Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday Morning Rant 86

Sunday was a full day. There was a gathering of some very special friends among the Saints in Independence and it was also sacrament Sunday. Since I was reluctant to forgo either experience, I drove to Miami, OK for the services there and was treated to a fine message delivered by “Jappy” Robison. I left just before noon and 2:45 found me at The Groves just across the street from the “San.” (Ed. This has little meaning to those not associated with the church so please be patient.)

It is difficult to describe the joy you experience from the renewal of associations of a long term nature with people who have gone to great effort to be there for the gathering. One expects it from any meeting of Saints but is really special when they have all come such long distances. We shared an impromptu service, offered testimonies, prayed, read some appropriate scriptures, and later we got “caught up” on personal issues.

Later we went to Ryan’s for dinner together and more of the same. We held no agenda other than an absolute love of Jesus Christ. It was a refreshing experience. 11:00 pm found your host back on our rocky ridge in the Ozarks thanking God for a safe return. After close to 500 miles and three meetings, I had no problem getting to sleep.


In the exact middle of the twentieth century, I accepted my first real job. I went to work for the Department of Justice (FBI) in Washington, D.C... Like all new employees, I got to meet the boss, J. Edgar Hoover, and was advised to dismiss the rumors I might have heard about lazy employees having a feather-bed life in the seat of government. This proved to be true. I rapidly became familiar with “bureau” policy about production quotas, integrity both on site and personally, and the necessity for extreme security.

I later moved to the Army Security Agency and after about five years of government service decided that I might be happier in the civilian world. This did not prevent me from following closely the activities of my former employers. The intervening 59 years have provided much to be proud of in retrospect and also some very shameful moments. Up until recently, the slaughter of civilians at Waco in concert with the BATF has marked the lowest point in my estimation of the bureau. A new event has come to my attention which in its full implications may have an even greater impact.

Under the new attorney general, Eric Holder, we find the suit which was filed against Ted Stevens, the former Alaska Senator, has been dropped. That issue which was pursued with such vigor is now not fit to be continued because of the malfeasance of certain Justice Department attorneys. The judge tossed the case when he found they had a corrupt witness and they had further withheld certain evidence from the defense.

The critical issue here is the timing. Senator Stevens, whose skirts are definitely not clean, was replaced in a special election by a Democrat challenger. This then tipped the balance of power in the Senate to attempt to create the veto proof and filibuster proof numbers so necessary to further the advancing socialist agenda of the current administration. Once that became a fait accompli suddenly the whole matter was effectively tossed in the dumpster. The mission was never to pursue the wrongdoing of the former senator but rather to assure the election of replacement solon. Stevens guilty verdict came just days before the election and obviously served as the final straw for the state’s electorate. Without that verdict, it is highly likely that the people of Alaska would have returned him to the senate.

This administration places much too high a priority on control of what should be a near sacred process. We see the nefarious activities of ACORN, the attempt to put the census count under the direction of the White House, and now this clumsy attempt to pack the senate. We were chartered as a “government of the PEOPLE” and that is apparently a little understood concept by the people in charge. As our voting rights and our subsequent mandates are diluted by attacks on the electoral process we are not on a slippery slope but engaged in an outright plunge over the cliff to the abyss of our national destruction.

And finally

Having the feeders on the new deck so clearly visible out my office window has cast a whole new light on bird observation. I had previously thought that the goldfinch left the colder climates for a friendlier southern venue. Not so! They were here all winter and thus enabled me to watch their changing color this spring. In the winter the male and the female are almost the same colors; rather dull except for the distinctive black and white on the tail and the wings. Now that spring is here, the males are assuming the rich golden yellow on their bodies which presents a sharp contrast to their wings, and the females are lightening as well.

In the process I am reminded that God designed them that way for a purpose. In the duller colors of winter they are far less visible to predators. With the new cover provided by leafing trees they are free to resume their brilliance and probably more easily attract a suitable mate. I never cease to be amazed at this wonderful world which He has provided.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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