Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday Morning Rant 117

Another week has passed and this time with a few encouraging signs. Dede Scozzafava has deferred to the true conservative, Doug Hoffman in NY 23—or the Democrat. Virginia has polled an indication that they will have a Republican as a near sure-thing. Even New Jersey is a possibility to also do the same. The greatest gain is trading fear of Obama to brash exuberance in support of conservative “true believers.” To realize three out of three would be a dream come true. Maybe with Halloween behind us, we can anticipate a less scary world for a time.

I heard an interesting sermon on the importance of repentance from Lee Parsons this morning. I agree with him that lacking that important component; salvation is virtually invalidated. Too few see baptism as a new direction and putting away our old habits. I wonder if the churches in D.C. actually have preachers who identify sin and preach repentance. Is anybody listening?

More on Honduras

I am far deeper into the analysis of the politics of Honduras than I ever wanted to be. But, this impoverished little country is rapidly becoming a catalyst for events of far greater importance than it needs or wants. Its problems are the results of outside pressures to reshape world politics and follow other country’s and faction’s agenda. The “play-by-play” has been covered in preceding posts which are recent if you require a review.

As usual, I find it far more interesting to look to comments on other posts to find the necessary comments to accurately explain the issues than to examine the posts themselves. This one came up on the Volokh Conspiracy regarding the realities in Honduras:

“Does it not seem fatuous that experts from the OAS and the US are better qualified and more expert in Honduran law than its own Supreme Court? Why don’t these ‘experts’ rule on the little bit of trickery that just happened in Nicaragua where Ortega and three members of the six member Supreme Court ruled that he can run for president again despite the Nicaraguan Constitution’s term limits. Cute trick, waited for the three other justices who were not communists to be away to pull this stunt and after they pulled it off Ortega ruled by decree that the decision could not be revisited. Where is that worthless communist gigolo Kerry and his stand on this blatant coup in Nicaragua? Or that other worthless communist Berman? Democrat-New Communist Party members Kerry and Berman are saying, law and facts are irrelevant when those pesky details get in the way of a fellow communist (Zelaya) and not be mentioned when those pesky facts may interfere with a brother communist (Ortega).

Regarding Honduras again, imagine its late 2016 and Obama decides to hold a referendum that would allow him to run again the 2016 election despite the constitution (to be amended after winning the referendum and the subsequent election) and against the wishes of the Democratic Party, the Congress and in contravention of a ruling by the US Supreme Court. Would we not expect the Army to act to defend and protect the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic and kick him out of the White House? And, would we tolerate the OAS and others interfering in our internal affairs?

That Hilary Clinton as Secretary Of State is pushing this position on Honduras is not only despicable but demonstrates she either has no grasp of law or no principles or she is irrelevant to formulating policy and is just a figurehead in which case it demonstrates how foolish she is by accepting the post of Secretary of State when she could of been a real player by staying in the senate. Either way she has done the country a favor in one sense, she has demonstrated her complete lack of fitness to be a cabinet office, never mind president. Incidentally it’s been five years since Lurch promised to release his military discharge information. The people of Massachusetts should be ashamed of themselves for voting in to office a dishonorably discharged officer who committed treason while in uniform and who openly and blatantly lied to Congress.”

The commenters are obviously not constrained to any degree of “civility” and may feel free to just blurt out what is on their mind. It’s not that I disagree but straight talk is not always understood because of the outrage which it provokes. It’s hard to formulate a rejoinder with smoke blowing out your ears and eyes clouded with tears of outrage. This must be what they mean when they say, “the truth hurts.”

And finally --Back to Cox South

Please forgive a late posting and probably a short one. Jan (Granny with a Pitchfork) has forwarded her update appointment at the hospital by about ten days. Her level of pain is inconsistent with the predictions offered by the medical staff on the 14th of October. We shall be leaving soon for Springfield to have a consultation with the doctors in hopes of finding a resolution to this issue. She’s been a brick through this whole ugly mess but even the toughest sometimes experience set-backs.

As a result, posts are late, and worse; she can’t enjoy the recent remarkable appearance of the sun. Beautiful warm sunny days in early November are a treat which should never be ignored. The leaves have largely fallen and we now have a clear view of the mile-wide Spring River valley. The flood waters have receded but the evidence of high water levels remains. The border fences on the bottom road are festooned with debris deposited up to 3’ or 4’ in some places. It’s a small wonder that we couldn’t get out.

All in all, we are mutually grateful to those who have given their prayerful support and best wishes. We are both confident that your intercession is bringing God’s attention to the matter. His will shall be accomplished.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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