Monday, August 9, 2010

Juan Williams Insanity

In an unguarded moment on TV, Juan Williams exposed a level of racist ignorance and prejudice which he has more or less successfully hidden to this date. To give Williams the benefit of the doubt, you will find the interview here on Gateway Pundit.

Now that the “inner” Williams has been exposed for all to see, let’s take a look at some ridiculous assertions from a mathematical point of view. First of all is the matter of “the echo chamber of old white people.” All persons, white, black, brown, yellow and multi-racial over 65 only comprise 13% of the population of Missouri. If every single one of them had voted “no,” the remainder would have been 61.8% voting yes. He implied that St Louis and Kansas City’s inner city vote was so under-represented as to affect the outcome. In point of fact the two inner cities voted “Yes” over 41% each. Had they both been a solid “no” vote, the issue would have still passed by a 65-35 margin statewide. No other county in the state of Missouri voted “no”. Many of those counties voted well in excess of 80%. At the least, it’s long past time for Mr. Williams to hone up his math skills.

The larger sadness in Williams’ performance is renewal of his view of issues through the lens of racism. By assuming that posture, he invalidates his value to Fox News or any other responsible organization. His new-found openness on racial attitudes also reflects the stated position of our president. He (Obama) promised that it would become a moot issue when in fact racial relations are at their lowest point in decades. Many thinking people have ideological differences with this administration which have absolutely nothing to do with race. It contributes little to any conversation to gratuitously inject it.

Those who forsake intellect for the momentary satisfaction of hurling epithets like Nazi, racist, queer, cracker, et al, are resorting to a level of schoolyard bulling. Mr. Williams, I really thought you were above that sort of thing. Apparently, I was wrong.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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