Saturday, October 31, 2009


This was taken from an item in La Gringa's Blogicito on the visit of our Secretary of State. I found the response of Micheletti firm legal, and unequivocal. The Hondurans obviously value their sovereignty even though they risk everything to assert it.

“Today's La Prensa front page headline reads (translated) "Heavy artillery from the USA arrives today to pressure for an arrangement." The State Department heavy artillery is Thomas Shannon, Craig Kelly, and Dan Restrepo.

When asked in a press conference yesterday, the Constitutional President of Honduras, Roberto Micheletti, revealed that he, as well as Zelaya, received a call from Hillary Clinton this weekend. He said they spoke for about 30 minutes. He made it clear to her that restoring Manuel Zelaya was not an option, and that Honduras is moving forward with the elections.

My source in Tegucigalpa tells me that Hillary's message to Micheletti was 'Restore Zelaya or else!' Micheletti is nothing if not consistent. His response was 'No'.

Another bit of information that I got is that Harper's government in Canada, Martinelli in Panama, Uribe in Colombia, Arias in Costa Rica, and Insulza in the OAS are already working on a plan to observe and recognize elections no matter what, and they are annoyed with the latest USA government's actions.

Arias' change in attitude was attributed by the source to a phone call from Zelaya in which Zelaya insulted and screamed at Arias, as well as threatened him. Hah! I guess those Chávez tactics don't work as well for Zelaya.

In the press conference yesterday, President Micheletti said, "Now and going forward is the theme of elections. We are not going to arrange absolutely anything, not the dialogue, not anything if it is not subsequent to the elections. We are 33 days from elections and we cannot play with this theme."

Micheletti reiterated that "We are clear. There is no restitution (of Zelaya). We can talk about the theme of a third party (president), of a constitutional substitution, of the opening of all of the themes. They desisted with the matter of amnesty that greatly pleased us."

Micheletti also confirmed that he asked Hillary Clinton for help to use the radar system (at Soto Cano joint US-Honduras air force base) to detect Venezuelan narco-planes in Honduran territory. He did not say what her response was. Many Hondurans fear that these abandoned planes may actually be bringing weapons for the Resistance.

As I previously reported, at least 16 Venezuelan registered planes have crashed or been abandoned in Honduras in the past weeks. Honduras has no idea how many may have successfully violated Honduran airspace by landing and taking off again because the US military forces in Honduras refuse share the radar information with Honduran anti-narcotics forces.. Has that been reported in the US media?”

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

Honduras and the Drug War

What is the relationship between Honduras’s constitutionally correct removal of Zelaya and the US War on Drugs? It is the elephant in the room in this whole affair. Once it is established why our administration favors a path to illegality, the mess in Honduras becomes abundantly clear.

In the formation of their constitution, Honduras established remedies for any president who sought to extend his elected service past one term. They wisely recognized that prolonged occupation of that high office promoted opportunity for corruption and avarice to the detriment of their citizen’s national interests. The entire “president for life” concept has become a popular method in Central and South America to enable potential dictatorship—see: Hugo Chavez--and abridges the freedom of its peoples. The Honduras method represents a rare concept in that end of the world where oppression by tin pot dictators has become more the rule than the exception. Every action taken by the Honduran government was statutory and well within the will of their founders. Understanding this begs the question; why do so many external interests attempt to interfere in the internal affairs of that delightful country?

The short answer is money. The trite “follow the money” solution was never more appropriate than in the Honduran situation. Honduras represents a key transfer point in the Central and South American drug trade. The prime users are in the United States and the drug traffickers require a smooth transition of product to their market. Direct air routes and sea lanes are under constant surveillance and loss of shipments may result. With increased pressure from the Mexican government cracking down on cocaine and other drugs, Honduras became steadily more important to the traffickers. Obviously, one cannot sell a product if delivery is impossible.

With prime factors in the Honduran government opposed to this illegal enterprise it became apparent to then president Zelaya that he could accomplish his goals more easily without pesky government intervention. His aim was to enhance the trade with interests in Bolivia, Peru and Columbia and keep the flow of cocaine and other drugs uninterrupted to the prime buyers in the United States. Bypassing Mexico, and the increasing enforcement efforts there, would be much easier with the complicity of Honduras. With existing facilities to service both land and sea traffic on both coasts, it was a no-brainer. The drug lords recognized that they would have to have a strong ally in country. Zelaya was the obvious choice. A bit flaky but compliant, he was the ideal. His only impediment was the Honduran Constitution.

This then raised the question of why the United States government, allegedly wrapped up in the mantle of drug interdiction chose to support the usurper in Honduras over the righteous factions of the administration there? What would create in the mind of our Secretary of State to back the obviously illegal return of the former president? Why would the president himself personally make public statements in favor of Zelaya? Again, we shall “follow the money.”

Following the money inevitably results in finding George Soros in the mix, especially when American national interests are involved. With substantial financial facilities in “off-shore” locations (Netherlands Antilles,) the opportunities for money laundering are virtually endless. This is an absolute necessity for drug cartels. One of his careless associates, Peter Lewis, described as one of America’s ten most generous philanthropists, with extremely close ties to Soros, was arrested in New Zealand for illegal importation of hashish and marijuana. Soros has long opposed any legal restrictions on drugs and especially marijuana, and founded, with Lewis “America Coming Together” which takes a kindly view toward the drugs and the opposite view of the politics of any politician who would restrict their use. In 2004 Soros was a major funding factor in opposition to George W. Bush for continuation in the presidency. This (ACT) and other Soros funded organizations continue to support anti-American efforts which could result in our country’s downfall. As such, they constitute a threat to national security.

It is alleged that Soros enhanced his fortune by anticipating our current financial difficulties and shorted issues which dropped precipitously. As he made every effort to engineer those problems, it was a logical move. He poured a fortune into the Obama campaign and as a consequence probably feels it’s time for some payback. It would appear that part of that payback is aiding and abetting the return of Zelaya to his forfeited office with the aid of our government. Other than influence from Soros, there is no way that any person with the least legal background could justify any objection to the Honduran government carrying out a perfectly legal action. Our administration withheld in excess of $31 million in aid from the impoverished country pending the outcome of the presidential fiasco. That is “chump change” for Soros but an enormous amount for Honduras. That amount in the United States is not even equivalent to the first day gross on a new film from Hollywood.

It seems unlikely that George Soros has a principle lurking in the back of his mind, deep in his heart or governing his emotional involvement in this issue in any way. It is apparent that his every move is governed by the lone desire to increase his capital. When carefully observed, we find an individual with sufficient funds to actually control the further generation of wealth. Manipulation of markets on an international scale is not subject to local laws and regulations. This is not so much an argument for world governance and control as it is to understand huge assets in the aggregate as representational of a small nation with the freedom to play with high finance to achieve predetermined ends. Money talks and therefore George Soros has a voice.

As a nation, the United States is facing a severe crisis. If we do not, as a people, gain the knowledge to understand men like Soros, his paid henchmen and his evil intentions, we shall fall as his victim. Finance can be a bore but it can also be fatal—to men and to nations.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Obama, Going to the Dogs?

I came across this on American Thinker, one heck of a good blog, with a credit line to Erin Bonsteel and her blog. It is priceless in so many ways. Obviously this is a result of the kerfuffle over the attempted exclusion of Fox News by declaring them not a creditable news organization.

I am, have been, and always will be a dog fancier. That is perhaps the reason this cartoon resonated with me and I found it hilarious. I have also become a student of the Obama faux pas. This war on Fox is, at the least among the two or three stupidest moves a president has ever made. His inability to rise above the reporting by Fox has done little more than precisely identify his narcissist stimulated motives. One can only hope that one of these days he will “get it.”

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Great Cartoon


It’s remarkable that a man who can’t keep track of his glasses and forgets to shut the garage door can virtually “hear” the remarks of a civics teacher 61 years ago. As I was reminded by a reader in Arizona of a movie short from the past, I could see Tony Toft standing before that class and telling us to go to the show on Saturday night. That normally serious teacher was not prone to frivolous suggestions so we paid attention and dutifully attended with our dates.

Before we proceed, a word about Mr. Toft. In a small high school in Iowa, he taught history, government and math with a no-nonsense attitude attributable to his experience in the skies over Europe a half decade before. He flew 57 missions in a Mitchell (B-25) as a navigator. Happily he matched his 57 takeoffs with 57 successful landings. He carried the seriousness of that endeavor into the classroom and held the absolute respect of each member. The information didn’t come from his lips but from other reliable sources. For a class of 4 interested boys he obtained permission for an extension of the math curriculum to include additional courses in advanced algebra, trigonometry and finally introductory calculus past the normal study guide. He also took his history and civics seriously and inspired each student to do the same.

I shall be forever grateful to that cadre of dedicated and talented faculty. To a person, they were far more concentrated on encouraging us to learn the skills required to enhance our knowledge than just the particular subjects of their classes. They did a superlative job with even the least able to keep up, and constantly challenged those with a larger capacity for learning. We had no counselors, hall monitors, diversity departments, lunch program, or guidance department. We had teachers. Even those responsible for coaching athletic programs also taught various subjects to the general student population. The only non-classroom personnel were the principal and the secretary in the office. I do not recall any student running afoul of the law during the six years I attended.

This was the atmosphere that prevailed when Tony Toft told us to go to the movies that Saturday night. I have long since forgotten the name of the feature film but that short cartoon trailer has remained. For its age, it is surprisingly well done. Click on this link and see it for yourself. I’m sure you will agree that although somewhat dated, it is right on the money and as appropriate for America today as it was 61 years ago. It has much in common with our founding documents in that regard.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A New Feature on this Site


In the interest of furthering the word on upcoming events, efforts, candidates, and restoring the republic to its former intent, we have added a new feature on Zion Beckons. Note please, in the left hand column, the heading Tea Party Patriots. There is a listing of resources devoted to the “movement.” Some are better than others so check them out and use the information you find there to be on top of what’s happening both nationally and in your neighborhood.

We are aware that there are many fine, dedicated Republicans with the concepts of liberty in their hearts and minds. There are also more than a few with some completely wrong headed ideas about what the party is about. The “big tent” concept has come, made itself known and been rejected by many in the true conservative movement. If an individual cannot see that being pro-abortion, pro-gay, pro tax and spend, pro-socialized medicine, pro-gun control and willing to ignore the constitution, perhaps they might be happier across the aisle with the Democrat machine. If they will not go quietly then a nudge might help.

I have voted for every republican since Eisenhower and come to this conclusion about my fellow republicans with considerable regret. We have had many fine men and women step up to represent us. Today, however, we need the strength which comes from a thorough understanding of the founders’ original intent. I shall never again vote for any candidate because of a party label. I strongly encourage you to follow my lead. Sometimes, we just have to admit that we were wrong.

One word of warning on the sites listed. Although well done, they may not have that polish that some of the entrenched party sites have. Always follow up on the information you receive and verify dates, locations, speakers, etc… While you visit, read comments from others on various issues covered; it’s entertaining and sometimes informative. Keep in mind that the this effort is “of the people” and the only true grassroots effort available.

In the ten Tea Parties I have attended so far, two widely disparate events have had the most profound affect on my attitudes. Obviously, the 9/12 party in Washington, D.C. with the grand mass of people (I have settled on 850,000) of one mind to redeem the control of our government was outstanding. The other one was equally important and barely had 200 patriots in attendance. Cassville, MO (population 3095) in front of the municipal building, managed to bring 6% of their community to the affair. With a three piece pick-up band and an alderman as the featured speaker, they generated the fundamental enthusiasm and awareness of their civic responsibility with ardor and intensity. Both were a thrill and both were equally important to those involved.

In the final analysis it boils down to participation. If we the people, are ever to take back the control of our government, it is up to each of us to become part of the movement to do so. This issue can’t be left up to Ben, or Mary, or Stan, no matter how wise or eager. We must individually seize the moment and do our part. Check out your options using our new feature and get involved.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday Morning Rant 116

My bed bound beauty is on the road to recovery and the proper thanks to God has been offered. If she is defeated by anything it will be her own desire to do too much. The mutts have offered themselves as constant companions and are having an affect. It is amazing to watch their concern. The occasional appearance of sunshine here on the branch hasn’t hurt. Everyone’s attitude is gaining.

Political Ennui

I am really puzzled and at wits end on how to proceed. I, no doubt like you, have friends who have presented me with a conundrum. They are good people. They are honest and forthright in their dealings with everyone. They care well for their families and demonstrate respect for others. Some are leaders in their church or community and can be turned to in time of need for advice, counsel, or a helping hand. They are also politically bankrupt.

I don’t say that because I think their views are in opposition to the ones I hold. I have no clue how they vote. I have never heard one support a candidate from either side of the aisle. When an issue comes up in a conversation, they skirt the issue, claim lack of knowledge, or come up with some other inanity such as, “oh, I just don’t really follow politics that much.” When they sense from my body language that their response has left me less than satisfied, they then gain as much distance as possible.

This condition, political ennui for lack of a better word, probably does a good job of keeping the peace and avoiding social conflict. It is also far less threatening to one’s present employment and interactions with others. It has not been uncommon in times of historic conflict, both here and abroad, for a segment of the society to withdraw from the hue and cry of debate on issues common to all the people. Even during the tumultuous period during the founding of the republic, there were citizens that simply wished for the problems to subside and peace to reign. They took no favor with either side and just wished to be left to their own devices.

In a household wracked by an orgy of political change being inflicted at the moment, we are probably hyper-sensitive to current events. Most of those not of my mindset are easily identified and constantly irritating my peace of mind with an onslaught of programs and policies which offend my every fiber. Meanwhile, I am becoming equally upset with those who don’t seem to care or else totally ignore the hurricane of grief which is descending upon all of us. Those of us, who are devoting a tremendous amount of energy to fighting what we perceive to be an enemy of the republic, are slowly coming to dislike those otherwise solid citizens who choose to ignore the reality. What are they thinking?

How can they not see that the falsely declared “tide which lifts all boats” can also turn into the merciless flood which sinks us all? When this country fails, as it surely will if matters are allowed to continue, can they not see their fate is sealed as well? A large part of our individual responsibility as citizens is to maintain a constant vigilance upon those who are elected by the people to represent us all. Have we become part of that school of thought which casually passes the mugging or assault in the street to get on with the business at hand? I see little difference between an attack on my neighbor or the Constitution. An assault is an assault.

They almost universally have a private reputation for caring for others individually but fail in defending their fellow citizens as a body. Do they suspect in the end that their silence will ensure some sort of peace with their new masters? Do they actually believe that their own existence will not be altered by their new circumstance? Can they not see the possibility of loss of those comforting features of their life; their church, their community and its individualism, their social gatherings, their property and its incumbent rights, or worst of all—their total liberty?

We have long basked in the protective glow of the freedoms which are enumerated in the Bill of Rights. We must not misunderstand that God-given rights are only as secure as the people’s will to maintain those rights. That means all 300 million of us. It is not reserved only for those who get excited by politics. All those who share in the bounty at whatever level have an obligation to protect it for every single American. The time to offer whatever time, talent, or treasure which we can, is now! Please! Take a position for liberty and help in the struggle to preserve it.

And finally

Not too much going on here on the fur and feather front. The leaf litter is accumulating more than usual and we have a bumper acorn crop. I sure wish I could find someone who’d give a couple bucks a pound for those. We do have walnuts though.

For those who check in from outside the Ozark paradise; I have a hot tip for you. Just click this link and get the latest on the Tea Party Express II. They left California this morning and may well be coming to a location near you. On this one they have complete details of each stop and an interactive local map so you know where you’re going. They will start north; move east and then south to wind up in Florida on November 11. I’ll probably meet them in Wichita on Wednesday and roll with them to Oklahoma City and scream my lungs out in both places. Hey, it’s what I do. Check the map and see what it’s all about.

The last word is to finish the rant and scroll to next post—Military Moms—and click on the link to give yourself a real treat. This lady’s proud as punch and obviously worried to death over her son over in Afghanistan. Let her share her kid with you for about three minutes. You’ll both be happier you did.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon