Friday, September 11, 2009

Cecil's Excellent Adventure 5

Trying to keep up now is a challenge. I just asked Cec if he could send pictures. He replied, and I quote, "I'm not the brightest bulb on the string." Actually, he told me that some guy came up to him today and asked him for help with his laptop. Of course I laughed myself silly. Or in eshorthand, (I made that up—I think) LITID!

Anyway, be sure and watch Hannity tomorrow night; he'll be dispelling lies put out by the media.about the event.
Here's Cec's post:

"Washington, D.C. 9-11-09

At an activism training session held at the Washington Renaissance Hotel this afternoon they unveiled a concept that was certainly new to me. Grassfire took the acronym FLIP and turned it into a very clever and, in my mind, very necessary slogan for an upcoming campaign. We all fully realize the necessity for new blood in the congress regardless of party and alleged loyalty. The other points resonated as well.

What was suggested is a combination of four basic areas on which we need to concentrate.

The F: Establishment of freer markets unimpeded by government action and influence

The L: Limit the time of service in the congress to 12 years by a representative with 18 years total.

The I: Impose a uniform tax on all citizens, equally. (Fair Tax perhaps)

The P: Return emphasis to the protection of private property rights.

Each reader can take these four letters and the brief explanation and develop it to his heart's content. During the explanation, the speaker had some difficulty keeping each individual segment within the time frame allocated. We could probably spend the evening discussing each one individually. One thing I really liked is that it did not divert the attention to defeating the socialistic intentions of the administration. I feel that many people go deaf when you mention it so I prefer the back door approach. I would rather let them figure that out for themselves with the information I am willing to provide.

Accompanying the presentation was a logo which featured the capitol building with the message "Flip This House". I struck me as a natural and a way to return the nation in part to the right track for a successful future. The Grassfire people understand the gravity of the current situation and my BS detector didn't sound at any time during the presentation. This is rare during almost any speaker's time at the podium.

The crowd (400-500?) in the ballroom filled it to standees on the back wall and received the message with considerable enthusiasm. It was the largest group of protesters I had seen so far in one place and I was much encouraged about the possibilities of a major turnout for the March tomorrow. As we get closer to the event I am seeing more and more.

In closing I might add they are best behaved, cleanest, most considerate bunch I have ever associated with. How did I get in?

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon"

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