Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Come on Doug; don't Sugar Coat it.

A sometime contributor and frequent commenter on Knowledge is Power has no history of modulated speech. He has a special talent for getting down to the nitty-gritty on matters political and has target acquisition skills regarding liberals and other false patriots. The following is an extract from Knowledge is Power which I found especially compelling. Rather than just link it, here is the whole piece:

“Because I’m getting’ more’n more pi==ed off at Obolshevik treachery, that’s why.

The following is for you state-worshiping jackasses of every stripe:

I don’t give a flying fig if you, personally, are willing to trade your freedom and liberty for some fantasy government system or program that promises peace or comfort or socio-economic “justice” or oneness with the universe or a better mommy or whatever delusion you host. I understand, really. I know people like you. Forgive my bluntness, but you are the lowest form of H.sapiens on the planet (i.e. anywhere). You are traitors to civilized man’s eternal quest for freedom. You are traitors to the millions who toiled, still toil, fought, still fight, suffered, still suffer, died, and will die for freedom. You are traitors to the millions who lost their family, their freedom, their ambitions, and everything they had in order to attain, preserve, or improve freedom. You are traitors to your fellow Americans who know what freedom is. You are traitors to new Americans and free men in spirit around the World who know what non-freedom is, perhaps even your own brain-dead version of it. You hold your freedom cheaply. Understand this, you treacherous cowards: I . do . not! Most of the people I know do not! Real Americans do not! Free men in spirit around the World do not! Some of us value it equal to our lives and our way of life (see: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness) and have volunteered to die for it (including yours) and to kill for it (including you, if it ever comes to that).

My point is this: you may cede your natural rights and your personal freedom, but you have no right to ask the rest of us to sacrifice ours for any reason, not even for “our best interests” or “the good of all” (the bold-hand signatures of tyrants throughout history) but especially not to ease your petty senses of guilt or self-loathing or to bolster your ego or image as a good person. Do not even hint that you represent us, and do not boast to those that would crush our freedom that you and those as delusional as you can succeed in overcoming our selfish resistance to your distopian nightmares. You are a scavenger on human misery, misfortune, and historical injustice. You are a disease on human civilization. Worst of all, you are my hated enemy; because you threaten the things I love and value above all else. Be warned.

Thatisall. “

Doug M

In a world of political correctness, I found Doug’s comment quite refreshing. It will not gain many loyal friends at your next cocktail party inside the beltway but certainly leaves little doubt about his true feelings.

For other opinions on KisP, feel free to click here for that website.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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