Friday, August 27, 2010

Islam, Faith or Law?

It is well to note that at least in the blogosphere, some are beginning to question (finally) whether Islam is a representation of religion or one of law and an alien assault. For the non-believer, which includes a little over 5 billion of the world’s inhabitants, who carefully examines Islam from both aspects, the issue is not settled but people are becoming more aware. Most faiths indulge a higher power who seeks to provide a beneficial life to all persons regardless of belief. An evangelical outreach is also a common factor generally encouraged, and mostly tolerated between groups. The key is the spiritual component which is recognized as the guiding force.

In a lifetime examination of other faiths, it has been rare to find one which does not claim some measure of unique identity which separates it from the rest. These doctrinal differences are often the cause of offshoot branches within major general religious designations. Check your local phone book for the huge variety of Baptist churches listed under their individual classifications for a verification of this assertion. While you are there, check some of the other more recognizable listings as well. Even the holy texts have a variance from site to site, including Islam which relies on two different volumes.

One principal feature which Islam has in common with all of these faiths and their offshoots is the conviction of an afterlife. Otherwise, why should they advertise a crib full of virgins for successful suicidal jihadists? No mention is made of the reward for females of the faith. What it does not have in common is the notion of conducting all of their affairs with honesty and fairness in interfaith and secular transactions.

More important is the secular emphasis which is preached in the mosque, and reflected in the thinking of the believers. The subjugation of other peoples takes center stage and endorses whatever ruse or device to accomplish. This is wrapped up in what they call Sharia Law. As we turn to that part of Islam we shall now substitute the word “cult” for “faith.” As we contemplate the ramifications of Sharia Law, the word “religion” becomes less relative. This contrived behavior is only suitable to them as a furtherance of an oppressive social order; an order which is closer to Nazism than Presbyterianism.

Most of what we know of this cult is gathered from remarks by various officials, quotations from the Koran, documented observation, behavior of individual members, and public utterances. The evidence points to a history of beheadings, stonings, suicide attacks, subjugation of women, battered and bartered brides, “eye for an eye” justice, selective homophobia, and a general pattern of behavior more suitable to the 7th century than the present. As we look at this laundry list of outrage, with memory of our government’s reaction to the Branch Dividians in Waco, one wonders where our consistency starts and stops in government. Apparently the destruction of the twin towers and the loss of nearly 3000 lives doesn’t rise to equivalency for alleged gun violations.

Our dedication to the First amendment of the constitution, while laudable and necessary, has little to do with any allowance made for the progress of Islam in the United States. The time has come to define this plague for what it is. We must listen to what their leadership shares with their followers in their native tongue and clearly understand that the overthrow of the United States is their goal. In scantily veiled addresses to groups of believers, they have clearly stated this as the only possible outcome of this nightmare. One only need ask oneself what the influence of Islam on our society was ten, twenty, or thirty years ago. They have stated their goals articulately and without hesitation as rendering our way of life subjugated to Islam. The continued thought that there is any level of innocence in the intentions of the promoters of Islam test credulity to the utmost.

The protections of the US Constitution are only available when they are clearly understood by all the people. Only then can the electorate insist upon their enforcement. So long as we continue to accommodate Islam as a religion and not as the political cult it has proven repeatedly to be, our problems will continue. Once the truth is realized, and only then, can we rise, as a body, and reject this invasion by “the religion of peace.”

Our nation has become steadily more and more divided by various factions, some of whom see that as their purpose for being. With each passing day we see our president contributing more to that division than showing any inclination to unite our peoples to resist these tyrannies. By American standards, practicing a faith is not grounds for condemnation. Plotting the overthrow of our system of government is, however, actionable as well it should be. If these two issues collide, as is the case with Islam, the condition needs to be recognized and an energetic response needs be mobilized to resist. If we fail to acknowledge the actions of this emergent cult in the name of political correctness, our government will have failed, our laws will be of no value and our people will be subjugated. God help us all.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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