Thursday, November 5, 2009

Concurrent Tragedy

With limited solid information coming out of Fort Hood with critical identification on the perpetrators of that massive crime we see yet one more confusing, yet alarming, happening in our country.

Ever since last January, there has been an event which overshadowed the execution of government to distract the masses from a full realization of actual events. You don’t need prompting to recall this occurring with regularity. Some extraneous issue seems to arise to accompany each concurrent event in congress or the executive branch to provide “breaking news” cover to some nefarious activity.

The tragedy at Fort Hood is conveniently occupying the news tonight at the expense of coverage of the impending socialized medicine vote on Saturday. Tomorrow (Friday) will be totally occupied with reports from Texas, searches for motives, casualty counts, and pundits scratching their collective heads to justify the action of the person responsible. Pelosi has announced her intention to bring the legislation to the floor for a vote Nov. 7th.

This modus operendi has been part and parcel of each and every offensive move in the assault on America that the current administration calls governance. With the words of Rahm Emmanuel ringing in our ears, “don’t let a good crisis go to waste,” it is apparent that there is never any intention to do so. My suspicious nature demands to know whether Pelosi knew of the events before or after she announced the vote. If it was before, then we see a golden opportunity presented to the administration. If it was after, was there any complicity in triggering the event?

For those without military experience who wonder how it is possible to be in the presence of an armed population who were unable to halt this carnage, please understand that on U.S. military bases, arms and ammunition only come together under tightly controlled circumstance. One carries weapons to a range and only when you take a position on the firing line are you issued the appropriate ammo. No person is allowed to carry both on any unauthorized basis and without a stated purpose. Trainees are constantly supervised and discovery of any loose rounds in their possession is a serious offense.

It is possible that my “BS” (that would be “believability suspension”) meter is on a too sensitive setting. It could be my age and experience has brought me to that condition. Given the brief history of this administration the device sounds the alarm almost daily and I respond. Give it some thought.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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