Saturday, September 12, 2009

Cecil's Excellent Adventure-The Big Day

I spoke with Cec around 9:30. He was standing in the middle of a huge crowd (mob-to you liberals out there.) He says there are at least tens of thousands and if you tune in to Fox news you'll see. If you go to CNN you'll see nothing. More later.

Our gutless wonder prez has gone off campaigning again—something he can't seem to do without. Like a security bankie. So he'll not be in the DC area today. Imagine that!

Fairfax, VA -- 9-12-09

Today's the day we take back America. If not in the government at least in the hearts of Americans. Everyone here is champing at the bit to get onto Pennsylvania Avenue and demonstrate our love of the principles of liberty and independence. Rarely have I ever seen so many citizens of the same mind on any subject. They are charged up and truly inspired.

Before I leave this particular area, thanks are in order to McDonalds for a consistent WiFi, not only here but all over the DC area. I also want to acknowledge the generosity of Wal-Mart for a peaceful, undisturbed place to park my little home away from home. Not one moment was experienced in either location of any disturbance of a peaceful surrounding.

This is also a note of thanks to those who have followed this geezer's travels in an attempt to get our "rulers" attention to redress the wrongs which they are so apt at creating. Sorry, no pictures for now. Possibly later in the day.

Please forgive me but I have to go now to Freedom Plaza and get ready to scream my way down the avenue to the capitol. Be good to one another.

In His abiding love.

Cecil Moon

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