Friday, May 7, 2010

Piling It Higher and Deeper

Representative Andre Carson, (D-IN, 7th District) is one of the congressional black caucus who has “distinguished” himself by continuing to claim overt racism on the part of Tea Party protestors. In a staged parade from the house office building to the capitol on March 20th, he and others in that caucus went in search of a racial component in the crowd surrounding the capitol. When the search proved fruitless, they did what Democrats do best—they made up a compelling story.

Rep. Carson claims a strong background in “intelligence” prior to taking his grandmother’s seat in Congress. He was with Homeland Security prior to seeking his present position. That would be the same Homeland Security which identifies military veterans, cookie packing grandmas, and just about anyone who disagrees with the current administration as a “terrorist.” His “intelligence” background allows him to ignore such gentle figures in our midst as Abdulhakim Mujhad Muhammad (Little Rock,) Nidal Malik Husan (Ft. Hood,) Umar Farouk Abdulmuttalab (Detroit,) and Faisal Shazad (New York City.) Each of the former participated in acts of terrorism which had the potential for or the actual taking of the lives of American citizens.

As one of only two Muslim members of this congress, is it possible that Rep. Carson could have some personal motive to avert his eyes when an Islamic terrorist is bent on the destruction of our county and its citizens? He chooses to ignore the fact that there is little hard evidence of any white supremacist group which is actually responsible for a terrorist act in our country. Avoiding the data, he claims that they are the “greatest threat.” This fits nicely with our current policy at the federal level of not identifying any Islamic effort to disrupt our national purpose and serenity by those with affiliation to that group.
Hear Rep. Carson in his own words outline his observations on the threats to the security of the nation on this You Tube piece. It’s well worth your time and it’s a short clip. Take a look and see just what Rep. Carson thinks about you, the people

It is imperative that we recognize those who would destroy America and not continue to allow them to infest our higher legislative bodies and positions of power. It is our personal responsibility to understand who is representing us and make whatever changes are necessary to alter the make-up of those bodies. Barring that, it is obvious that none of us will recognize the government which made this country the most exceptional in the world.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Navy Seals – 3, Government Prosecutors – 0

In a welcome verdict, the last of the three accused Navy Seals was released and found “not guilty” and cleared of all charges. The faulty witness against him was found unreliable upon other testimony and that was all that was needed to secure the final verdict.

They had been collectively accused of mis-treating a captured prisoner who was part of the torture and hanging of security personal from a bridge in Iraq. This will not come as good news for the administration who was hoping for a conviction to justify their hopes of a demonstration of our “fair” system of military justice. As it turned out; it was fair.

Now McCabe can get out of the Navy and pursue his dream of becoming a California Highway Patrolman. Our congratulations go to the three of them and special thanks for their service to our country.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Political Correctness Run Amok

Nowhere has there been a better demonstration of these phenomena than the reaction of public figures regarding attacks on the nation by Islamic extremists. As each of the continuing parade of incompetent attackers of the nation unfolds their bizarre plans (exploding underwear, firecracker ignition systems, etc.,) we hear high public officials shifting assertions of blame to far less dangerous suspects. Most recent is Mayor Bloomberg’s remark about displeasure with Obama’s health care pogrom triggering outrage sufficient to threaten the people in Times Square with wholesale death and destruction.

I truly believe that it all starts in early childhood development when, as parents, we use a laundry list of euphemisms for unpleasant aspects of human existence. Who has not used the traditional #1 and #2 rather than accurately describe common bodily functions? Have we referred to a grandparent or friend as “taking a long trip” or “going to live with Jesus” (which may well be a reality) thus avoiding articulating life’s most significant outcome—death? It is little wonder that raised in such an unrealistic environment, our children never become adults prepared to confront life head on and face up to actual problems and realities.

As usual, a commenter, on Roger Simon's blog (#20 Banjo,) came up with the perfect evaluation of our current condition and its source:

“Political correctness, a virus first identified during Stalin’s murderous tyranny, infected the academy in this country twenty years later. The professorate passed it on to a generation of students who then carried it to the highest levels of government and Corporate America. It blinds the eye and silences the tongue. It robs the will and steals a nation’s courage. It leads to civilizational surrender and then death. We’ve entered the end stage with paralysis beginning to spread.”

Re-read that brilliant observation and savor it for the sure identification of the problem and the prediction of the outcome. His (her?) use of the word “paralysis” in the last line accurately describes what we may expect from a collective use of political correctness as our guide.

Perhaps the most disappointing response to the Times Square incident is that of Fox News. Their use of their most hysterical commentator, Geraldo Rivera, and constant program interruption for “no news” could best be described as a fool’s errand. His jubilant observation of “white”, constantly repeated, took on racial overtones and lessened the value of his report. Had the plot succeeded, the blood spilled would have been the same color from every victim. You don’t need a news anchor to imagine or remember the size of the crowd in that particular location.

NYPD did a praiseworthy job in basic police work to locate the principal suspect in the case in a timely manner. Unlike a night-time cat burglar, he was operating with little expectation of privacy and left substantial clues behind to track his activity. The professionals at NYPD simply did the job they are trained to do, without fanfare, and were apparently successful. The apprehension at the airport with the destination of Dubai was simply icing on the cake. The war on terror has produced few heroes but these folks rank very high.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Morning Rant 144

As I typed the header for this post, there came a flash-back to those heady days of my post war youth—the late forties. Typical of kids in most any time period, we had an overworked expression which we thought clever. “That’s gross!” had a constant presence in our speech and was applied to almost anything which was even slightly out of line or disgusting. That word—gross—always comes to mind when the number “144” surfaces for whatever reason.

This is a perfect number for a conservative mind if you think about it. In the universe of numbers it is neat and tidy and functions well and evenly with numerous divisors (2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 12, 16, 18, etc.) Even 48, the number of states in the union at that time was an exact division (3) and perfect for a display of stars on a field of rich blue.

It has long been a popular measure of commerce because of its convenient divisions. It stacks, shelves, and orders well and often offers substantial discounts when the quantity is offered. An early success in business is often achieved when one first orders any item in that exceptional quantity for resale or manufacture.

Even as a clueless teen I often wondered why a number of such perfection was assigned as a descriptor of disdain. Looking back, I have nearly abandoned the search for explanations of what triggers such a substitution. One can only pray that the reader does not assign that decades old expression to the posting which carries its venerable identity.

Propaganda in Texas Schools

Many thanks to Elissa Stautner at Pajama's Media for an article on a clear cut case of dispensing the party line in a Texas High School.

In a class hand-out, accompanying illustrations were used to identify our two great divisions in thoughts on government by using both angelic and demonic cartoons. In the instructors mind, the liberal case was presented using the angel and the conservative was assigned the devil. The hand out then proceeded to distort the truth of the difference in egregious detail to perpetuate the typical liberal bias. Don’t take my word for it; check it out and see the hand out for yourself.

The example presented in the article is overt, clumsy, and suggests foregone conclusions for the students. Fortunately, the piece came to the attention of one of the parents and he was not amused. Imagine, if you will, your personal reaction to a child bringing this piece of outright propaganda home from school. Would you be willing to “take up the cudgel” and insist on fairness in the classroom? Since I know many of our readers personally, I can assure you their outrage would match the alert father’s.

The Harvard “Brand”

As newlyweds, we took upstairs rooms in a home just off Mass’ Ave in Cambridge within walking distance of Harvard Square. She worked for the FBI and I went to school. No, it was not Harvard but the Army Security Agency school at Ft. Devens, near Ayer, Mass. It was a huge change from our previous experiences in Washington, DC.. The proximity of that Ivy League powerhouse had a negligible affect on our lives there—as I said, we were newlyweds.

We saw little of that institution other than the ivy-covered brick walls at the entrance gates. An excellent view of the school was pervasive in the community and they enjoyed a superior reputation academically with little of the usual “town and gown” problems which some universities suffer today. In the long interval between then and now, my opinion of the institution has changed, as has Harvard.

Modern progressive attitudes appear to be taking over with the additional result of diminished loyalties to the founding principals of both the school and the nation. It is rapidly becoming little more than a training academy for leftists to further the destruction of the nation. Currently, we find the dean of Harvard Law purposely at war with a student over the revelation of private emails with alleged racial overtones. The privileged correspondence was furnished by the recipient months after their sending and probably in spiteful response for some imagined grievance. As is often the case, no party in the matter has clean skirts in the affair and none does any credit to the university.

It has provoked much conversation and exchange in the blogosphere and particularly on blogs sponsored by those in the legal (Volokh, Althouse, Reynolds, etc.) community since it involved advanced law students and Dean Minow of Harvard Law. For those who follow these blogs you already know the details. A quick Google will easily bring you to the others and you won’t have to search much to find the stories.

As usual, the wisdom is exposed mainly in the comments on the various sites. This one, in particular caught my eye:

"Harvard is a broken brand. Most of the people responsible for the housing mess, the Iraq war, Enron, the S&L crisis and all sorts of other poor policy have been created by the highly "regarded" Harvard Education."

It is a timely observation and one which should evoke shame on the part of the administration of this once fine university. A ‘sheepskin” describes a hide lacking its wool. Obviously the missing wool has been pulled over our collective eyes.

And finally

Despite a couple of gloomy days, we did have a little rain here on the ridge and the leafy cover has fully returned. The four acres of grass is now trimmed with a new (?) Troy built mower which mercifully is self-propelled. It is much more comfortable to use now that the legs have become accustomed to chasing it. I’ll admit that training to use it was a trial but the results are dramatic. Riding the previous mower was fun but this new exercise opportunity is both more healthful and less wear and tear on the lawn.

With a dozen and a half species identified at the feeder, it suddenly dawned that we don’t have any sparrows. Are they allergic to store bought feed; embarrassed by their more colorful cousins or just not all that common to this neck of the woods? We have acquired a new visitor—a hummingbird—and as soon as he slows down enough to not just appear as a blur, we shall attempt a further more detailed identity.

In closing, we ask a few more penetrating question. Am I underestimating the severity of the New York City firecracker attack as reported (constantly) by Fox News? Have we heard anything else about the attack on Allee Bautsch or the suspects in New Orleans? Will Barack Obama now “own” the oil spill in the Gulf because he acted too slowly? Is there a crisis which we have overlooked? Answers: could be, no, probably, never.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon