Wednesday, November 4, 2009



Believe it or not, the top three spots in Virginia government go to Republicans--an overwhelming victory by any measure. Considering the strong population presence of government employees in Northern Virginia one can see an obvious link to disapproval of the administration’s policies.

Republican Christie won the New Jersey race for governor. Although the local issues of corruption and outrageous spending were a strong factor, the fact remains that Corzine gained little benefit from the president campaigning for him at five separate venues. A blue state goes red along with the faces of many democrat operatives.

What a night. Although all the pundits and commentators were cautious in their predictions, the races were largely decided early due to the margins of victory. It was a definite statement by the people in response to “hope and change.” The glory of America is the fact that the polls are the final arbiter.

Looking back to the elections of 1993 and 2005 in Virginia and New Jersey, we find the combination of the winning parties predicting the outcomes of following elections. In ’93 it was the Republicans who were the victors and followed with a sweep of elections nationally. You all remember 2005, the Democrat victory and the subsequent takeover of congress by their party. When these changes take place it is not etched in stone but does provide a firm indicator of future possibilities.

A timely reminder would be that although largely victorious tonight, conservatives need to press on aggressively from this point and it should remain a vital force in the formation of future campaigns. The importance of the economy, socialized medicine, real job development, and increasing control over the lives and liberties of Americans were foremost in the minds of the voters. Continued emphasis on these issues and the struggle in Afghanistan require constant repetition to separate future candidates in the perception of the electorate.

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Cecil Moon

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Donald Borsch Jr. said...

Indeed, Conservatives need to press on and push even harder.

I am reticent to be too jubilant, buuuuuut, I really do sense a shift in the paradigm.

I am also preparing for the inevitable backlash from the progressives.

Long Live the Republic.