Saturday, September 25, 2010

Stop Lying!!

As a people, we in the United States have been subjected to an almost continuous series of lies for the past four years.  Obviously, the greatest of these has been the murky background of our president.  We have become accustomed, as citizens, to an endless supply of information, easily verified, about every candidate who has ever aspired to that office.  Our former watchdogs—the press—had kept us up to date with far more information than we could absorb about every minor facet of their existence. 

Even the most trivial information is obscured in mystery.  A quick Google search will reveal that former president; Warren G. Harding wore size 14 shoes.  His immense girth would have required proportionally large feet to support him.  No one questions the veracity of that stated measurement.  Substituting Obama for Harding we find responses ranging from 9 ½, 12, & 13 ½ on the first page.   This is not an issue of any real importance so what is the point of not having a definitive answer?  Do his feet enlarge and then shrink during each day?

Back in the rude rural community, in which I was raised, a popular expression was: “He’d lie when the truth would do better.”  For those who constantly extol the virtues of the president (the media and his minions) this is common practice.  It extends well past the size of his feet to discussions of domestic and foreign policy, social issues, pending legislation, cap and trade, military matters, socialized medicine, taxes, the housing crisis, and unemployment.  True to form, each is approached from a Pollyannaish perspective, with solutions and their appropriate numbers snatched from thin air. 

For example, the socialized medicine initiative is rife with examples of a program billed as being a money saver.  The OEM, responsible for reporting actual fiscal outlay, has not seen it that way.  Even the speaker of the house (I cannot bring myself to mention the name of that harridan) assured us we would have to pass it in order to read it.  Insurance companies are withdrawing from the market place in droves and doctors are retreating from Medicare practice as a result.  These people are realistic evaluators of the fiscal aspects of their enterprise and realize that what was presented as savings is an absolute lie.  Who in their right mind ever turned any enterprise over to the federal government as a cost cutting device?

The stimulus package was advertised as assuring the public that they would, as a result, benefit from a fixed unemployment rate of 8% or under. The reality has been 9.5% with slight variables.  Once one factors in those who have just plain given up on finding suitable employment, it is realistically estimated at 16% plus.   Those responsible, including the president, were well aware that this was a lie.  In spite of claming to reduce the deficit, we find it soaring to a level equivalent to the total achieved in our 225 year history.

Those who observed this benign and generous nation over our existence have seen us use our treasure, the lives of our youth, and our strength to protect their freedoms, secure their safety and rescue them from both manmade and natural disaster.  How then, can the president go abroad and apologize for our country as the provoker of evil in the world.  It is little more than the furtherance of the lie. 

Another earthy phrase comes to mind as we watch the rats jumping from the sinking ship which is our administration.  “It’s enough to gag a maggot.”  Even the hardened liberal left has recognized that association with a serial liar is a perilous path to success even in a world of liars.  Many have retreated to the warrens of academia to nurse the wounds of their proximity to Obama.  Many however, remain to further the false doctrines and twisted reportage of actual facts.  Even the media has, through dropping readership and loss of viewers, become aware of decreasing revenue streams resulting from their obvious devotion to the fully committed socialist president.  There is now awareness on their part of the importance of self-preservation.  The sale of Newsweek for $1 is indicative of that realization.

This raises the question, then, of the biggest lie of all.  Obama is not dedicated to the greatest constitutional republic the world has ever seen.  Even though he swore an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States; in so doing he ascribed to yet another lie.  Even those not really paying attention should, by now, be able to understand that his dedication is the exact opposite.  He has done his level best to exercise the Cloward/Piven strategy to seek the destruction of the republic.  He seeks to accomplish, by destroying our financial base, the ends which aggressors have failed to achieve by force of arms.  We are currently being led by the most aggressive socialist ever to have sought the office.

As we approach the second anniversary of the worst election result in the nation’s history, we need to, as a people, understand clearly our role in reversing the mistakes of the past.  We must “man-up” and admit that we made a serious mistake.  We must absolutely insist upon the restoration of truth from our leadership, the media, and our neighbors.  We can no longer be comfortable listening to a continuation of a string of lies, distortion of fact, and misrepresentation.  If you are reading this post on your computer, there is an automatic assurance that you personally have the means to fact check every word which comes from the mouth of the prevaricator-in-chief.  Rather than assume that he is humble and sincere; recognize that his agenda seeks to destroy the United States. 

As a father with a near score of grandchildren I urge you to recognize the horror of the legacy which these innocent youngsters and yours will inherit.  It will not be one of ease and luxury compared to the rest of the world and our previous history.  Instead they will share in the responsibility for a mammoth debt from the moment of their birth. 

As I returned from the Tea Party event on 9/12/09, I brought my mind back to leaving the Capitol Mall.  I noted at the time that the grounds were absolutely clean with no evidence of 800,000 people having been there.  As we age and then depart this earth will we take the same care to leave the republic free of debt and being a useful citizen on the world stage?  Or, will we leave a legacy of slavery to our socialist masters and the wreckage of imprudent finances?  The answer rests upon our actions over the next five weeks and the events of November 2, 2010.   The result will depend upon you.  God help us all.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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