Friday, September 3, 2010

Glenn Beck – A Clearer Understanding

Love him or hate him, you have to admit that he has made his mark on the current unsteady political scene. Some were disappointed that he did not firmly ally with the Tea Party movement. Others thought he should have had an all-out assault on the current administration. A small percentage seemed resentful that he obviously relies upon God Almighty for direction and his moral values. None, however, accused him of not having a wealth of ideas and personal opinions.

By now, observers have dissected his every word to determine his aims both clearly stated and subliminal. His choice of date (the anniversary of the MLK “I had a Dream” speech,) his reliance upon the appropriate numbers of peoples of color as speakers, the massive crowd (now accepted as roughly about a half million,) directed the event to more of a commemoration than a typical political rally. That was as it should be. Even the venue (the Lincoln Memorial, the western anchor of the National Mall) served the purpose he came to share.

For the best recap I have seen, so far, I strongly recommend you visit the "Chicago Boyz" website and read the article by Lexington Greene. He examines with crystal clarity, Beck’s purpose and the possible impact it could have upon the nation. It has also attracted hundreds of commenters, 90% of whom agree with Beck to a greater or lesser degree. I promise your understanding of the event will be greatly enhanced by following the link.

I greatly regret that circumstance prevented my attendance at this event. I believe that it may prove to be a turning point in the struggle to regain our collective national purpose and our historic identity. Now, go back and click on the link and enjoy Lexington Greene’s evaluation of the event and, more important, the man.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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