Friday, September 3, 2010

Car Czar Rattner Joins Rats Deserting the Ship

Part of politics is that sooner or later someone is going to make the mistake of telling the truth; or, at the least, the truth as they see it. The obvious result is, not all your former associates in government are going to be thrilled to hear the revelations. Such is the case with Steven Rattner who most recently was the “czar” in charge of the auto takeover of GM and Chrysler.

Rattner has written a book, “Overhaul” which could probably benefit from the buzz over the “tell all” nature of the contents. In the text he observes Obama making political decisions about fiscal matters regarding the auto takeover. The former New York Times Reporter has a few problems of his own to deal with. Apparently the SEC has an interest in some self promotions of investments and the use of political leverage.

Part of the appeal of the “czar” positions is the salving of the narcissistic personality which requires that elevated acknowledgment. As November grows nearer, look for more of these folks coming forward with their own version of their experiences with a fellow sufferer. Let us hope it becomes equivalent of a pen full of ravenous wolves.

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Cecil Moon

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