Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday Morning Rant 159

It has been so hot here that when I found it had cooled to 91°, I immediately cranked up the lawn mower and started chasing it again. That 4 acre yard is sure pretty when it’s all tidied up but it is a daunting task when you face mowing it with a 21’ mower. For what it’s worth, that 22 mile stroll behind the “Troy-built” is just the ticket for keeping 78 year old bones and muscles in good shape. You know the old line—no pain, no gain.

Brilliance from Giffords in Arizona 8

A poster on the "Vail Spot" Mark Beres, USAF (ret) happens to live in that congressional district. It is made up of all of Cochise and eastern parts of Pima and Santa Cruz counties in extreme southeast Arizona. It is also home to some of the most violent of the exchanges between the renegade Mexican drug cartels and miles of unguarded border which typify our porous international boundary.

As a former resident of Cochise county and with family (9 persons in total) living in the district I entertained the idea those citizens had good sense. It turns out—not so much. Apparently she was elected when the Democrat sweep commenced in 2007. She brought a satchel full of conflicting views. She opposed our involvement in Iraq. She currently supports the action in Afghanistan. She supports SB 1070 yet seeks amnesty for illegal immigrants. On other issues she is steadfast: pro-choice, anti NRA, NARAL etc..

One can only wonder where she stands on the curtailment of NASA. In 2007, she married one of the last astronauts, Navy Captain, Mark Kelly who was commander of STS-124 which went into orbit May 31, 2008 and participated in three other space missions.

The remaining issue then to both Mark Beres and your host is this: when she had the opportunity to question the theater commander in Afghanistan, General David Petraeus in a House Committee setting, what was she thinking? She inquired: “General Petraeus, what are you doing to reduce carbon emissions in the war on terror?”

Mark makes the following observation: “Gabrielle Giffords is the poster-child for what is wrong with the US Congress. We are being led by imbeciles.” By that I’m sure he means the question was imbecilic. By definition, that would indicate a feebleminded person with the intelligence of a 3 to 7 year old. That comparison does a disservice to mentally challenged persons everywhere. I would have preferred “asinine” which is defined as “an inexcusable failure to exercise intelligence or sound judgment.” It’s no big deal; perhaps Mark is closer after all.

No mention has been made of the general’s response.

Court Rules on GPS Tracking

A US Appeals Court in Washington tossed the conviction of Antoine Jones because of the use of constant GPS tracking device attached to his car without a warrant. The court maintained that the state had based their case on an illegal activity.

"It is one thing for a passerby to observe or even to follow someone during a single journey as he goes to the market or returns home from work," the court opinion said.

"It is another thing entirely for that stranger to pick up the scent again the next day and the day after that, week in and week out, dogging his prey until he has identified all the places, people, amusements, and chores that make up that person's hitherto private routine."

Although it would have been beneficial to remove this individual from activity in pursuance of his illegal drug trade, it does mark a victory for privacy. Apparently the 4th amendment is still alive and well in some quarters.

To see this case for what it actually is, it is necessary to ask if you would wish to have each and every movement of your personal car, no matter how innocent, publicly recorded. Keep in mind that it would register every traffic error as well. Each time, place and frequency of your church attendance, shopping habits, leisure activity, and God forbid, your romantic trysts, would then become a matter of public record.

Sometimes, even the courts get it right.

Flying a False Flag?

Although this is a separate issue, it is relative to an above item about Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ-8) and a potential challenger for her seat in congress. Jesse Kelly has filed as a Republican to oppose Giffords with the supposition he represents Tea Party interests. A closer look reveals the 29 year old Kelly has little in his resume to verify that association.

He is reported to be a good speaker, has (as yet unrevealed) military credentials, and is a fresh face on the Arizona political scene. With little background in any politics it is difficult to assess his sincerity. He registered Republican at roughly the same time he filed for office. As a mediocre high school student he dropped out of college and does have some experience in the family business, Don Kelly Construction, which is accused of accepting a large dose of stimulus funds from the federal government.

This young marine may well be the real deal. On the other hand, it has become apparent that those who wish to discredit the Tea Party have sought to falsify the credentials of potential candidates to misrepresent their goals. For those who vote in AS -8, we would encourage a thorough personal investigation followed by active support for those candidates who understand the perils facing the nation and to vote accordingly.

Further, on a national basis, beware of those who, through the lack of centralized structure in the Tea Party and a formal endorsement process, may claim associations which do not exist. This practice has been widely reported in districts nationwide and requires that we verify the sincerity of each person running for higher office. The November elections are critical to the nation’s health and will require abandonment of normal voter laziness and active participation in the process. Do it; your continued comfort depends upon it.

And finally,

Our little pal, Gus, learned all he needed to know about wasps this morning. We have noticed an up tick in their activity this year and both Granny and I have suffered for it. At 195 pounds, I am certain that their affect on me will be far less than that on Gus at 16 pounds. It does pose the question; why this year? I suppose it’s possible they are as irritated by the heat and lack of rain as the rest of us. Normally, the pain from the bite lasts for about 24 hours so I guess he’ll come out from under the bed tomorrow.

During the sermon on Sunday, I noted that the preacher came dangerously close to expressing a political opinion from the pulpit. Ever circumspect, he narrowly avoided it but still managed to register his disapproval of the California judge who ignored the will of their voters in overturning their proposition protecting the Sanctity of Marriage. One sensed his outrage bubbling very near the surface and I found it understandable. He’s a better man than I am—obviously.

If you happen to see any rain anywhere, we’d appreciate it if you’d shoo it our way. Thanks.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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