Monday, September 6, 2010

Monday Morning Rant 163

I don’t know about you but I have long suffered from am overdose of self-, and over-confidence. From the standpoint of achieving a few minor victories in life it has served me well. From other circumstance, it has led to unanticipated disappointment. Part of this is slathering everything I see with a huge covering of optimism. I’m the guy you hear about who is constantly leveling the pile of manure looking for the pony.

After a long and happy life, I looked back and rethought some of the successes. In every case, it was not the self-confidence and the optimism which carried the day but rather, preparedness, hard work, and fighting the good fight to the finish. That last is especially important when it comes to the November elections. In that case, November 2nd is an important date but not as significant as Nov. 1—or Oct. 22—or Sept 15th—or for that matter, today. It is on those days and the other sixty we have left in which we will have to do yeoman’s work. Work, which, as an individual citizen we can do to insure a strong change in the government.

We need to buttonhole voters to be certain they clearly understand the threats which exist with government as it is. It’s not enough just to ask some one if they are registered. If they are not, help them through the process. Solicit any unanswered questions they have and be prepared to answer them honestly. Be certain that their transportation to the polls is covered. If you are comfortable doing so, local political action committees need volunteers to do dozens of jobs from licking envelopes to phone banks to individual solicitations of support. And yes, every campaign from Senator to dog catcher can always use a few extra bucks as well.

This is not about “change”, it is about restoration of the republic. Those folks you need to contact are your fellow workers, church members, members of your lodge or organization, people you encounter regularly where you shop and even live next door and we need their vote if this campaign is to be successful. Keep in mind there is no need to embarrass them over past decisions. The only election which counts is the next one.

No upcoming election can be taken for granted. Just because your candidate is in the lead according to the latest poll, he cannot win without your presence in the voting booth. The fact your guy is surging in the polls is a suggestion that he may win--it is not a guarantee. If your favorite candidate fails by one vote you can be at ease knowing it’s not your fault the deciding voter wasn’t contacted by you. The only poll that matters is the one we must all participate in on November 2nd.

For an effective and convincing win in November, it is absolutely essential that we take nothing for granted. Each pre-electoral activity, no matter how small it may seem at the time, is necessary to gain recovery for the nation. The time has come for each individual citizen to realize that his is the face of continued liberty.

“Non” News from the Labor Front

Enjoy Labor Day with the realization that unemployment continues apace at 9.6%. By stubbornly continuing governmental payroll taxes, prospective employers are looking for any excuse not to hire replacement workers. Rather than reduce or eliminate completely this onerous burden, many find it more productive to increase the load on the existing staff or replace, where possible, lack of personnel with machinery.

Obama has engineered the extension of unemployment benefits to 99 weeks. This benefit from an administration which promises recovery in seasonal terms—can you say; “Recovery Summer?” It’s an historic high for this boon for the last sixty-five years. Those who deal in these statistics suggest that they encourage workers to accept the hand out and not look for employment. The psychological damage to those involved is equivalent to the result of having a reduced income.

Among my friends and neighbors, a man is appraised by his labor. Every new acquaintance, from the humble to the high, suffers the inquiry about the nature of his employment. No matter the response, there is an implied praise by the questioner, acknowledging the worth of gainful service to the community. If he works for the local trash service picking up discards from the curb, the worth of his efforts are well noted. If he is a professional of some sort, the benefit of his labor is also cited in the questioner’s response. I choose to believe that this is not peculiar to the Ozarks but a universal American trait. Today, however, folks dread the painful admission that our new friend is unemployed and “on the dole.”

Unlike Europe, people here in the US folks are apt to brag about extra hours and surviving an excessive workload. We’ve all heard it and subliminally mark a plus on our perception of the person who claims the distinction. You get no points for working under forty hours or otherwise shirking the norm. We are an exceptional people and this is one of strongest reasons why.

So what does this say about our chief executive and his compliant congress? It simply further underlines just how horribly out of touch this collective mob is with everyday Americans. Beyond the beltway, this is common knowledge. Within the outer ring, we appear to be a mysterious cult. God help the ignorant.

And Finally

After the lengthy complaints over the lack of rain, we finally got a bunch. So much, in fact, I found it necessary to commence mowing again after a one month hiatus. What a joy to watch the brittle, brown, and beleaguered yard regain its former appearance.

Additionally, the status of the level of reserve in the well is no longer our top priority. It is likely that our new found conservation measures will continue if for no other reason than sheer habit.

We would advertise that we trust in God to provide every needful blessing. In point of fact, we must admit that sometimes we wish He would hurry things along a little bit. As a result, perhaps it is better to realize He is still in charge, He loves and protects us, and He will do what is necessary, in accordance with His plan. I think I’ll just say “Thank you, Lord” and let it go at that.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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