Friday, September 24, 2010

Chris Christie; Against All Odds

A popular topic of conversation consistent with what is hoped to be a general upheaval in the political balance of power in November is: who would be the best candidate to face Obama in 2012.   It is a cold fact that “best candidate” is defined truthfully as: “who can win.”  Those who are aware that your host spends too much time in absorbing political matters frequently ask for my take--as if I had a crystal ball.

As a general rule, I distrust the usual suspects because of loyalty to the establishment party (Republican) greater than an absolute commitment to the people.  I discount some others as being too much of a lightening rod to attract an impassioned response from the Democrats.  Name recognition and reputation are strong factors as well.   Absolute and unequivocal devotion to the principles outlined in US Constitution is probably the strongest qualifier.   Thankfully, this is not an issue of immediate necessity. 

I am, however, compiling a short list of those who appear to have the best interests of the population in both their head and their heart.  No less important, is the will, the intellect, and the competitive spirit to actively seek the office.  Those who know me well and have been subjected to my life long prejudices and opinionated views are shocked that Gov. Chris Christie has made my personal list of suitable candidates.

His short lived tenure (Jan. 19, ’10 to date) as New Jersey governor has demonstrated executive abilities well in excess of expectations.  With a hostile legislature, he has none-the-less played them like a banjo and managed to keep soaring demands on the treasury under relative control.  When presented with a bill for an inflated budget, he vetoed it almost before it hit his desk.  When the override vote was taken; most of the “yea” votes had somehow vanished in the face of his wrath.

His credentials as a “social conservative” were boosted in a recent decision regarding the financing of Planned Parenthood ($7.5 million) in New Jersey.  When he ended the support, the legislature countered with a bill to reinstate the finances of killing New Jersey’s unborn by a margin of 30 to 10.   Christie responded with the now familiar veto and the override failed by 23-17.  This in turn forced closing many of the abortion provider’s facilities for lack of funding.  Although the amount of money involved is trivial in the grand scheme of things, it is augmented by a show of active support to those who treasure each and every human life.

He has also demonstrated support for other conservatives involved in races of national importance.  Meg Whitman of California asked him to attend a rally in support of her efforts for election to the governorship of California.   When a heckler rose to scream at Whitman, Christie intervened (see tape)  and quelled the disturbance.  His modulated response to the man’s rant served to contrast intellect over insane passion.  Most important was his willingness to support another conservative candidate.

Fortunately, Chris Christie simply adds to the ever increasing stable of potential opposition to “change we can believe in.”  He presents a man of exceptional experience with a back ground of actual work who understands a paycheck and what it really takes to acquire it.  Keep your eye on this guy who rightly claims that his problems with New Jersey take precedence over all other current issues.  Until they have a satisfactory solution he may be hard to convince to even run.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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