Saturday, June 12, 2010

Dereliction of Duty

So, what’s the president supposed to do: jump in a diving suit and dive down and cap that leak in the Gulf himself? I don’t believe any sane person would actually make such a suggestion. It is definitely not part of the job description. This realization does not relieve him of the responsibility to do those things which are within his capability to accomplish.

Each president has a perk which allows certain federal rules and regulations to be over-ridden in an emergency. Nearly every president has exercised this authority in one crisis or another throughout history to restore order and safety. This is not subversion of legislative or regulatory intent but rather a temporary response to achieve a solution for some imperiled segment of our society. The federal government has clear authority over these far off shore drilling operations on our coasts. Keep in mind that it was the feds who insisted on these remote hyper depth locations in the first place.

A stroke of the pen would have allowed foreign friends to render aid within hours of the initiation of the oil spill disaster. The time it takes to dial one telephone number would have put him in contact with Tony Hayward, the BP CEO, for a discussion of reality and possible mutually agreed solutions. In eight weeks, no such call has been made. The much needed boom sections to contain the spill remains stored in the warehouse of the manufacturer in Maine waiting for an anticipated but not forthcoming contact from the government. Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal is watching with horror as the coastal salt marshes face decimation. EPA regulations also have hindered the use of “sand berms.”

While all of this supports the current apparent picture of presidential ineptitude, it cannot simply be attributed to his failures of action. One comes to suspect that there is a deeper cause for ignoring this problem. Let’s face it; the president’s negative attitudes toward the British have been barely concealed since day one. The first outward signs were the return of the Churchill bust and insulting gifts to the royalty. In spite of being the top recipient of campaign donations from the mammoth oil company (BP), it appears he has set them up as the “fall guy” to assume total responsibility for the spill. One glaring fact does cause a question; what caused the initial disaster on the rig? Until that is satisfactorily answered, we are left only with speculation.

There is no mystery about the family attitude which formed the childhood Obama. The dysfunctional aspects of abandonment, rotating fathers, unstable home locations, have led to the formation of defensive mechanisms triggered to counteract his instability in environment. In this milieu, there were few persons with the traditional American respect for our former enemies, the British. It should be obvious that the traditional and easily verifiable story of the adversaries becoming best friends and mutual supporters were absent from his early childhood. On the contrary it is far more likely that the British were portrayed as oppressors (see his father’s Kenyan background) rather than a benign force.

In a brilliant article from the American Thinker, we read a psychotherapist’s observations of the commander-in-chief. For those interested in the innermost workings of the mind, you will find the analysis insightful and blessedly, modest in its appraisal. While it is interesting, and probably as accurate as a distant evaluation can be, it does not account for what I have concluded is a conscious action for the continuance of the disaster.

It was announced from the oval office a few days prior to the explosion on the oil rig that further drilling would be allowed in those specific off-shore waters and others on the East coast and off Alaska. I joined the gullible fools and cheered the announcement. We all should have known better. Any follower of the oil business should have questioned this 180° change of attitude and become suspicious. In the early days after the disaster, we find that ukase rescinded for an unspecified period. Gaining a permit at this moment for drilling of any sort would be an arduous task.

The “accident”, the subsequent gusher, denial of assistance, and failure to use available resources to cap and contain the spill all serve to encourage our dependence on foreign oil. If one was a mid-east oil magnate, this would be cause for rejoicing. With absolute control of the Justice Department, it is unlikely that any investigations will reveal much about how this all came to pass and who is responsible. I strongly suspect that if the causes of the disaster were to be isolated and the subsequent inaction of the government was to be established, a common author would be found.

So, who “dun it?” The current body of evidence points to the president but with one remaining caveat. Is he acting on his own warped initiative or as a tool of some unidentified exterior source? From lengthy and careful observation, the inclination is to acknowledge his skills and still see him as a robot operating at the behest of a third party force. At the minimum, he is definitely guilty of “dereliction of duty.”

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

Friday, June 11, 2010

A True Sense of Humor

It is often, in this confusing world, difficult to separate tragedy from humor. Over the years, my parents both, although personally proven to be incompatible had a marvelous and perceptive sense of humor. This legacy has been both a blessing and a curse as I have observed the scene as it has unfolded through my life. From the beginning—born in the Hoover administration—through the Great Depression and then WWII, there was more cause for tears than laughter. Even from those cataclysmic times, the retained memories tend more to be of happy moments and good cheer. They produced a happy kid.

Their influence has eased the difficulties of life over the intervening years. It has also prompted accusations of a lack of seriousness from wives, employers, and associates as various challenges have been encountered. Personally, I would prefer to see the whole picture—including the ridiculous—as I view the world around me. Lacking that, the milieu in D.C. would drive even the most well balanced to distraction.

Perhaps the most important source of a sense of humor in leadership is the humility to see the error of their ways. We are men—not gods. We make mistakes and the response to those mis-steps reveals much about our personalities. Early in the Obama presidency, he made a very natural error. In unfamiliar surroundings, he mistook a huge window in the White House for a door. After the collision, rather than demonstrating normal human embarrassment for a very natural faux pas and laughing it off, he displayed suppressed anger. We later found that to be a precursor of an endless defense of his behavior in a multitude of more serious matters.

As this president continues down his pre-destined path toward the financial destruction of the republic, the alienation of our dependable allies, and suppressing any familiarity with our fundamental roots, we find a continuing demonstration of anger and hostility. As a result, when he does rarely smile, one is drawn to question what governmental intrusion in our lives is about to be launched. Offering “to kick ass” in a crisis may seem humorous to Obama but comes off as churlish and crude to the average American. There is a segment of the population who may take comfort in the threat but misunderstand the role of the president in our system. An adage from my youth is as true today as it ever was: “You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.”

Obviously, I despise conversation about the violent replacement of the president. I have further disapproved of impeachment talk predicated on the abuse of the constitution. My reasoning has been based on familiarity with the order of replacement of a chief executive. The thought of Biden, Pelosi or Clinton in the oval office seemed too grim to even contemplate. My thoughts on Biden have softened considerably as the current term progresses. It has now become difficult to imagine that the vice-president would not be a far better choice for the nation than the one the electorate chose. At a bare minimum, he has sufficient humility to recognize his own errors, laugh at himself and then move on. In my warped mind, that is a fundamental requirement for the presidency.

Extracting a laugh from a teleprompter is the forte of late-night network comics. For others not schooled in their techniques, it is an embarrassment. The true test is the extemporaneous uttering of the unprompted in reaction to a current event. That is far more likely to reveal the intention of the heart. Humor has many faces and not the least is cruelty. Every great joke or riposte line has an element of truth. As we look at what we can actually verify about our president, we find little for him which predicts a joyous life.

Even though separated in my early years, my parents provided their individual care and contributed to my development in their own loving way. They did not take off for foreign lands and assign me to the care of others. From one man to another, I can easily understand how a kid growing up can be warped by these circumstances. The family, regardless of how fractured, is still the most important feature of building the adult to cope with this world. Post adolescent exposure to the likes of Bill Ayers, Tony Rezko, Saul Alinsky and Rev. Wright can only have one outcome. How’s that working out for you?

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Obama's Oil Spill Options

We earnestly beg the forgiveness of American Thinker for posting their entry and assure our readers that they are the rightful owners of this insightful offering.  It was written by the very talented Tom Rowan and will acquaint you with why so many feel that the president has dropped the ball on BP oil spill.


-Natural oil eating bacteria was successfully used to clean up the ocean and shores after the Exxon Valdez accident. To date, the company which produces up to 200,000 gallons a day of the oil eating bacteria has not had their phone calls returned by Obama's White House or BP.

-Kevin Costner has a small fleet of oil cleaning centrifuges at the ready. This device actually recovers lost oil. Again, Obama's White House is dithering and BP will not return Costner's appeals. Costner testified in front of Congress that he was ready to help on day one of the spill over 50 days ago.

-The Dutch government offered to help with the spill on day one. Obama and BP told them "no thanks" over 50 days ago. The Dutch have fleets of oil recovery barges and sand berm protection floats at the ready. Over 50 days of dithering.

-BP's first attempted fix was to drop a 4 story tall steel & concrete box on the leak. The siphon on the top of the box froze and would not take up the oil. How bout leaving the damn 4 story concrete box on top of the leaking pipes?

-A 1920 maritime law prevents the US Navy from deploying any assistance to the scene. Obama could wave this relic law of the sea and use the Navy's expertise in deep waters. Obama will not waive the law. Why not? If Ted Kennedy can call in the US Navy to find JFK Jr's downed airplane, how come Obama cannot call in the Navy? What is stopping him?

-Governor Jindal has been begging Obama for supplies to shield his state's beaches. Over 50 days after the request Obama is still dithering.

-Obama declared a State of Emergency for the non-existent threat of Swine Flu. Governor Jindal declared a State of come Obama has not?

These are but a few of the many things Obama could be doing. Instead, he is looking for someone's "ass to kick" and feigning anger.

During the Iraq War, President Bush sent in Red Adair's oil capping company into Kuwait. Red Adair's private company capped 628 sabotaged, booby-trapped, and blown up burning rigs in less than 9 months.

Obama has capped exactly 0 oil wells in almost 2 months.

How's that government boot on the throat of BP working out for ya?"

Now that you have read this you will understand why I depend on American Thinker to keep me informed and up to date on the realities of stories in the current political situation.  You could do worse than add them to your favorites. 

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Conversations with Another Blogger

I once read a book about marriage and its alternatives. It was years ago and I have long since forgotten the name. One point the author made has stayed with me over the years. He maintained that there were only three distinct options to end continued marital bliss; murder, suicide and divorce. All three are unsavory to say the least.

The host of ”Granny with a Pitchfork' and I have shared the blanket for nearly 26 years. Like most couples, we have shared joy, extreme happiness, rank disagreement, easy times, and occasional huge challenges. Fortunately, we share solid mutual opinions on Jesus Christ, politics, pets, social issues, domestic chore assignments, and sensible assignment of vehicles. While we are probably not the best example of wedded compatibility, we are far from the worst.

Isolated on this delightful ridge in the woods, we have few visitors, enjoy our furry companions, and rejoice in our natural surroundings. Both of us regard a “trip to town” as an unpleasant experience unless we are on the way to church. As we age, we both have become more dependent upon lists to avoid the caprices of memory and forgotten items which require yet another trip.

We live in the center of a triangulation of three different towns of some substance and each requires a trip of about 20 miles round trip. Each has a different lure; her employment in one, a Lowes in another, and the church and a Super Wal-Mart in the third. There is sufficient duplication of commercial opportunities that most often a visit to one town covers our basic needs. Shopping does require some advance planning.

This morning prompted a discussion of the long range implications of yesterday’s primary elections and run-offs in neighboring Arkansas as well as California and our former home, Nevada. Regardless of party affiliation, the ladies did extremely well; sweeping the top spots in each of the mentioned states. She registered some surprise that I was pleased with the outcome in each circumstance. Blanche Lincoln had presented a classic “approach-approach” conflict as an incumbent facing a dyed in the wool union supported man. I explained that getting the union to flush $10 million down the drain in an attempt to defeat Lincoln might have long term implications. Being a Democrat in Arkansas is a plus but is by no means a guarantee of re-election in November.

The success of Fiorina (to challenge Barbara Boxer’s senate seat) and Meg Whitman (to challenge Jerry Brown for governor) demonstrated a renewed emphasis on the part of California voters for proven executive ability in high office. Running such firms as Hewlett-Packard and E-Bay “ain’t” beanbag. Suddenly the California electorate is starting to recognize the difference and sees hands on management as superior to “community organizing” and voting present. Both, in concert with celebrity, are lame reasons to elect any politician.

Our biggest mutual surprise was the defeat (resounding) of Danny Tarkanian to challenge Harry Reid in the senate. As son of the legendary coach we both thought that the Tarkanian name was a certain winner. Don’t follow me when I place bets—I am often wrong. Sharron Angle was the party’s choice—both Republican and Tea. Her strongest asset at the moment is the appalling unemployment in Clark County which is home to two thirds of Nevada’s eligible voters. Not least is the expiration of the huge bubble in home valuations. The home we lived in there is now reduced to its 1997 price. That would be about a third less than we sold it for in 2004. It could turn out to be an epic struggle.

So now you know the sort of thing which occupies our conversations. This is not to ignore such things as my recent wasp bite, Granny’s unending search for modest apparel, which animal is up for a flea and tick treatment, or other matters of little importance to pur readers. We shall continue to keep the computer screens (3) flickering, the key boards rattling, and fight the good fight until the country of our childhood returns—or the Lord intervenes. Meanwhile we shall continue to pray for you as a whole and as individuals.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cal Thomas Story “Spiked”

Syndicated newspaper columnist, Cal Thomas, had a story on recent developments in the Helen Thomas (no relation) matter for the 345 news outlets which he serves. It was “spiked” for some reason unknown. Only George Will, at 368 outlets, has greater coverage in the print market. One newspaper in Kansas, Hutchnews, apparently missed the word and ran the story. As a result we have here, for Cal Thomas fans, a reprint of the spiked story.

”Helen Thomas Retires, and Not a Moment Too Soon

By Cal Thomas, Tribune Media Services
Posted 06/07/2010 at 2:52 pm EST

For Release 06/08/2010

Anti-Semite: "a person who discriminates against or is prejudiced or hostile toward Jews."

Some prejudices are tolerated by elites in this country. Examples: One can regularly smear political conservatives as know-nothings; Evangelical Christians as believers in a fantasy; Roman Catholics for their church's stand against abortion and birth control; and Republicans as greedy people who care only about profit and power. Bill Maher regularly serves up a menu of these prejudices on his HBO program. Comedy Central is working on a cartoon series mocking Jesus Christ, but altered a sketch featuring the Prophet Muhammad for fear of a Muslim backlash. Some prejudices must be controlled.

One prejudice seems to be gaining a certain cachet. Like a volcano, it occasionally erupts to reveal what has been churning below the surface. That prejudice is anti-Semitism and the exploding volcano that set it off is Helen Thomas, the longtime "senior" White House correspondent for United Press International and more recently a columnist for Hearst Newspapers. That is until Monday, when Ms. Thomas, bombarded by criticism over her recent statements regarding Jews in Palestine, relinquished her front-row seat at presidential press briefings and announced a hasty retirement.

Ms. Thomas' latest trouble began on May 27 at a White House ceremony marking Jewish Heritage Month. Rabbi David Nesenoff saw Thomas and asked her opinion about recent developments in the Middle East. Thomas, who is of Lebanese descent, said the Jews in Israel should "go home to Germany, Poland and the United States."

Should the "Palestinians" go home to Jordan, which is where many of them are from? Where would Thomas like to send the 1 million Jews from Arab countries, or the Ethiopian Jews? Perhaps Thomas should "go home" to Lebanon. Besides, the Jews are home.

After her remarks went viral on the Internet, Thomas issued one of those statements that could have come from a politician she has covered: "I deeply regret my comments I made last week regarding the Israelis and the Palestinians. They do not reflect my heart-felt belief that peace will come to the Middle East only when all parties recognize the need for mutual respect and tolerance. May that day come soon." Cue "The Age of Aquarius" music.

A generous person might forgive a one-off "slip of the tongue," but Helen Thomas has a long history of questioning and opposing anything Israel does in its own defense. While not all criticism of Israel should be translated as anti-Semitism, Thomas' rhetoric over the years seems to betray a deep-seated hatred of Jews.

During the Israeli battle with the terrorist organization Hamas in Gaza in 2008-2009, Thomas was interviewed by NPR and, according to Yid With Lid, a Weblog of commentary on Jewish issues, compared the Israeli Defense Force action to Nazi Germany. That is like blaming African Americans for police brutality during the civil rights movement.

Has Thomas forgotten that many of the Jews she wants to "go home" to Germany and Poland had relatives who died in the Holocaust because they could not escape from those countries? One -- but by no means the only -- reason Israel was reconstituted as a nation in 1948 was so that Jews would have a place to go should their existence again be threatened. Jews also have a long-established and legitimate relationship with not only the land in which Israelis now live, but also a much wider geographical, cultural and religious heritage, which they have relinquished in repeated bids for peace.

I have known and sometimes admired Helen Thomas for many years, but every professional -- be it an athlete, or a journalist -- needs to recognize when it's time to go. And, thankfully, Helen Thomas knew it was time to go. Most employers would not want to be associated with a prejudiced employee, now Hearst Corporation won't have to.

(Direct all MAIL for Cal Thomas to: Tribune Media Services, 2225 Kenmore Ave., Suite 114, Buffalo, N.Y. 14207. Readers may also e-mail Cal Thomas at


It remains a mystery why the story was dropped. Sometimes the truth hurts.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday Morning Rant 149

The gentle drive from the Ozarks to Miami, OK past farms and through small towns which cover that landscape are an ideal preparation for the 1st Sunday service to follow. Little traffic combined with adequate time to avoid speeding allows one to enjoy God’s beautiful countryside and achieve a level of peace from an otherwise chaotic world. Each mile reveals an un-noticed blessing and a cause for thanks giving. The flowers are now blooming, the animals in the fields are tending to their young, the lawns are all close cropped and evidence of new paint and improvements are everywhere. Nowhere is there any greater evidence of Americans more devoted to their properties. When you travel the same route repeatedly, you notice the fresh color on a fence, a new mailbox or a mowed right-of-way. It would be wonderful to stop and get to know some of these folks who care so much

Typical White House Chutzpah

Byron York reminds us of a quote from the president when questioned about his ability to handle large operations like a natural disaster.

“It's not mentioned much now, but in the late summer of 2008, a major hurricane, Gustav, was in the Gulf of Mexico and headed toward New Orleans, threatening a replay of the disastrous Katrina experience.

On September 1, 2008, Barack Obama, fresh from his Roman-colonnade speech on the final night of the Democratic convention in Denver, talked to CNN's Anderson Cooper about Gustav and the Gulf.

The question: As president, could he handle an emergency like that? Obama pointed to the size of his campaign and its multi-million dollar budget as evidence of his executive abilities.

"Our ability to manage large systems and to execute, I think, has been made clear over the last couple of years," Obama said. That executive ability, he added, "indicates the degree to which we can provide the kinds of support and good service that the American people expect."”

There is little doubt that his hypnotic delivery and a fully compliant press did result in taking over a huge segment of our government. Now he is faced with an ever enlarging disaster, the Gulf oil spill. How running a campaign equates to the gigantic forces of natural pressures which continue to force the oil to flow a mile deep in the ocean we cannot be sure. If that gusher were to respond to silky phrases, lies, and false promises it would be under control right now. In this particular case it would appear that actual hands on expertise, specialized knowledge and a cleared path through governmental regulations would be far more productive.

Here we have yet one more American (?) who does not fully understand those pesky “-ion” words that are filling our current mathematical vocabulary. The campaign was measured in millions not the trillions which our current problems endure. It has become trite, but we must remind the reader: “when your only tool is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.”

June 6, 1944—A Day to Remember

It was the beginning of the end. To achieve a victory in Europe in WWII, it became necessary to assault the beeches, parachute into the countryside, scale the cliffs and place 100,000 allied soldiers into northern France. To gain V-E Day (Victory in Europe) it was necessary to have D-Day. One of every twenty five men who assaulted the beeches and countryside that day alone gave his life to do so. It was the most massive assault ever mounted to that date and resulted in victory some fourteen months later.

5000 vessels crowded the English Channel with more than 300 aircraft in the skies overhead which dropped more than 13,000 bombs on German defensive structures. For the next six months, the average total of captured Axis troops came to about 30,000 men per month.

General Dwight D. Eisenhower was the overall commander and spoke to the world that day:

"The free men of the world are marching together to victory. I have full confidence in your courage, devotion to duty, and skill in battle. We will accept nothing less than full victory. Good luck, and let us all beseech the blessings of Almighty God upon this great and noble undertaking."

The above numbers are a cold and sterile appraisal of the one of the noblest efforts ever achieved by men. Each of them met his own fears head on that dull gray morning.  In the end, it was the individual who prevailed and secured the necessary beachhead which led to eventual victory.

Eisenhower was an exceptional leader and organizer. However, he would have been the first to assure you that lacking that individual character and outright will to succeed; the D-Day operation would have ended in failure. The first step out of the Higgins boat which carried them to the beach left them waist deep in water, their weapons held aloft, struggling for footing and most often, under fire. Once they reached the shore, they confronted huge cliffs, confusion and necessary equipment scattered everywhere. The carefully crafted “battle plan” was also consigned to the rubble pile as each unit and individual hastily attempted to adapt to the unanticipated dangers present in that hostile environment. Adapt they did. And, thank God, they did prevail.

We owe a huge debt to our fathers and grandfathers.

More on Helen Thomas

That cantankerous dyspeptic of the White House press corps (Ed: Mr. President, the “s” is silent.) has long been Helen Thomas. The second generation Lebanese finally displayed for the world her anti-Semitic character. Shedding any guise of even handed reporting, she encouraged the continued Diaspora of the Jewish people to Poland and Germany as though those countries were their rightful home. Obviously, she has never cracked a bible or she would find it complete with historic references to the origins of the Jews. Apparently, I missed that part about either Poland or Germany in Genesis.

And Finally

Monday morning found a gentile rain falling, distant thunder, and my dog, Maggie, on the bed cuddling ever closer. One can only imagine the pictures in her mind as the thunder rumbles. She makes no association with the sound and the promise of life-giving rain. Any possible benefit is lost on her. I shall continue to tolerate her temporary indiscretion and allow her presence beside me. Hey, she’s my dog and we’re pals. Little Gus hasn’t heard it yet.

Both the “Ronald Reagan” and the “Veteran’s Honor” roses are in full flower with intense crimson blossoms. The newly planted tomatoes have experienced remarkable growth. The hydrangeas on the north-east side of the house are both blooming with huge flowers; one has white and one blue. Mixed in are the phalanxes of various varieties of day lily with each having an individual flowering date. Although this progression of plant development is normal, we both continue to thank God for His hand in our surroundings.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon