Friday, July 30, 2010

All Together Now ...

Please join Granny and me and we’ll sing one more “Happy Birthday” to Zion Beckons.  Yep, we have reached the ripe old age of three.

In late July of 2007, we had a conversation about starting a blog. Actually, she brought it up and I reminded her that it was an undertaking fraught with duty. I protested that once you start, you gain a reader here and there and the next thing you know, people come to depend upon you to keep going. Others, of course, say “who cares” and never really get started. I know this because my favorites list is bulging with sites I don’t read regularly. But, thankfully, we do have a few folks who stubbornly continue to check on our opinions—some daily.

Ever since our first post (by Granny) on July 29, 2007, we now, mostly I, have managed to gain a readership from every state and a couple of dozen foreign countries scattered over every inhabited continent.. Of the 755 posts published (so far) we find the most often checked upon is a continuing pre-Super Bowl feature celebrating the “Puppy Bowl.” Animal Planet does it every year for those who find puppies cavorting on a faux football field more entertaining that watching millionaires from the NFL crack heads. Through clever camera placement, you even get to see what a puppy looks like from his water bowl’s perspective. Our counter also reveals that 35% of you hang around long enough to read more than one post. This information comes from our “Statcounter” software which keeps us in touch with the statistical side of maintaining a website.

As we enter our fourth year we shall remain dedicated to opinionating on the exceptionalism of America; it’s constitution, which protects our God-given rights and privileges and those men and women in the armed services who serve to insure the continuation of the republic. We shall also find fault with those who for whatever reason can’t quite understand the fundamental premise upon which the country was founded. In their ever-increasing numbers, they represent a “target rich” group which has rightfully earned our scorn.

In the near term, at least until November 2nd, we shall also concentrate on those members of the congress who need to be replaced if we are ever to rebuild the nation. I say “we” because in the end, it is those of us, who vote, pay taxes, work, invest, buy and sell, and remain aware of affairs of government who will ultimately be responsible for the outcome. Whether it sits well with the current administration or not, we continue to be “We the people.”

As a reminder; Zion Beckons is for you. Criticism, correction of error, and comments are always welcome from our readership. We are a small and insignificant voice in the clutter of today’s blogosphere so trolls stand out and will probably be ignored.

Thank you for your support and for allowing us to continue. Always keep in mind that even though he has demonstrated that “he can’t,” through the grace of God and working with His purposes in mind, “We Can” restore this country to its former glory and prosperity.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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