Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Lame Apology from the New York Times

Actually it was not an apology but rather a “correction.” In reality, it was neither. Included in the correction is yet another false assertion claiming that “Tea Party supporters have been connected to a number of such statements.” These are their exact words:

The Political Times column last Sunday, about a generational divide over racial attitudes, erroneously linked one example of a racially charged statement to the Tea Party movement. While Tea Party supporters have been connected to a number of such statements, there is no evidence that epithets reportedly directed in March at Representative John Lewis, Democrat of Georgia, outside the Capitol, came from Tea Party members.”

Even in the process of acknowledging that no evidence exists to support their scurrilous claims they could not resist implying that some supporters have done so. Andrew Breitbart offered $100,000 to anyone who could supply supporting video to establish the assertions made by members of the Congressional Black Caucus. Video cameras were present by the dozens but no one stepped up to claim Breibart’s offer with evidence of the occurrence because it didn’t happen.

Breitbart’s response, in part follows:

· “The Times is admitting that there is absolutely no evidence that any epithets were shouted at the Congressman by any member of the Tea Party.

· This correction demonstrates we have finally proven our point to the nation’s most eminent and influential liberal media organ: that Rep. Andre Carson lied when he told the AP that members of the Tea Party hurled the “N-word” 15 times during the March 20 health-care rally that took place at the U.S. Capitol.”

For the sole purpose of defaming the Tea Party movement, Rep. John Lewis, Rep. Andre Carson, and others lied when they lodged their complaint with the media. They did it deliberately and with malice aforethought. They did not “mis-speak.” As they strode through the crowd of protesters they convinced themselves that they would be subject to derision and racial slurs. We now all fully realize that it did not happen and the complainers are serial prevaricators.

The time has long since passed for the members of the Congressional Black Caucus members to come clean and confess their lying ignorant assertions about the Tea Party. The intentional incitement of racial conflict did take place and the responsibility for the hatred lies at the feet of Lewis, Carson and their cronies. Now is the moment to “man up” and admit that it was a childish mistake and take full responsibility for their reprehensible actions. To do otherwise is cowardice.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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