Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday Morning Rant 121

Another exciting week has come and gone and left the residual damage we have come to expect from this administration. Increasing exposure of falsified data on a prestigious university’s studies of climate change, flummoxing of the secret service at the State Dinner, the sudden realization that Harry Reid can’t come up with the numbers necessary to deliver socialized medicine with a senate vote, have filled the air and the air waves. Some days a fella’ just can’t catch a break.

With each passing day, the poll numbers in resistance to the policies and personalities in the White House get thinner to the delight of the opposition conservatives. We went into Thanksgiving with the strongly approve/strongly disapprove numbers at a whopping -15 on Rasmussen. Since they only poll “likely voters” and not the population at large we may safely take some joy in their ratings. There is real danger lurking in all these positive developments.

For some peculiar reason, those on the right seem to gather hesitancy when confronted with gradual success. We have difficulty going for the jugular when circumstances are right and the left is reeling. After considerable time reading the Daily Kos comments on a couple of articles it was easy to see they had their “dobbers” down. Part of that was attributable to their dear leader’s hesitancy to totally adopt their radical left wing attitudes on absolutely every issue. The balance could be laid at the feet of failure to enact the agenda when the congress is totally under the thumb of the administration.. Fear was there for the reading as well as continuing doubt about the one’s capacity for governance—not just running for office but actually running the office. To build your confidence in the progress of conservative back-lash, reading the comments on Kos is highly recommended. They didn’t even get in their licks and accustomed insults about the “nefarious” Tea Party movement.

Four Officers Shot in Lakewood, WA

We are all waiting expectantly for the apprehension of the perpetrator and investigation of the motives for the senseless murder of four police officers in the greater Tacoma area. The four officers were collectively the parents of nine children and seated in a coffee shop a short distance from McChord AFB in the city’s southern suburbs in advance of the start of their shift. The officers, three male and one female, were together when the gunman came in, went to the counter, abruptly turned and opened fire at extremely close range. All were uniformed, fully equipped and wearing Kevlar.

Any death of any person is tragic. In the prime of life it is especially so. The gunman has changed the lives of the surviving families forever. There is no way to compensate for this loss. Although we realize the perpetrator will be pursued relentlessly and no doubt found, we all need to pray for the survivors in their loss and for their ability to carry on. The victims are in other, far more capable hands.

Tiger Woods

This is not a gossip column, super market tabloid, or reality TV. We respect his right to conduct his personal life with dignity and privacy. ‘Nuff said.

Victory in Honduras?

I believe that it is my love of our country, its history and its lawful values which draw me as more than an interested observer to the happenings in Honduras. I have never been there, I have never personally known a citizen, and my only personal knowledge of the country comes from my close relationship with a missionary with strong ties there and ongoing and transparent news reports.

I then conclude that my ties are largely ideologically in sympathy with their constitution and the population’s insistence that every person abide by it. If a government is formed by the people it needs be operational for those same people. The outsiders who would influence the events in Honduras have no rightful voice.

In the most recent election for president, in accordance with their laws, they have proven the efficacy of their system, properly elected their next president and are now ready to peacefully proceed with the business of government. The identity of the victor in the election is not nearly as important as the election itself. This success is a great disappointment to Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, and Spain who each and collectively held a vested interest in the election and no legitimate right to intrude. By asserting their constitutional independence, the Hondurans more closely mimic the intentions of their cousins in the Northern Hemisphere by so doing and our peoples become closer as a result.

It is an absolute defeat for the Obama factions who falsely labeled it as a “coup”, sent our secretary of state to lobby against it, and denied committed funds ($31 million) which others had earmarked for the poverty stricken country. By lining up on the wrong side of the issue, our president once again showed how out of touch he is in foreign relations and demonstrated his favor for bullies and despots at the expense of peace loving peoples and the rule of law.

And finally

Tomorrow is December 1 and this year is about shot. There was much which I should have accomplished during the last eleven months and a suitable roadblock arose for each task. Right now, everything is second fiddle to getting “Granny” fully operational again. We have rediscovered Job in our Bibles and thus realized that yes, things could indeed be worse. Like Job, we shall refrain from cursing God for our difficulties. We also continue to acknowledge the prayers of the faithful to strengthen us and accelerate her healing.

The natural world continues as a reminder that life goes on. Our primary visitors recently have included the nuthatch, small wrens, finches, gaudy cardinals and some monster jays. I find it amazing that, regardless of size, they wait patiently in nearby branches for availability of the feeder. It must seem as a bottomless source of bird seed to them.

I went to the large glass door looking out on the rear deck last night to turn off the porch light and was treated to a rare sight. Wandering about was the largest opossum I have ever seen. It was huge. The overall length, from tip to tail, was nearly four feet! Although I’m certain that somewhere there lurks one larger, I was definitely impressed. I continue to be grateful to God for the presence of these creatures and the reminder of the really important things of this world.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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Donald Borsch Jr. said...

Mr. Cecil,

As always, I enjoyed your MMR.

The opossum measuring, by your estimate, 4 feet long, would make a heckuva chili. I'm just saying. Growing up in Michigan I have eaten a opossum or two. I have ne'er seen one 4 feet long, though. I think I would have run the other way.

Tiger Woods: Like you said, it's his business. Agreed. More important things to consider these days than the possible infidelities, domestic disputes and hoopla being fomented by speculators with nothing better to do. Was the "Nuff said" a throwback to Stan Lee? Fanboys, unite!

Thanksgiving was awesome, of course. I wonder if liberals enjoy such gatherings as much as Conservatives? I mean, how can they? Don't liberals still feel guilty over the Pilgrims and all that? Hm.

Love what you're doing. Keep the faith and keep The Patriotic Faith as well. Long Live the Republic.

Donald in Bethel, CT