Friday, August 13, 2010

Military Voting Rights Denied

Sorting through the issues of the day, this one stabs right through the heart. We have an all-volunteer military made up of those who see their responsibility and respond to it. For the most part, they see their duty and act upon their obligation to the nation and to their fellow citizens. At the present time, there is in progress a move to deprive them of their right to vote. It is difficult to imagine what sort of persons would actively work to dis-enfranchise those Americans whose total effort is to defend this nation and perpetuate our values to others in a messed up world.

Certain states have sought waivers to avoid the MOVE act and not send absentee ballots to the troops 45 days in advance of the election in November. Any delay in that time frame would result in barring the voice of some of America’s most important citizens to express themselves by ballot. This “Dirty Dozen” need to get their legislatures “off the dime” and take care of their interests while they are busy overseas doing the real work of defending the concepts of liberty and US interest. Who are they?













Some states (Florida, Georgia and Vermont) managed to get that job done in a timely manner. Normally, the secretary of state processes withdrawal of waiver requests. Failure to seek withdrawal of these waivers demonstrates a blatant disregard for those members of our military who have already sacrificed far more than the average bear.

We are already very aware of the Department of Justice’s position on voting rights as we watch the dismissal of the Black Panther interference suit in the process in 2008. This is an issue of far greater magnitude not just in the numbers but also in the unconscionable depravation of this group’s rights.

Personally, I would endorse the concept that any state which is unwilling to properly enfranchise their citizens in the military should be forced to delay the entire result until the total legitimate vote can be tabulated. I am sick and tired of hearing “it’s for the children,” “it’s for your health,” “it’s for your own safety,” and the rest of the nanny state crap. These people in the military are willing to put their lives on the line to defend these cretins.

If you have any respect for those who are willing to fight and die for you and your state’s name is on that list; follow up by contacting your individual secretary of state, state legislators, etc. to right this grievous wrong. This is disgraceful. It needs to be done NOW!

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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