Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday Morning Rant 158

As the temperature continued to climb (95°!) and the relative humidity was a scant 20 points shy, the church provided a welcome shelter. Isn’t it always? Even after some fiery remarks from the pulpit, the congregation was relieved to be inside. One can only wonder what folks did before air conditioning became common. Oh, I remember; we all had fans from the local funeral home. Of course, back then the ladies all wore hats and gloves to church. Today, although modestly attired, they don’t seem to be going for uncomfortable style points.

Odumbo’s at it Again

Hot Air has an interesting poll which it is running over the weekends. They have selected the stupidest, dumbest, most clueless responses of the week from the news by the president and submit them to the readership to determine which one is the most ignorant. With a week fraught with stupid remarks and actions the choices were many and readers were sorely challenged to identify the most severe faux pas.

“What was the Obamateurism of the Week (8/1)

“Change hasn’t come fast enough for too many Americans. I know that."

Obama says First Couple "not far removed" from economic pain in financial collapse despite making millions in 2008

Obama goes on the View, skips Scout Jamboree

Obama does photo op with unemployed convicted fraudster

"We are sort of a mongrel people."

To participate, just click here and give your opinion.

For a guy who was advertised as brilliant, he certainly does come up with some real jewels in the boner department. If you read the comments, please note how many of them mention that they found it very difficult to decide what was the dumbest thing he said or the action he took. Keep in mind he went to Harvard and Columbia.

Also at the link you will find some of the previous Obamateurisms-of-the week. I am pleased that someone has taken the time and trouble to document these.

Fraud, Deceit, and Congressional Privilege

We have long known that our congress is inhabited by miscreants. Finding Charlie Rangel before the senate ethics committee surely came as no surprise to anyone. Most have long seen him as “public enemy number one“ in a field crowded for the title. Now we finally have Maxine Waters (D-CA) on the hot seat for using her office to an unfair advantage. It would appear that holding high office is just an avenue for some to milk it for dollars, perks, and privilege.

Before Republicans cast the first stone it would be wise to also examine some prior shenanigans which they have pulled. This is endemic to both sides of the aisle and equally inexcusable. At present, however, the scarcity of Republicans on Capitol Hill makes finding illegal activity among Democrats statistically easier. They are more than willing to accommodate even the most cursory investigation and seem almost eager to try on the orange jumpsuit they deserve.

Fear not, the ethics committees in both houses are well packed with a Democrat majority so don’t pack a “comfort box” to send to either of the mentioned reps anytime soon. No matter the severity of the offense you may count on it that neither will have to endure much more than the embarrassment of a slap on the wrist and perhaps a public apology. If that!

Quail, like Politicians, have some Smarts

Ask any veteran bird hunter about the toughest target acquisition in the sport and he will generally respond—quail. Once asked, be prepared for a lengthy tale involving from one to three dozen quail flying away in as many different directions with a widely varying altitude. He will describe the explosion of birds from a bush or low trees with great emphasis on their non-directional flight patterns. Once the birds are flushed, this becomes their greatest defensive tactic. The erratic flight path combined with a flurry of feathered wings and the utter confusion of the event has saved the lives of millions of quail. Most birds take off with a consideration of wind strength and direction—not quail. Their sole aim is to “get out of Dodge” and do it with speed.

Apparently the recent arrival of the president in Atlanta provoked a similar response among Democrat political figures in Georgia. Wisely avoiding the chance of being linked to Obama and his mistaken policies they flew off in every direction. For the full story from “11alive” in Atlanta, click here.

Apparently they feel “he is for the birds.”

Fox News Acquires Front Row Seat

In a move which has liberal “undies in a bundle,” the White House Correspondents Association has moved Fox News to the front row for news conferences. The vacancy was created by ejecting Helen Thomas for anti-Semitic remarks. Although not enjoying the exact seat formerly occupied by Thomas (AP gets that prize) they now have a position which more accurately equates to their ratings.

NPR, which felt entitled to the front row, will move into the AP slot.

No comment was heard from Robert Gibbs.

For more details and comments, click here.

A Great Piece from the “Right Coast”

"Noonan for all to see

Tom Smith

Oh Peggy, Peggy. What is to be done with her? She writes in the WSJ to distance herself from the Tea Party, those enthusiastic women with large breasts in tight T-shirts and more alarmingly those men with large breasts in tight T-shirts, waving signs that say "Taxed Enuf!" or "We The People!" America is such a hard place to be an aspiring to be upper class Republican. If you were really upper class, you would be living off your great grandfather's buttonhook fortune and working on remodeling your barn for your darling Arabians. But poor Peggy like so many of us was not to the manor born and so has to convince her true audience that she is absolutely nothing like those white people waving signs. This is not all bad. The ferocious desire of the upper middle class to be truly upper class is one of the engines of American greatness. It's just too bad we don't have a Queen who could make her Lady Patricia of Potomac so she could just go away and be quiet and stop troubling us with her confusions. Peggy, my advice is, just give yourself permission to be a Democrat. It's OK. We understand. You think we're grubby, noisy, ill educated and don't know our place, and we think you're a pompous, posing RINO who wishes she were Patricia Harriman and isn't. So let's just agree to disagree." (read the rest)

And finally

The rain last week (.85”) served us well. Our prayer is that if the ten-day forecast holds that it will be enough to keep the well functioning. We are anticipating 95°+ days through next weekend. This is, however, the Ozarks and the weather can turn on a dime.

Granny reported seeing a wake (actually in flight they should be referred to as a “kettle” but I like “wake” better) of vultures this week in excess of a dozen and a half. Although no threat, that many huge birds circling overhead do give one pause. Happily, the object of their interest was never discovered but the local blacktop has been remarkably clear of “road-kill.” Hey; it’s all part of living in the woods.

We currently have little on our plate of change as we start our fourth year on the internet. We shall stalwartly continue to oppose the current administration specifically and most incumbency generally. Our lone agreement with the president lies in the need for change. It is not too late—YET! Be prepared for dirty tricks, deception, Chicago style tactics, and the usual menu of manufactured crisis. Remember to attend a local Tea Party and lend your voice. While you’re at it, pray till your knees are sore. Then, pray some more.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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