Saturday, July 11, 2009

The $18,000,000.00 Website

This one puts the $600 hammer to shame.

I fully realize that the website you are currently reading is faulty from time to time. Despite our best efforts, the rare (we hope) typo, occasional bad sentence structure and clumsy picture posting are a distraction from the commentary. Our massive staff – that would be Jan –doesn’t always observe the appropriate time lines for posting. Even the principal writer -- that would be me -- has lapses which produce unsupported positions and yes, sometimes shaky logic.

Through your indulgence, we manage to soldier on with a budget about $17,999,994.60 short (I spent $5.40 for batteries for the calculator) of what the web requires for its continued existence. The site, for the purpose of keeping you abreast of the federal government’s stimulus outlay, announced the need of the $18 million to keep things ship shape for next half decade.

I confess that as a “hick” in the Ozarks my view of the world of high finance is influenced by my surroundings. We are unsophisticated, bible-clutching, gun clinging, God fearing, redneck right-wing extremists using our existing resources and our limited imaginations to keep our web site up and running. Money is not part of the equation. We would continue to pay Dish for the connection if we did not post another rant. I’d keep it for FreeCell if nothing else.

Supposedly, every single thing on the website is a matter of public record. All persons with American citizenship should have free access to these figures and the disposition of the public monies. Government employees run the thing and require no additional salaries. No marble columned multi-story building is required to house the facility. You could probably do it on a lap-top and additional high powered servers would only be necessary if someone accidentally read it.

Will someone please tell me why they need 18 million bucks?

Don’t know do you?

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

Friday, July 10, 2009

Finally! He’s normal!

In an unguarded moment, “the one” let his aloof persona down and engaged in a perfectly normal reaction to finding his place on the steps with President Sarkozy. While some may smirk and point; I find his behavior the most natural and human (male) I have witnessed so far in his presidency.

It is a welcome change.

With the latest publication of the Rasmussen Reports, Index, it would appear he needs to take his pleasure where he can find it. It certainly won’t be in the latest numbers. We admit a point of consternation that the current result has been so slow in coming. Changing the American mind is a laborious task apparently.

Look at the chart again which measures the glacial pace of the accumulating numbers for strongly approve and strongly disapprove. The first entry was on Jan 20 and it has been nearly six months now. I attribute this to the massive numbers of separate issues involved. To trigger the “strongly disapprove” number, he has to commit to some policy near and dear to the heart of one of the poll respondents. It must also resonate with their opposite number by diminishing the “strongly approve” figure as well.

As with all his predecessors, he has found that “pleasing all of the people, all of the time” is not only an unattainable goal but especially impossible if one is unwilling to explain satisfactorily to the electorate what one is about. “Hope and change” will only carry you so far. Sooner or later some people will want to see the nuts and bolts of your proposals. Each failure to deliver quantifiable information rather than a sound byte can only result in diminished approval.

Every day presents a new opportunity to alienate yet one more segment. Given his narcissist nature, this would probably come as quite a shock to him to see these numbers – if he does? It is possible his sycophantic staff keeps him well shielded from this reality.

We, as a people, are fair and forgiving. We are prone to give every one a chance. It is our nature to wait a bit and see how things go before we lower the boom. This is not to say it is either good or bad—merely that it is. It is this American characteristic which has made watching these approval numbers accumulate so agonizing.

Obviously, some of us are more impatient than others.

I rejoice that finally, we have an electorate which is recognizing the problem and providing the tools to make a correction. Even if the president does not recognize it – and he doesn’t –others in the government do and will be less anxious to sign on to his ridiculous agenda for fear of their precious jobs. Our countrymen have proven themselves to be fearless on the battlefield but feckless in the halls of congress. Our representatives fear hostile voters far more than bullets and sense the danger in the air. Arrogance does not trump “yeas.”

Let us earnestly pray that the honeymoon is over.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

Wednesday, July 8, 2009



Yep! Today marks the beginning of our third year. We managed to stay alive for two and no one is more amazed than we are.

After 448 posts and nearly a half a million words what is the result? Well for one, we love God more; and for the other, we love the government less. A suitable present to mark the occasion would be if someone could find that birth certificate.

Nearly 10,000 of you have clicked on Zion Beckons at one time or another and we thank you. Aside from the commenters, most of whom we know, other readers live in nearly every state (Where are you North Dakota?), and over twenty countries spread over each continent except the Polar Regions. Some of you routinely check in during the middle of the night; can’t sleep eh?

It has been an adventure for Jan and me. We view each reader as a valuable friend and fellow believer. We recognize your role in the blog and urge your continued participation.

As to the future; who knows what excitement it may bring? We shall continue to be opinionated lovers of God and supporters of liberty. As a reader, you are well acquainted with our existing views and it seems unlikely they will change—just the details.

Thanks again for your love and support.

In His abiding love,

Cecil and Jan Moon

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fighting a Sound Byte

After five Tea Parties, I have spoken with dozens of attendees. Each appears to have a favorite gripe about the current state of affairs in the country. With some, it is promotion of the Fair Tax as a replacement of our idiotic and grossly unfair tax code. Others see the premier issue as the birth certificate which no person has ever seen. The economically minded are outraged by the soaring debt acquired without any evident positive result. There are those who concentrate on the corruption of the new appointees who oink at the public trough in a mad rush to “get theirs” before it dries up. Unvetted (by the senate) appointments of czars (now over thirty) with executive power rile those familiar with the true meaning of the word. Still more have serious concerns about the ever changing positions of the administration whose only consistency is matching policy to poll numbers and focus group results.

Wedged into this laundry list of criticisms are attacks on the Christian churches, abortion, gay this and that, health care restructuring, war management, global warming deniers, veterans, and the usurpation of private enterprise (see: auto industry and banking) by the federal government. It is little wonder that we have been taken over by the simplistic “hope and change.” The message delivered by the opposition was simple in its brevity and popular appeal. It was as consistent as it was vacant. We are being subjugated by a sound byte.

To acquire the knowledge to intelligently argue all the above issues individually would require self-education beyond the scholarship capacity of most. It would be comparable to gaining a degree in higher education with twenty majors. Most diploma seekers have enough difficulty mastering one. The discussion becomes even tougher when the response from the White House finds the president and the vice-president announcing two diametrically opposed views on the result of the stimulus package as we learned this morning. Which counter argument is appropriate? In that regard, we find them “hopeless and unchanged.”

The objective here is not to demean those individual patriots who gather to promote liberty and restore our historical values. Politicians with huge staff and resources can’t get it straight so how can the average citizen manage to sort the wheat from the chaff in the onslaught of contradiction coming from Washington?

The starting point for any discussion of political issues in America must begin with a thorough knowledge of the Constitution of the United States of America. If one enters into the fray on any issue without a complete thoughtful study of that document, he is unprepared to wage a successful argument. For those unfamiliar with the Constitution, it can be read in about a half an hour. During that period the most frequent thought will probably be: “I did not know that!”

Somewhere in that document is an article which forms the basis of your objection to whatever you find offensive about the current government. Once the cursory first read is accomplished you will find further study addictive. You do not require a law degree to understand the intent of the founders.. High school equivalency should be sufficient. Each word has meaning and was deliberately chosen for its purpose. After all, it took the better part of a decade to put it together. In comparison, the recent cap and trade legislation passed the house in hours and contained 1,300 pages while my tiny dog-eared copy of the Constitution contains 58!

From the smallest to the largest Tea Parties attended, some folks were handing them out at no cost. All were pocket size and carried a brief message from the supplier. Mine is from the Cato Institute, 1000 Massachusetts Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C. 20001. It is also present on 9 pages of the World Almanac at no cost. It is easily found on the net; just Google U.S. Constitution. There is little excuse for not having a copy and even less for having it and not having at least a minimal understanding of what it states. If you are not armed with this sacred knowledge you are carrying a knife to a gun fight.

If you are ever lucky enough to find a liberal (leftist, Marxist, fascist, etc.) who is willing to discuss the issues we offer some advice. When engaging these folks bring the discussion to a halt when you hear the words #&(@, !@^&#, or any other expletives. In addition the insertion of “Bush-Hitler,” illegal war, Christianist, climate change, racist, “you’re just mean”, homeless, or hate indicates an over-saturation of Kool-Aid which will probably make civil discussion impossible. Remember, if they buy into hope and change, rationality is probably not their strong suit.

It is well to keep in mind that many voters have become disenchanted with the selection they made at the polls. If you know persons who fit this description, be kind and gentle and deal in rational thought, reasoned appeal and a measure of understanding. Please resist the temptation to say I told you so. It’s tempting but unproductive. Our government, as the founding fathers saw it, was of the people governed by law. Our electoral process made it by the people. Although it was for the people, the law was paramount. To return our republic to these basic tenets will require education, hard work, and relentless insistence on a return to those concepts which created the greatest nation and government known to man. Do not depend on any political party to do this job for you. This particular duty is yours and mine. We must prevail; each of us.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday Morning Rant 99

Is there anything more wholesome than a Fourth of July picnic/potluck at friends with a community of fireworks to top off the evening? My good friend, Scott Welsh, has an annual affair which is well attended as well as a diet wrecker. Not that I need a holiday to watch the personal destruction of my waist line. The hand cranked ice cream didn’t help.

An Ozark Fourth, like a Louisiana Fourth, or a Cheese Head Fourth, or a Pike’s Peak Fourth has much to share with all the rest. As I reviewed the gathering, I found reminders of what our forefathers had in mind for the nation. A group of independent spirits, with mobs of little kids and dogs, gathered with actual awareness of what they were celebrating. There were no speeches, just joy, fun, and games for people who understand the meaning of liberty. It seemed as though the real problems the nation faces were set aside for a bit to enjoy the leisure of appreciating what we have.

It presented an opportunity to catch up with folks I hadn’t seen for a while and reaffirm our friendship. Kids were there who had grown a foot since last 4th of July. Moms attended with the obvious promise of a new round in the diaper derby for the next holiday party. It’s OK; they won’t eat much—yet! Several brought new pets to show off to the consternation of the older animals and Scott’s ducks.

It reminded me that one doesn’t have to be related, ride a camel, or carry a spear to be tribal. Our common traits, goals, and faith bring us together with many of the barriers to normal human intercourse lowered by our mutual definitions. Although many countries have a national holiday to celebrate their founding; the Fourth is uniquely American in that it honors the formation of a republic with exceptional history and, with the help of Almighty God—a brilliant future.

Margaret Thatcher Speaks

I thoroughly enjoyed this lady when she was the Prime Minister and found her the ideal companion for Ronald Reagan in the world scene. There is something about a cultured, refined, and competent woman who scares the “crazies” to death. I would remind you that the left hated and ridiculed her almost as much as they do Sarah Palin today. Would that we had more of both.

Martin Knight Wednesday, July 1st at 12:07PM EDT From RedState:

“To me, ‘consensus’ seems to be the process of abandoning all beliefs, principles, values and policies. So it is something in which no one believes and which no one objects … There are still people in my party who believe in ‘consensus’ politics. I regard them as Quislings, as traitors … I mean it." -Margaret Thatcher

Consensus is the language of capitulation. “To go along to get along” is not the formula Margaret Thatcher used to earn the sobriquet: the Iron Lady. There were few shades of gray in her policy statements but rather a flood of straightforward speech.

For those unfamiliar with “Quislings,” the reference is to those, during the exile of the rightful leaders, who formed a compliant straw government in France during WWII to abet the Nazis in their march to world conquest. A quicker and more accurate name would have been—traitors.

A Leftist View of America

The cartoon below will set the scene for a rollicking view of America prior to July 4, 1776

For the rest of this brilliant analysis simply click here and enjoy what could have continued if our pesky forefathers had not acted. To fully appreciate it you need to look at the cartoon carefully and click on this link.

And finally

If you click on the link above you will have more than enough to keep you occupied for today’s rant. It has been a very busy holiday for Jan and me. We made two tea parties and one 4th picnic. She worked at the government controlled elder storehouse and I did a bunch of yard work also. We are both plum tuckered out so it’s soon off to slumber land.

For our Tea Party experience it was Cassville, Missouri, and also Springfield. My hat is off to those who took part of their precious holiday time to attend. In addition to signage topped by a flag, I wear a vest with a small-bore target on my back with the words “RIGHT-WING EXTREMIST” emblazoned on the outer rings. Unlike the retirees, many of these people are currently employed and don’t have the discretionary time available as readily as we geezers. What is most important, they find the time to make their voices heard in protest to the activities from the funny farm in Washington D.C.

It is also unlikely that folks who would normally be at a Tea Party would be concerned about getting to Neverland for a MJ memorial service. I guess it’s all part of having one’s priorities lined up properly.

The criticism from the left continues apace and simply serves to reinforce the concept that as we become more effective, they turn the volume up—and the vile comments. I have signed up to go to D.C. for the march on the Capitol on Sept. 12th. As a nation, we lost our virgin blush on 9/11 and the 12th should be seen as the day we reject all enemies of our great nation whether they come from abroad or within. We must rise to oppose those who would remove our liberty. Join the protests if you are able—not for you; for your grandchildren. Work to let them enjoy the fruits of hard won freedom.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon