Thursday, August 26, 2010

Can You Hear me Now?

Although always prepared for disappointment when final election results come in, I am heartened by Alaskan's response to the presence of Murkowski as their senator. With Anchorage’s (40+% of the total) tally in, Joe Miller has garnered 51.2% of the vote. The issue is then left to out state results from more remote areas and the critical absentee ballots. Current predictions are that Miller will replace the RINO on the ballot in November.

“Guardedly optimistic” is the usual description of the estimation I now have of the final outcome. Miller represents, among conservative opinion watchers, a refreshing addition to the fall line up of candidates. Unlike the RINO faction, he is willing to advance true conservative principles on both social and national fiscal issues.

In other states, the presence of 10,000 absentee ballots would be viewed as a minor element considering their far greater populations. Not so in the wilds of America’s northern most. This is a huge number relative to their population. This then prompts one to question why the electorate would have so many in an off-year plebiscite. The action requires absolute intention. Unlike simple voting, you have to request a ballot, verify your legitimacy as a voter, receive it, fill it out, and then see to the business of getting it mailed in and on time. In short you must have the motivation to be insistent to have your voice heard. This rigorous civic exercise requires discipline, a strong will, and the type of determination that a true conservative would be most likely to possess.

This then, when added to the “anti-incumbency” faction increasingly prevalent in today’s electorate, would explain Joe Miller’s late inning rise in general popularity in Alaska. One can only pray it holds.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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