Saturday, July 31, 2010

Presidents Come and Go

Born during the administration of Herbert Hoover, I confess I have no recollection of him. Roosevelt’s inauguration was about two months before my first birthday and he was the only president our country had for the next twelve years. In the interval, the presidents have been Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush (G.H.W.), Clinton, Bush (G. W.), and Barack Hussein Obama.

Of these fourteen men, we note that there is an even split of party affiliation with consecutive shared result due to elevation of the vice president because of either death or resignation with only one exception—Reagan/Bush. May we assume that incumbency is no guarantee of re-election to the nation’s highest office? We are a fickle people who appear to be looking for solutions by installing new management. Unfortunately, few folks really examine the potential chief executive based upon facts which indicate policy and governing style and it has often turned into little more than a beauty contest. In some cases, that has had a successful result—in others, not so much.

Depending upon your personal politics, you will probably view the list from that perspective and your approval of these men will vary from your neighbor. No matter how wise or bone-headed they may appear, consistent with your personal view, almost all shared at least momentarily, a measure of patriotism and support for the stated goals sought for America by its founders. They came equipped to honor our traditions and history in public and appeared unembarrassed to do so. All came to the office with substantial executive or legislative experience and picked vice-presidents of capable stature as well. Only one, Roosevelt, chose a running mate with legitimate Communist credentials, Henry A. Wallace (’41-’45,) to be replaced by Truman in ’45. Wallace was the highest person in government with that background until the present day. Collectively, their service in time of war either as former participants or as Commander in Chief was worthy of notice and expressed their feelings for their country as defenders. In some cases, that experience was the making of the man as it often is.

With that exceptional shared background, one might seriously question the results of the latest addition to the oval office roster. If ever there was a “beauty contest” gone wrong, we are currently experiencing it. Even among the most wrong-headed of former presidents, there were none so blatant in expressing disdain for our country, its system of laws, and the will of the people.

As a conservative, I found Jimmy Carter a distasteful president but was never tempted to accuse him of plotting the intentional destruction of the republic. Like the sainted Jack Kennedy, he was a Navy veteran, and understood the underpinnings of a constitutional republic. Lyndon Johnson, although not a favorite during his time in office, proved to be removed from the push to cede Viet Nam and did a worthy thing by refusing to seek another term rather than send more men to their deaths in that war. Each of these individuals demonstrated a singular characteristic—conscience. They were each man enough to stand against the enemies of the nation at one time or another. For all his faults, even Clinton understood the requirements of a patriotic stance. This is a character component which is not to found in the current president.

Recognizing American exceptionalism does not depend upon prior military service although it is a plus. A severely handicapped Roosevelt could hardly have been expected to “join up.” Many of our earliest presidents found themselves thrust into the heat of battle at one time or another whether by choice or not. America has been the object of aggression from its earliest days and avoiding conflict has been nearly impossible. Ever since the American Revolution a huge variety of nations have sought to take unfair advantage of our growing pains. There is little evidence to support any desire on the part of this president to sustain the military superiority of our nation. Rather than a sustained and mighty effort he has offered instead a “time line” for the cessation of hostilities. That comprises then a “get of jail free” card for an ambitious aggressor.

Hostile action is only one of the ways which are utilized to destroy our exceptionalism. The continued “Balkanization” of our society through emphasis on the differences among our peoples whether through focusing on color, national origin, economic structure, or gender serve only to weaken our mutual strength. Rather than recognize the importance of how well such a diverse nation’s people get along he has chosen the path of separation of each individual group. It is an age old strategy of divide and conquer. His prior significant experience was with ACORN, an organization dedicated to a unilateral approach to solving social problems of a favored group. To counter this dangerous attitude, we must as a people, exercise our opportunity for free association and recognize the worth of individuals based upon their unique assets and their contribution to society regardless of those characteristics which he would use to divide us. We cannot afford prejudice in any of its ugly presentations.

We can no longer afford to indulge our tendencies to “go along to get along.” When faced with lies, deception, and unreasonable fiscal activity, we must become aroused and do every thing in our power to protest. We have reached a point where prudence does not allow us to just say, “Let George do it.” The long stifled conversations with family and friends must come to a halt. We must, as true Americans, take the fight for the restoration of this republic directly to our enemy. Our nation was founded by men of peace who recognized a threat to their God given rights and gave of their best to correct those wrongs. Are we less than the men of Concord, Lexington, and Bunker Hill?

I truly believe that the American people, once informed and alert will come to their own rescue. It has been thus since the day of our founding and this nation will only continue if we can manage to defend ourselves from our own leaders. We are not a democracy. We are a constitutional republic with a sacred documnet which outlines our rights given by nature’s God. These rights are well understood by those who seek to destroy us and we, as citizens, must understand them also.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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