer Prize winning picture of the flag raising on Mt Suribachi on the Japanese “home island” of Iwo Jima. On the fifth day of the battle (2/19/45 to 3/25/45) to take the volcanic island, the Marines managed to get to the top of the largest mountain on the island’s south end and raised Old Glory. The occasion turned out to be more symbolic than practical as the Japanese forces were in a warren of tunnels and caves spread throughout the island.

I remember well, as a an avid war follower as a thirteen year-old youngster, the thrill of seeing the flag raising picture on the front page of the Des Moines Register as I prepared to make deliveries on my route. I had followed each hard won dispatch from the scene and appreciated the sacrifice entailed in that event. I had close relatives in the South Pacific, and rightly feared for their safety. As I consumed each reported detail, the severity of the action came home to me. I fully understood the enemy’s attitudes on surrender and feared for our men. Of the original Japanese garrison on Iwo Jima, 22,785 men, only 216 were taken alive. The allied force lost 6,821 dead and 26,038 wounded.

Iwo in Japanese means “sulpher” which is typical of a volcano along with the black sands and the pervasive rotten egg stench. The sands deprived the Marines of any protection in fox holes since they were impossible to properly construct in the loose volcanic detritus. With that many men total on an island with an area of about 10 square miles and no cover, massive casualties were to be anticipated. No one could realize how severe. The enemy was well ensconced in bunkers and tunnels and little affected by bombardment from sea or air. Overlooked by the intelligence on the island was the fact it had been used as an artillery training facility before the assault and every gun was zeroed on familiar targets with exact known ranges. It is only a miracle that prevented even greater loss of life.

As a “home” island, it had a special significance to the defenders as the first surface assault on the Japanese homeland. The invasion and capture was deemed necessary to provide a dual purpose in air attacks on the mainland. Upon its seizure, we had a relief stop for the constant stream of B-29’s which rained their bomb loads on Japan proper. It also enabled the shorter range fighters to accompany those sorties and protect them from hostile resistance. Lastly, it was a jumping off point for the eventual capture of Okinawa, a much larger and closer island to Imperial Japan.

There are few people living today who fully understand the concept of “all out war.” We live in a world of talk, threat, intimidate, sneak terror attacks, and enemies of indistinguishable nationality. During WWII, the objective was to annihilate those who sought to abridge our freedoms and victimize others. Early in the encounter, those who fought did not fully understand how long and how committed they would have to be. They soon learned and did their job well. They clearly understood the meaning of honor, duty, perseverance, and shunned any references to heroics. Could a boy grow up with better role models? My opinion of those selfless heroes is firmly fixed and will never be changed. I am very disappointed and outraged that Mr. Hanks does not understand these simple truths.

It’s about liberty!

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

Thoughts in Retrospect

Has it occurred to anyone on the hill that it’s not particularly bright to declare war on the Supreme Court? This would seem to be especially true when you are contemplating legislative maneuvers which may well run afoul of the US Constitution. The president made his position on disrespect for the court very clear by lying before the nation during his State of the Union address, about the result of a court decision. And yes, Justice Alito was right; it was a lie.

The various Democrat members of the legislature furthered the insult by nearby riotous applause on issues at that same address which were mentioned in the speech. I believe that Justice Thomas and a couple others showed wisdom by not showing up. I have heard more than one Justice comment since that it would be unlikely they would return to that hyper-partisan atmosphere.

Even on his worst days, Barack Obama remains "Mr. President.” Love him or hate him; he is the president. He follows a long line of men who, granted, have run the gamut all the way from saints to abject sinners but each was the President of the United States of America and entitled to enjoy the respect due that noble office. Those in the federal legislative bodies are also entitled to the respect of their positions. Although their individual records as men vary widely from pure to criminal they do hold their offices.

For one branch to disrespect another is to misunderstand our constitution. Two on one is--well, you know the rest of that old verse. These branches are equal in importance to the complete process. We were not structured to lend greater importance to one branch over the other. To not render that regard for a different branch is to cast disrespect on the entire conceptual understanding of our form of government. Those who take the oath of office should review it in advance and determine if they do indeed choose to swear, before Almighty God, to uphold that sacred document.

It is my prayer that the various Justices of the Supreme Court are of sufficient character to remain above the tumult and exercise wisdom and understanding of the law regardless of party politics and uphold the document which guides them. If they can do this: one out of three isn’t bad for a start.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

Thank God!—It Finally Dawned on Me

Loyal readers—both of you!—know that I have dissected, probed, and attempted to understand the current administration. I admit that I have not always been charitable in my assessments. In fact, I have been highly critical until I finally figured the whole thing out. I have come to believe that Obama, or shall we use his code name, double naught O, is some kind of secret agent commissioned by the vast right-wing conspiracy to absolutely discredit the Democrat Party and progressivism as a whole.

OOO has dutifully done his duty and put every thinking person on the alert to Democrat shenanigans. His untiring efforts to present the illusion of destroying the country have been very successful. He has the entirety of the Republican Party and their Tea Party sympathizers easily convinced. The tougher demographic, the independents, are now coming around to believe as well that he is the agent of doom. Even a substantial number of Democrat legislators and party apparatchiks are also becoming convinced of his blatant attempts at national destruction and the consequence is leaving a numerical electoral base percentage for November roughly equivalent to their shoe size.

It is incomprehensible to think that he has managed this in just over a year. He will, no doubt, go down in the annals of spy lore as the master spy of all spooks. Every imposter who ever usurped a throne will blush in shame at the mention of his name. Ludlum, LaCarre, Fleming and the wordsmiths who created the exciting stories of espionage daring-do will be embarrassed by comparison to the real thing. The Goldfingers of the world will unite in terror before the awesome skills of 000. It is possible to believe that we are the eyewitnesses of the greatest triple spy who ever lived.

Yes, I am now convinced that his very presence is a creation of the wizened, hidden directors of the vast right-wing conspiracy. These geniuses found the only available path to returning the nation to the vigor experienced by the founders. Whether he was trained as a lad from his early days running the streets of Jakarta is unknown. Perhaps we shall one day learn how he was able to hone his hypnotic speaking skills on the campaign trail to persuade the electorate. It will be far easier to verify the complicity of the faculty and staff at both Columbia and Harvard to allow his training to go forth unimpeded. The biggest hurdle was, no doubt, stashing his prayer rug and assimilating into the Daly machine in Chicago, in order to associate with ACORN as a convincing agent.

There is little question that the praises of 000 shall be sung in the halls of Langley, MI5, and Interpol for centuries. It is humbling to even think we have been eyewitnesses to the activities of the greatest spy of all time. My hat is off to you, 000, as are those of millions of Americans who may now expect the return of the original objectives of those other patriots who founded this magnificent country.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday Morning Rant 137

Lee Parsons was in fine fettle this morning and preached to a subject which bore remembrance. "Hell! " Yes, it is real! All too often in our churches, we are the recipients of yet one more daisy-laced expository on puppies, kitties, little pink flowers and social consciousness. He suggested—no—firmly advised, that the pathway to eternal bliss would only be occupied with those who had sought and fully accepted faith in God Almighty and His Son, Jesus Christ. He also maintained that his offerings came from someone not a stranger to sin; as are we all. Only the brain-dead left the pews with any misunderstanding of the message.

The Founding Principles

An often heard complaint about conservatives and their unanimous acceptance of the United States Constitution is their agreement with the concept of a government abridged. If there were an over-riding theme, that would be it. The Bill of Rights commences in the first Amendment with the words: “Congress shall make no law…” It continues and proceeds to define further, more of what the government cannot do that would enable that federal body to actively oppress the people.

From the founding, the people’s will has been to get the government out of the way to enable life, commerce and personal choice to prevail. Our nation has no state religion, no single oppressive monarch, no restraint on assembly or speech, plus it has the right to seek redress from government grievances. We simply have to settle for some old-fashioned freedom. Call it liberty if you will and understand that it is the antithesis of slavery. We warmly shake hands with friends; salute the higher ranking military officers out of deference to discipline but we bow to no one as Americans. No monarch, no oligarch, no party apparatchik, no dictator, nor any other person who requires a gesture of subservience. We have the reality and the dignity of free men!

The liberty gained by the blood of patriots is guaranteed by our sacred documents. The opportunity for each American is assured but with a guarantee of success for none. No man should be entitled to the unearned largesse of the public treasury. Neither should any man be constrained by regulation and restriction on making an honest living, nor—God forbid!—a profit. Nowhere in the US Constitution does it call for favoritism to any group or individual to be singled out for special favors. All of us have that most desired of all national designations—American citizens.

Our largest problem at the moment is a total antipathy to these concepts by the majority of our elected officials. This is not a situation where our leadership doesn’t know what the documents express: they disagree with the ideas as stated. They choose to ignore the amazing success which the country has experienced and see their opportunity to destroy 223 years of progress. They despise capitalism and the evidence it presents to the world in opposition to progressive socialism. Ours is a bastion of free enterprise and as such is a threat to world communism.

George Washington was inaugurated on August 30, 1789 and moved his family to New York, then the capital, in 1790. Newspapers reported the scandalous news that his household staff was 21 persons. It was a remarkable number only because the entire federal government at the time only consisted of five (5!) un-elected persons. The 1790 census revealed its final figure on August 2nd of that year and had counted just under 4 million souls. Today, the District of Columbia is surrounded by six of the ten richest per capita counties in the United States. The total 2007 federal workforce was reported as 2,870,867 with a payroll of $12,969,722.000.00. If one includes the uniformed services, the total is 4,277,078. We’ve come a long way, baby, and it’s the wrong way.

Obviously, this government has enlarged to its current size by design. It is the result of an obviously thought out plan to destroy that which we hold dear. To deny it is to be childlike and accept the controls imposed from above (not heaven: D.C.!) without question. Each and every productive American must awaken to this threat and respond in his own way and within the reach of his ability. This response should be governed by his capabilities and not his desire to enter the fray. We must become excessively vocal in our demands and involve those who are not aware of the problems we face. It is essential that we collectively insist upon a gradual return to the originality of our founding.

Our return to a successful national purpose may only be attained by following the counsel stated in I Corinthians 13:11: “When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.” (KJV)

I’m Hopeless

I confess that as I worked on this tonight, I was watching CMT and the ten year celebration of the blue collar comedy by Jeff Foxworthy, Ron White, Bill Ingvall and Larry the Cable Guy. As Ron White finishes his “tater salad” bit, I am convinced that, at the end of the day, I am really a pretty simple tool. I rarely laugh out loud watching TV alone (Granny went to bed early!) but just about every joke from every quarter has struck me as one of the funniest I have ever heard and I may be disturbing her sleep.

I think I’ll try the doctor joke on her when she gets up. You may remember it.

“Honey, your doctor called and he had bad news and worse news.”

“Well, give me the bad news.”

“He said you were gonna die in 24 hours.”

“Good grief, what was the worse news?”

“He called yesterday.”

Okay. So I’m a redneck.

And Finally

The snow is gone, the temperature is moderate, the wind is not on a rampage and we should be pleased. We’re not! No sunshine and increased humidity has chilled us to the bone and were looking forward to the rising temperatures and clearing skies to resume the restoration of our Ozark paradise. Maybe we just like to complain?

The daylilies are emerging and the daffodils are providing refreshing color. I note also that the redbud trees are covered with swelling buds. It may well be time to get those new blades on the mower and squirt a little grease in the zirks in anticipation of a lengthy mowing season. I am a little worried about the magnolia tree. The leaves are not their usual vibrant green so I worry about the possibility of winter damage to that 8’ beauty. Sure, we had some snow but the temp didn’t really drop out of sight. One might think that with twenty acres of trees it wouldn’t be important, but it is to me.

Meanwhile, get ready for a busy week on the national scene. The greatest blessing would be another snow storm which would shut the place down.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon