Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Jimmy Carter now most ‘Superior” of Ex-presidents

It has to be true because a fine “Christian” like Jimmy Carter wouldn’t lie.  

To better understand just exactly what the former president had to say, we shall provide a link to first read, MSNBC"  to avoid any accusations of political bias.  They have not only the video of the interview but also the printed text for your study and evaluation.

As one who survived the one-term Carter administration, I am free to report that he never met a dictator (oppressor, commie, despot or Marxist) he didn’t like.  After his removal from office at the hands of the American people with the election of Ronald Reagan (by 8,416,813 actual votes and an electoral margin of 489 to 49), we found the saner heads in Iran recognized the difference and promptly released the hostages.  The malaise of Carter’s soaring interest and a moribund economy were abated and the constitutional republic commenced its return to a normal healthy state.  In retrospect we reviewed the roster of former presidents and universally decided that he held the crown as the absolute worst the nation had ever endured.   

Almost every family has a “crazy” uncle or a “loony” aunt who provides a constant source of embarrassment.   As a national family, we have Jimmy Carter.  What other president ever lost a confrontation with a crazed rabbit while in office?  (link to text) (link to picture)  We should probably be more sympathetic to a dangerous encounter with a buck-toothed furry assailant except it provides one of the few amusing anecdotes of an otherwise damaging and undistinguished career.

Jimmy, give us all a break and go back on your meds.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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