Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Solutions, Not Accusations

I cranked up the computer this morning and found much carping and backbiting over matters great and small with no obvious solutions. In other words, it is a normal Tuesday morning. A lot of these folks have their undies in a bundle over matters which, although legitimate criticism, are not all that earth shattering. A poster at Volokh Conspiracy stirred the pot with an article on Obama’s golfing which precipitated dozens of comments both pro and con.

Personally, I don’t give a hoot if he wants to move to some country club and become a permanent resident. In point of fact, the country seems to benefit when he is absent from the oval office no matter how temporarily. While they are counting strokes and the total number of outings are they simultaneously counting job losses in the Gulf, a GDP equal to the national debt, troop casualties in Afghanistan, the precipitous drop in home valuations and monies pilfered from the citizens by politicians, czars, banks, and other financial entities? Those are the statistics which are of concern to the citizens who don’t know the difference between a golf handicap and a five iron.

I find it difficult to imagine, after nineteen months of observation, that his constant presence in the White House would improve the prospects for the country one iota. At the least, it allows the secret service guys a chance to be in the great outdoors, enjoy the birds and the bees, and be in the presence of people armed with the aforementioned five irons. The last remark was not meant to start a discussion of club choice for an assassination attempt. My personal preference would be a three iron because I rarely use it anyway.

This golf business, coupled with preoccupation with family vacations, is just not that big a deal. There are so many very real problems to be addressed that muddying the water with inconsequential nonsense seems pointless. Are we so busy looking for lost tees that we are blinded to the larger prize which is the possibility of wresting control of the congress and return it to sane hands in November.

We continue to find an ongoing discussion of the “faith” of Obama. This furor then presents yet another distraction preventing in depth examination of his ruinous policies. From his own mouth we heard him claim the Muslim faith as his own so deal with it. He said it—I believe it—George Stephanopoulos’ correction not withstanding. In this case, actions speak much louder than words but the words were there anyway. I find it difficult to accept that his belief extends to anything other than Obama. Works, actions and behavior form a better platform for establishing his credentials than a simple declarative sentence here and there. For confirmation just review the overnight flip-flop on the Ground Zero Mosque. He’s “agin’” it but respects the local official’s judgment. Give me a break!

Over the last year and half plus, I have been reminded constantly by the president that George Bush was a jerk. Will somebody close to the president please remind him that he now has the job and also the responsibility to make positive corrections where necessary to get the country back on track? I wish I had the convenience to blame every stupid life style choice I have made on a third party. This excuse is right up there with “the dog ate my homework.”

I once had a friend who constantly claimed that “the difference between rape and rapture was salesmanship.” As my country continues to be violated I yearn for those days when we had leadership which at the least attempted to take my friends advice. After suffering the ham-fisted ukase, being labeled a right-wing extremist by DHS, ridiculed for my overt patriotism, and subjected to nanny state regulations, I find the time has come to return adult supervision to our leadership.

Lastly, the solutions to our problems do exist. Most are not pleasant. Fiscal responsibility at the current level of the United States indebtedness will require alterations in the life style of every citizen. Our omnipresent government “services” need to be abridged. Unrealistic benefits for government service need to be cut back. Easing the path for private enterprise, the source of most private sector employment, is an absolute necessity. Public sector unions have to be reined in to a reasonable level or possibly eliminated altogether. Respect for other nations needs to be returned in substitution for submission. Recognition of the military as our public face abroad should be established as well as overdue acknowledgement of their sacrifice.

As you make your tentative choices of candidates for the upcoming elections, check their attitudes on the foregoing issues. We need to do this now and render our support accordingly. “We the People” are the controlling force for the coming direction of our country. Individually, our voice is tiny. Collectively we can form a mighty wave and overcome any obstacle in our path. In your own personal way, you must be a participant and not a mere onlooker. Do it today—tomorrow may be too late.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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Storm'n Norm'n said...

Ref:"As you make your tentative choices of candidates for the upcoming elections..."

Have you ever noticed that elections are all about the candidates issues...talking 'bout for the big office on Pennsylvania Avenue...they make you feel like, "its the economy stupid" or some other such rhyme or jingle they invent. Then once elected they go off to these secret meetings (i.e. G8 or G20 summits) and discuss the new global currency or some other New World Order conspiracy. Nobody runs on a New World Order ticket yet that's what its all about for both the Democrats and Republicans. Lets say I throw my hat in the ring to test the waters...What do you suppose my (or anyone else for that matter) chances are if I ran on an anti-NWO ticket...but lets give it a postive ID such as "America First" or some other catchy rhyme or jingle...

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