Wednesday, August 25, 2010

“Recovery Summer” – A Dream Up in Smoke

Traditionally, summer ends on the last day of August. Less than one week away, it appears that the promise of recovery from the nation’s collective financial woes has proven to be yet one more elusive dream. But—you never know—we have all watched a team come from behind and score a last second “game-winner.” However, that would apply only to those teams which have managed to keep the game close in the first place. Soaring unemployment, sagging home sales, troubled financials, dipping poll numbers, and absolute ownership of the current problems do not bode well for this administration. It is almost as though “the fix” was in to destroy America and its traditional prosperity.

VP Joe Biden continues to refuse to wake up at the end of his dream of a recovery ere the end of the dog days of August. Wake up and smell the coffee Joe—it aint happening. In fact, many indicators predict a further drop. It should be obvious by now that the restoration of the economy of the United States will not be accomplished by a clever phrase. In fact, it will only become accomplished through the efforts of its citizens and their willingness to accept reality, cut back on government interference, and cut our outlays to the bone.

Historically, once American citizens are addressed honestly with the problems which face the nation; they react in unity to overcome those difficulties. War, famine, weather borne disaster, even civil strife have been addressed head on and overcome. It’s what we do. This condition which we endure today should not be described as “near depression” or some other soft pedaled description because they universally understate the problems we face. Mislabeling only contributes to an extension of the situation and misleads the public perception of our complex difficulties.

The principal failure of this administration has been to ignore the people as the primary engine of change Americans traditionally rely upon for success. Our background is full of stories of the independent actions of a people who accomplished deeds of heroic proportions in the face of adversity. Once the problem is honestly defined they then devote their efforts to the solutions which create a greater good for everyone.

Born during the Hoover administration, I have had eye-witness observations of depression, world war, racial tensions, recessions, ruinous interest, police actions by the UN, emergent cults, multiple natural disasters, and fourteen different presidents. While individual national leaders have claimed credit for the solution to these widely varied problems, most were actually accomplished by a unified effort on the part of the people. By the sacrifice of their lives, their resources, or attitudes, they managed to overcome adversity and prevail. The simple truth is that we are indeed, an exceptional people.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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