Thursday, August 5, 2010

Obama, Handicap Drops from +22 to +6

While catching up on some neglected sites during today's rain, I found this jewel On "The Virginian."  He, in turn, shamelessly admits to stealing it from a comment by Consultofactus on Yahoo News.  It is a tender tale of a man simply trying to get something accomplished.

Consultofactus Sun Aug 01, 2010 07:21 am PDT

"I have noticed that many posters are critical of President Obama! Aren't we all in this together? If the President succeeds don't we all win? Well then, don't you think your constant complaining might just be holding him back from a historic first term achievement??? Have you thought of that? Did you know that Mr. Obama is about to do what no other American President has ever done? Yes, when Mr. Obama was sworn into office his golf handicap was an unimpressive +22! Now, in just 19 short months he's a +6 AND IS LIKELY TO BE THE FIRST PRESIDENT TO BREAK 80 AT PEBBLE BEACH! But how can he "keep his head in the game" if whiners like YOU are always b1tching???!!! "OHHH Mr. President the illegals are killing us! OOOH Mr. President Unemployment in my state is 14% and I haven't worked for a year!! Mr. President, Mr. President your policies are bankrupting the country!!! Have YOU ever tried to line-up a 30 foot putt with Gov. Bobby Jindal harping about some oil leak thingy??? Huh?? And how's the President going to enjoy his summer concert series when deadbeats like you are crying about having your home foreclosed?? Why should he care?"

There you have it; now, back to our regular programming.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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