Monday, August 30, 2010

Afterthoughts on Glenn Beck, Faith and Rallies

The 828 rally on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial is over—or has it just begun?

The most common complaint from the liberal left is the intrusion of faith into what was anticipated to be a political rally. They seem disappointed that direct assaults on the president, congress, and Democrat Party hacks were downplayed in favor of the elevation of God in our lives. It is apparent that they consider playing the “God” card is dirty politics. From their narrow view of matters spiritual, it probably is.

As we listen to the Beck detractors, it becomes increasingly obvious that they have never listened to a full broadcast of his nightly show on Fox. They describe his daily sermons in any number of different pejoratives to dismiss the very obvious impact of his faith on his life. They grow extremely uncomfortable with his constant acknowledgment of God’s presence in his now successful existence. This is typical of those who do not have the benefit of including God in their lives. If you are part of the liberal elite you are above such plebian interests. They become even more offended if you include God’s only begotten son, Jesus Christ.

Even for those who only watch his show, even occasionally, you have heard him acknowledge his failures, his gained insight into his error, and his subsequent repentance. Like your host, with unqualified support from the Almighty, he managed to identify his problems with alcohol and turned his life around to a straighter, narrower path. He listened and then finally heard and understood the road to recovery which depends upon the faith to enjoy the help of a Higher Power.  The principal goal then is not to atain perfection; but forgiveness.

To a fellow sufferer, he carries the none-too-subtle outward signs of recovery. It takes one to know one and in his case, it is obvious. What is difficult to explain to those who haven’t had the experience is the presence of overwhelming gratitude for the progress of the recovery. After a personal thirty years in recovery, be advised that the use of the word “cure” is never appropriate. It is unrealistic, overly optimistic, and inappropriate for the condition. For those in pursuit of relief from the addiction, alcohol is described as “cunning, baffling and powerful.”

When we consider the man in the appreciation of his struggle for recovery, it then becomes very easy to understand his acknowledgment and appreciation of God. Even in the face of a massive ego, he has shown a willingness to sublimate himself to further his hard won beliefs. For him not to give God the Glory and recognize Him as the most important factor directing his life would be to deny the most important event in his life—the date his recovery commenced.

Lacking this experience, his critics—and they are legion—continue to see all things through the lens of their own eyes and minds. They are hard wired to believe that all things spring from their inner most thoughts and actions to the exclusion of a higher power. They see their individual success coming from themselves with no assistance attributable to any source other than secular. When Beck gives due credit to others and his personal concept of God, they find embarrassment that he is willing to share the joy. He is willing to realize that although man has done some remarkable things he has been subject to a guiding force. His detractors rigidly insist upon the supremacy of man and their own private ideas.

When all is said and done, the hardest pill to swallow is, his obvious success which speaks to the wisdom of his beliefs. The size of the crowd on the National Mall on 8/28 screams in agreement with the message which was delivered. How many complaints have been heard from those in attendance about the text given? Beck fans knew in advance, from experience, what the program would be. They had invested time and effort to understand the man and anticipate what would be going on. They were not in the least surprised by any of it. In fact, many traveled hundreds of miles to see in person that which had become so familiar on their home TV’s.

It is little wonder that those who are put off by the presence of God in their lives and in public, would find a wealth to criticize. Would this then qualify as an “inconvenient truth?” As a point of fact, we find that there are millions of Americans who relish the opportunity to be with and hear those who share their beliefs. Their individual local faiths are then overridden by the more general realization of a single benevolent God. May He be with them always.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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