Thursday, December 3, 2009

Liberty, Job # l

Our preacher, who has a clear cut calling, and I were having a talk at the hospital this morning. As we waited for Jan to recover from heavy sedation and see for ourselves if God was still on the job (He is!) we chatted about the left-ward tilt evidenced by our president and the congress. To his credit, he would never dream of talking politics from the pulpit or while on any spiritual mission. As a personal friend I soon recognized his hunger for the latest discoveries which I had made and reported on these pages. We are definitely on the same wave length.

As we spoke, I noted an older man listening in on the conversation with great interest, and when some special point was made he gave an almost imperceptible nod. After a half hour or more of listening, he leaned our way and begged forgiveness for “eavesdropping.” We both assured him that there was nothing in our conversation that was privileged and apologized for disturbing him. He then said he had learned a great deal from what he heard and felt helpless that he couldn’t figure out how to contribute to the solutions rather than just stay aware of the problems.

Further rumination on this issue brought to mind the frustrations which many have as they find themselves in the role of unsupported patriots. He is not alone trying to figure out why the traditional avenues lead to dead ends. As Americans, we have found solutions to our shared problems usually resided in the hands of politicians we sent to Washington to represent us. Older citizens recall the days when the press also pressed for continuation of the values which we as Americans shared. If the problems we faced were external in nature we could always call on the military to wage a counter effort to whatever danger was presented to the republic. Through trust, these, with the help of the judiciary, were the dependable avenues for us to seek redress of grievance or threat.

The principle problems we face today are of a completely different nature. For the first readily recognized time we are facing our severest peril from within. With a president who has not only had many associates and role-models among the Marxists, we now find that he assigned many of those to high positions in government. He has openly challenged the metric of traditional leadership roles in the federal government. He has used methods which are not consistent with the constitutional mandates and circumvented the normal hiring practices to lard his surroundings with socialists. He has, in fact, brought about the nebulous “change” which he promised as a candidate.

For millions of citizens this has posed a huge problem. They now, like our new friend, find themselves without the standard protections which Americans have come to rely upon. They do not see the only obvious path to lead the country out of its own quagmire. The only available defense is now in the hands of each citizen. Reliable polls indicate opposition to nearly every issue which is currently being crammed down our throats. The collective thoughts of Americans reject almost every thing in the process of action in Washington. They didn’t want TARP, the stimulus package, cash for clunkers, big auto take over, bail outs for multi-billion dollar financial institutions, God relegated to the role of a historical curiosity, cap and trade, dithering in Afghanistan, endless national debt and socialized medicine. Each of the aforementioned has cost an enormous sum, and in the case of the war, lives. Through it all, John Q. Public stands both aghast at the government takeover and horrified at the cost. And still, the question remains: “What are we to do and who is responsible to do it?”

Here I have both good news and bad news. The monster of oppressive government can be overcome. The agent of change has to be—YOU! ME? YES YOU!! It is no longer possible to just watch the evening news, shake your head, curse and go on with your life. When the traditional remedies disappear it then filters on down to those of us who love the country enough to take whatever action we are able, to restore normalcy and justice to the republic. Obviously, there is a strong historical precedent for this thought and the steps required to manifest that action.

The men, who manned the militia grounds at Lexington, the bridge at Concord and took on the mightiest Army in the world at that time, were unlikely heroes. They were farmers, grocers, wheel-rights, kids, old men, hunters, fishermen, and carpenters who held weekend drills and carried arms from their own homes. Subsequently, those who forged the U.S. Constitution during years of disagreement were men of character, faith and skill who fully understood the needs of all the citizenry. You personally could have been part of either group.

Inasmuch as we have been abandoned by the politicians, the press, the presidency and the judiciary, the job belongs to the people. Does this mean that we should all rush out and join the throngs at the barricades? Not necessarily but that would be the final option. What it does mean is that we must all do our level best to ensure that we are heard. Past that, we must be informed by our own inquiry. There are a growing number of organizations which have your interests at heart. Many are listed on the side bars of this web-site. Yesterday’s pamphleteer is today’s blogger. Thomas Paine in character is alive and well in the active minds of those who communicate daily in blogs and periodically in hundreds of regular publications. Get the facts and be prepared to share with family and friends to enlarge the ranks of the protest.

Once armed with knowledge, share your wishes and objections with your elected representatives by mail, phone, fax, or a personal visit. Always keep in mind that they are the servants of the people and not the other way around. As you would with any employee, be courteous, caring, but most important, be firm. One interjected point here: if you ask a question, wait patiently but insist on an answer.

If you have time, talent and resources, volunteer for leadership, organization or donations to further the cause of defeating of this all-out assault on our liberty. If you hear of a Tea Party within range of your capability to attend, do so. Be ever alert to upcoming events which hold your interest and attend. Again, past that, you should tell your friends, family and neighbors. Those who would steal our freedoms are terrified of this course of action. They will publicly deny, denigrate, and falsely report patriotic events but privately they seek the means to stifle this legitimate debate. Your personal acquisition of knowledge is the most feared weapon in the arsenal of defense in protection of our liberties. The lies propagated by the left should never go unanswered. It’s up to you.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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