Wednesday, December 2, 2009

American Humane Association

After the response we received from readers on the HSUS I concluded that all of us need more insight into the financial dealings of animal oriented organizations. If I were to go with a national advocacy group, I would probably select the American Humane Association.

 They were organized in 1877 and have been fighting animal cruelty ever since. In addition they have combined their efforts with children’s advocacy as well. For those who go to movies you will note in the trailer that AHA posts the advisory, “no animals were injured in the making of this film..” During shooting of the film, the only persons not employed by the studio who remain on the set are the representatives of the AHA. They stand as the voice and advocate of the mute actors and supervise their welfare. They started their crusade for animal/actor safety early in the history of film making when a studio ran a blindfolded horse off a cliff to his death.

Their objective appears to be champions of the innocent without altering the American life style. Their lobbying activities are for humane procedures and not the elimination of entire segments of the economy. For details on their finances, you may check out Charity Navigator for an accurate rundown. While you are there, I would suggest you also devote some time to other charities which you support for an overview of their activities. People who use the service are not shy about expressing their opinions and dispensing distaste as well as praise for particular charitable organizations. A solid rule of thumb is the presence of a large number of comments is generally seen as evidence of complaints.

The addition of emphasis on child protection, as well as animals, is seen as a logical compliment to the work they have ongoing.

In a closing note of interest: the post on HSUS Tuesday generated an historical high traffic for Zion Beckons. In fact, the high point was reached about 1:30 pm. For good or ill, I am very pleased to observe such interest in animal welfare. In closing I would also point out that direct donations of any size would be greatly appreciated by your local shelter/animal rescue organization. Take it in person and see for yourself the great works they accomplish. You will be welcomed with open arms—and paws—and purrs--and wagging tails.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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