Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ra smussen, -20, -12

Every morning at 9 sharp (CDT) I take the public pulse from the most reliable and proven polling source I know; Rasmussen Polls. As a reminder, they poll only potential voters and express presidential approval first by their results for those who “strongly approve/disapprove” and then by a simple “approve/disapprove” number. Given their track record by comparing their numbers with actual results of elections, they render the most reliable predictions. For a comprehensive report on their polling data, click here.

Obviously, there is a margin of error which must be factored into any evaluation. The president’s numbers have long since exceeded that qualifier. The single day reporting then becomes important only in the trends which one may gain from following the numbers.

The above link will take you to that report which covers the entirety of this presidential term. I urge you to scroll to the early days, note the ups and downs, and try to remember the dates of the immediate crisis which affected the numbers.

This morning the “strongly approve/disapprove” index stood at -20%. While, as a far right partisan, I find that gratifying, I have come to believe that the more general “approve/disapprove” numbers which are less spectacular are a more dependable indicator of the general public mindset. Today that index stood at -12%.

It is heartening to watch more and more Americans expressing themselves with collective disdain for this administration. -20,-12 is good (and coincident with an import year) but it will require even stronger numbers to dislodge this pox upon our house.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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