Thursday, October 9, 2008

Wanted – A Credible Witness

In a criminal trial, when the “perp” is confronted with vile accusations and evidence of a foul deed, the defense in most cases can come up with a neighbor, former class mate, drinking buddy or former wife to testify to what a benign presence he has been in their life. How many times have we seen on television a mass murderer described by the guy next door as an occasional friend and one who has never shown any aggressive tendencies? ”Yeah.” They say, “He was kind of a loner who loved dogs and played with the kids here—oh, and he kept his place up, too..”

When the average person makes application for a new job or faces any situation with responsibility he mentions the names of people who have known him well and are willing to vouch for his character and background. He does so with the realization that these folks will be called upon to state their relationship and furnish information about the nature of what they shared. The goal is generally to establish the “good” character of the applicant. Convicted felons, loony preachers, Communist sympathizers and anarchists are normally avoided as admitted associates.

A quick look at Zion Beckons archives will turn up many references to friends, teachers, business people, clergy (often also friends,) former neighbors and acquaintances with accompanying posts about their fine examples which have served as guideposts in my life. They are presented as people I have known well enough to look to for role models and see living a life which I might care to emulate. We all have these people in our history who have provided deeds and actions which we admire.

Despite our best intentions, we sometimes find ourselves associated with persons who have a less than savory past. In Las Vegas, I played golf twice a week for over four years with a convicted felon who had done “hard” time. In Missouri, I have a fellow worker who has done the same; and for more serious crimes. In my twenty eight years in Alcoholics Anonymous I have met countless others who have in the past shown less than a sterling character. Each one of these individuals, whose company I enjoyed, had one thing in common; repentance. Each freely acknowledged his wrongdoing and the damage that he caused others. Each had paid the price with a temporary forfeiture of freedom or worldly goods. Every one of them had sought to redress the grievances and change their lives. In each case, they had discovered that most important character trait of all—honesty!

It’s not easy to engage in self-examination and actually admit that we were wrong. The hardest part is accusing one’s self of wrongdoing and admitting to an aggrieved party the truth of the matter. All too often we grudgingly admit to error and misdeed and fail in our attempt at repentance. We lie to ourselves. In so doing, we miss the cleansing relief which can only be found in true repentance. Only when we admit to God and another human being our misdeeds will we find the blessings of forgiveness.

So, what’s the point? Currently, the news is alive with reports of a person who has filled his life with people who are described above with one exception. They have done the crimes but have not done the time. They are unrepentant and continue to be the despicable individuals which they are accused of being. No one has ever offered any explanation or quotation to demonstrate that William Ayers has either denied or shown any remorse for his activities to overthrow the government of the United States. Rather we have seen an arrogant claim that, “we should have done more.”

No one has offered any apology from Jeremiah Wright for his pulpit rantings which include the statement; “G** d*** America!” His student and congregationalist, Barack Hussein Obama, has clearly disassociated himself and denied that his twenty years in the pew and his very personal relationship had any affect at all on his politics. Somehow he has managed to avoid being influenced by Wright’s constant racist frothing.

Another of his “not a close” friends who bought a chunk of land to add to Obama’s million dollar plus estate, Tony Rezko, for over $50,000, may find a cause for repentance as he languishes in prison and contemplates his unsavory past. Rezko joins Ayers and Wright “under the bus” in this spate of self-denial.

Mega church theologian, distinguished English professor, and real estate tycoon may seem like ideal resume references on a job application but they are most inappropriate if you actually examine their lives and their characters. Each has offered proof of his own origin for their despicable world views and actions. These are not associations which any sane man would offer as supporting his own views. The “rubes” are actually discovering these fellow travelers, ranters, and criminals for who they are and the contribution they have made to “the one.”

For the critical thinkers among us it will be acceptable to “let bygones be bygones.” For the rest of us simpletons who don’t have the elite mindset of Hyde Park, I suggest that we attempt to nail down the reality of the situation and act accordingly. As an acknowledged simpleton, I shall have to remember grandpa’s advisory: “Son, when you lie down with dogs you can expect to get up with fleas.”

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Media: “In the Tank?”

Any one with the least awareness of the particulars of the campaign for president must surely be aware by now that the media is totally in the tank for Obama. If this has not been obvious from the beginning, one must question your powers of observation. Over the years I have observed various outlets paint candidates with a mix of unsavory accusations on both sides of the aisle. To refresh your memory, much was made of Dukakis in the tank wearing the standard helmet which was by design extremely large and made him look ridiculous; endless criticism for Dan Quale’s supposed failure to spell potato; the famous “Willy Horton” issue; John Kerry’s highly questionable service record as challenged by the swift boat veterans; CBS news fabricated story about George Bush and his Air National Guard service; and similar coverage of one or the other or both in every campaign since and before.

In most of these cases, a snippet of truth was amplified to cast aspersions on a particular person. This activity has been part of American politics from the “git-go.” First amendment freedom of speech and other constitutional issues prohibit any reining in of these allegations. All of this, of course, explains the army of investigators dispatched to Alaska to “dig up the dirt” on Sarah Palin.

What is unusual here is the total devotion of the media in this election cycle to Barak Obama. They are caught up in the Messianic zeal which that campaign encourages. To not repeat the story of Barack ascendant is near blasphemy. Some media outlets are obviously worse than others and consequently acquire a logical reputation as the most flagrant perpetrators. Fox news: not so much; CNN and MSNBC have been absolutely dedicated to support Obama.

This morning I found a repeat of a CNN investigative report which I had overlooked for the simple reason I don’t watch CNN. Anderson Cooper was challenged to dig a little deeper into the Obama/Ayers relationship. What I saw was absolutely amazing. Although somewhat bumbling and not quite as straightforward as I would have preferred, the report was close to accurate and in a word; damning! Try this link and see if you agree.

Now that you’ve seen it can you believe that CNN actually aired this? Despite the campaign representative’s best attempts to play down and refute the results of the investigation, they firmly establish the connection. This is not a McCain ad; it is a report from a significant part of the mainstream media. The message is clear. Obama has had a firm relationship dating well into the past with Bill Ayers and they are definitely not just ships which have “passed in the night.”

Apparently CNN has figured out that their continued existence as a news source depends on a measure of fairness in presentation. I applaud their epiphany and look forward to any additional revelations which they might bring forth. I have already covered the Obama/Ayers connection in previous posts and that is not the subject matter here. The thrust of this post is the affect which the media has on the citizenry.

An anecdote about my late mother is the best example of ingrained media bias. Bless her heart; she started to go blind in her seventies. Being close, I watched, with horror, as she gradually lost her sight. To fully understand her you must realize she was a former high school teacher with an insatiable thirst for knowledge. Every summer for over thirty years she acquired at least six credit hours in continuing education which added to her educational accomplishments and put her well in excess of the advanced degrees she never sought. She wanted “to know.” Our home was full of books and periodicals which were for use and not for show.

As the disease in her eyes progressed we painfully observed first the increased type size necessary for understanding and then eventually her reliance on television, radio (very little), and conversation. The major news sources had, over the previous years, established themselves as reliable, familiar and trusted. Lacking contradiction from other printed sources, she was gradually brainwashed by the media. Once a rugged individualist, a single mother who worked her entire life (retired at 73!) and made her way in the pure American style, she was gradually inculcated with the liberal line which was propagated by the only media source available.

Early in our marriage, we found a house in Colorado Springs with a live-in apartment so she could enjoy assisted living. We shared the den where the TV was located and she became a huge football fan. Her interest in the game was not driven by the action on the field but rather the voice of John Madden. She identified his characteristic masculinity as only a sightless person could. In a word; she loved him. While we found her affection for John amusing, we easily understood.

During that period of ten years, I increasingly attempted to keep her up to date on the real world and not what the media mavens projected. Fighting three (then) networks is no easy job as they increased their influence day by day. Happily, her mental capacity was not impaired so she did maintain some semblance of reality and responded to reasoned argument and logic.

It was a lesson which I am apt to never forget. Her blindness was physical; unlike that which we see on the part of much of the electorate. Her narrow view was forced by her disability and certainly not on the laziness which seems to inhabit so many. Any time I am tempted to accept that which is being spoon fed by the celebrity reporters I keep in mind the struggle of my mom to maintain her equilibrium. Annie: rest in peace.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

Monday, October 6, 2008

Monday Morning Rant 58

Another gorgeous day in the Ozarks; we could use a little rain though. Maybe the first of the week will find some. It has been nearly three weeks. The trip to Miami, Oklahoma was rewarding as usual. Roy Reis brought the message with his usual insights and demonstration of lengthy faith. What a treasure he is to the Restoration.

Junk Science Skeptic

I was enjoying Robert L. Simons blog and he was making compelling arguments and entertaining commentary. As usual, in reading the comments, I found a treasure trove. I do not know the commenter, not can I verify his background or material but much of it has the ring of truth. Make up your own mind:

"Ah, the fun of reading energy pronouncements from the technically illiterate. Wasn’t why I came down here to post, but couldn’t overlook some of the aforementioned nonsense.

1. Pickens’ wind scam is only about getting eminent domain for his water pipeline. His windmills might power a few of his water well pumps, but he’ll never be able to sell commercial volumes of electricity.

2. Land-based oil wells in areas of known reserves can produce oil in a matter of months, offshore wells in a year or so. The 10-years before a drop flows story is a lie.

3. Nuclear power plants, while they are a great idea, do take nearly a decade to build, after (and if) the permits are issued. Same goes for hydro-electric.

4. In spite of several decades of solar R&D, the only places it has been used as anything other than as a stunt are satellites and the space station, and that’s only because it would cost too much for an extension cord to plug ‘em in.

5. CNG (ed. compressed natural gas) has about a 4 to 1 volume penalty vs. gas/diesel, sorta practical for big trucks going short distances, not practical for personal transportation.

I could add several more about alternative fuels, and about the scientific fraud being sold as man-made cooling/warming/climate-change, but since the original topic was about the MSM circling the bowl, thanks to their open campaigning for the DNC, let me get back to my intended comment.

With the exception of far-left partisans and the ignorant, most of the rest of the world has stopped trusting the MSM on anything of substance.
The media here and in Europe told us all how much that Germans and the French were mostly anti-American and leaning further left, yet somehow the Germans elected Merkel and the French elected Sarkozy, both conservatives who ran on a platform that included improving relations with America.

Now the media wants us to believe that most Americans want to shift towards Marxism/Socialism.

Sounds to me like the media is confusing their own opinions with those of the public.”

And even more ……..

I thought this one was pretty funny. You really don’t need the original to appreciate the comments.
“Tom W said: “leftists… salient characteristic is the wish-fulfillment fantasy. If they say something, it immediately becomes true”. Well Tom, that didn’t take long. Courtesy of Bill: “drilling idea is a red herring…(drilling) is a tiny, tiny, tiny part of the solution. In 10 years it might be 1 or 2% of our needs. That is meaningless compared to what solar, nuclear, and wind could do in a shorter time frame.”
Bring on those solar powered jets, and the wind powered submarines, and the electric powered-plug-in cargo container ships!!! Oh, and the pig manure powered bicycles.”

More notes on Not Exactly

"I never practiced Islam—NOT EXACTLY, you practiced it daily at school, where you were registered as a Muslim and kept that faith for 31 years, until your wife made you change so you could run for office. (4-3-08) Article ‘Obama was quite religious in Islam’

My School in Indonesia was Christian—NOT EXACTLY, you were registered as Muslim there and got in trouble in Koranic Studies for making faces (check you own book.) February 28, 2008. Kristoff from the New York Times a year ago: 'Mr. Obama recalled the opening lines of the Arabic call to prayer, reciting them with a first rate accent. In a remark that seemed delightfully uncalculated, Mr. Obama described the call to prayer as ‘one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset.’' This is just one example of what Pamela is talking about when she says; ‘Obama’s narrative is being altered, enhanced and manipulated to whitewash the troubling facts.’ “

I was fluent in Indonesian—NOT EXACTLY, not one teacher says you could speak the language.

Stay tuned because there are nearly thirty more of these.

And finally

As the week goes on we shall itemize the now famous “14 points” which Joe Biden made during the debate with Governor Palin. Examination of the transcript and comparison to actual facts we have isolated at least 14 items which come under the heading, “Biden says” which are at least garbled misunderstanding, not fact checked or out right lies. All of this supports the logical abbreviation for “Biden says”—BS!

If nothing else, this election cycle will live on as an example of the Democrat party fronting capable speakers who make great presentations with little regarding for the truthful substance of their remarks. Who actually “won” the V-P debate is really unimportant. What counts is the perception of each individual voter and that result will be readily available after the 1st Tuesday in November.

As usual, the sacrament service Sunday provided a very necessary break in my activities. Most important, it was an opportunity to break away from the grind and come to grips with those things in my life which really matter. This becomes an act of renewal and re dedication which always improves my attitude leaves me refreshed to face a very troublesome world scene.

My prayer for you is that you were able to duplicate not only the experience but also the resultant improvement..

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon