Saturday, September 4, 2010

Rabbi Daniel Lapin Nails It

I tuned in the last half of Glen Beck on Fox and caught a discussion with pastor Miles McPherson, Rabbi Daniel Lapin, and the guy, Dave Roever, who had the phosphorous grenade blow up in his face. They are each men of exceptional faith and apparently close enough to their Maker to have a better understanding of Him and His teachings.

The startling revelation came with the remarks from Rabbi Lapin. For the atheist, he assigned a comparison to a parasite. Like his natural counterpart, he is willing to feed on the host and contribute nothing. The atheist American citizen is willing to insist on constitutional protections from a document which not only references God but was written by the founders who publicly asked for His guidance. He further absorbs the benefits, both charitable and moral, which the faithful contribute to society. While attitudes which reflect goodness, mercy, compassion, acceptance, and general order are not unique to the faithful they are frequently doctrinally required and generally govern their behavior.

People of faith, admittedly to widely varied experience, have a generally accepted set of moral guidelines which supercede their individual selfish desires and create fewer problems in society. The atheist then enjoys the protections afforded by theses attitudes when he is careless with his property, when he enters an unmarked intersection, when he enjoys the price structure of businesses which enjoy minimal pilferage. Beyond property, the atheist enjoys the courtesy, the smiles, the modulated speech, the occasional aid, and the peace which a deep faith provides Or, in other words, just about every aspect of his life has a benefit provided by those who acknowledge a Higher Power.

Are all persons of faith perfect? Heavens no! Once they have erred, however, they are taught to seek forgiveness, make necessary restitution, repent of further duplicate action, and strive to continue to live their lives in concert with God.

Rabbi Lapin, your observation is spot on. When man has God as a constant companion there is a highly visible and beneficial affect upon society as a whole for which, we thank Him.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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