Saturday, December 5, 2009

Rebuttal re: HSUS

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“Please see the HSUS statement on this as well.”

I have been to the website, checked the blog and remain unconvinced.

”We're no (sic) affiliated with local shelters, but that doesn't mean we don't do a lot for them.”

And that would be what? Do you supply food, veterinary care, and money for containment, shelter, or training? You know, the real costs which are borne by the local shelters and not spent on lobbying.

“Whether its (sic) through our Animal Care Centers, or through our emergency services (we've rescued over 9700 animals in 2009), we help animals on the ground and on the legislative front.”

9700 rescues would work out to 197 per state per year or roughly 3 per country per year. We rescue more than that as a family and without a revenue base of $204,000,000 or $2474 per animal. My wife, and the owner of this blog, went to Louisiana in the Katrina aftermath and actually did real work in animal rescue for Noah’s Wish without compensation or any agenda to destroy the country.

”Our multi national agenda is clear - stop cruelty.”

The “national agenda” was clearly and fairly evaluated in the blog post on Zion Beckons and it amounted to far more than “stop cruelty.” Most of the items in the agenda were extracted from the wording on the website published by HSUS.

Read our CEO's blog if you want to hear it first hand, or visit our website.”

I read it and saw little which would alter my opinion. It sounded pretty much like a PETA rehash.

Thank you for your comment.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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