Wednesday, August 11, 2010

“After the Ball is Over ------“

Few remember that song but it could well be the theme for the Obama administration. The Rasmusssen presidential index this morning showed likely voters registered a -22 on the index which measures strongly as the major component of disapproval. In the generic approve/disapprove it was -13 among likely voters. This marked a low point for the current administration on both sets of data.. These numbers vastly exceed the margin of error on polling of any sort.

The euphoria of the campaign and the early days of the administration have now passed and the realities of failure are now apparent. It has reached the point where some of this administration’s harshest critics are on the extreme left; apparently he is not destroying the country fast enough to suit some of them. After eighteen months of an economy in free- fall, a southern border which invites invasion, an un-constitutional bill on socialized medicine which even the congress has not read, and an insistence on appeasement of Islamic terrorists heads up that onrush to destruction.

Through it all, he has maintained a separation from the American people. With the exception of some outstanding hoopsters and a clutch of golfers, he shows little interest in those who comprise the population. He treats the hoi polloi as an inconvenience. For all his alleged education it is obvious that he thinks vox populi is a contagious disease and to be shunned. One benefit is that we need not worry about a tell-all book written by a knowledgeable friend who is close enough to spill the beans and embarrass the president. That person does not exist in Barry’s world. In today’s middle school, he would come home with a report card notation: “doesn’t play well with others.”

Any NFL coach with a 0-16 record is busy looking over his shoulder waiting for the “new guy” to take over his slot running the team. They, however, are overseen by a group of directors who understand the business end of sport and seek a talent which can elevate the franchise; no matter how slightly. I choose that metaphor because race is not a factor in the NFL. If you can do the job—you get it. If you can run, pass, block, kick or coach well, that is the first consideration. If you can’t, you are gone.

In America, we give the “coach” a four year contract. We the people still have control of his “players.” We will, in November, have the opportunity to hire as many as we choose for the new team. If we manage to replace enough of the dead wood, we can yet field a group of capable legislators and “turn this thing around.” We the people are the ones responsible for that. If we fail, we shall lose. If we succeed, we still have a fighting chance. It’s hard to start from scratch but that is the challenge which our nation must face. The time has come to dispense with pie in the sky and replace those who do not have the nation’s interest at heart.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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