Thursday, April 9, 2009

How to Handle an Hysterical Woman/Nation

Under an avalanche of reports, both accurate and cunningly spun, from Washington, and around the world, my bride has become increasingly distressed. Since she is an intelligent woman, she realizes that her passing temporary physical problems are in a large part a result of reaction to the current government or to be more accurate, the new president. Since we are heavily invested in communication in our marriage we tend to discuss things openly and honestly.

We are also highly sensitive to the feelings of the other and that characteristic prompted her to ask, “How can you remain so apparently calm and unruffled in the face of this horrible mess in D.C.?” I gave her no immediate response because I didn’t have one that wasn’t either non-serious or not well thought.

I have ruminated upon the issue since in an effort to give her an accurate response. Upon thoughtful reflection I think that I have come to the proper conclusion.

I believe that it is man’s basic nature to react to danger. It’s the old “fight or flight” theory. It is a normal response which is a gift from God for our own protection. It is not in our basic nature to be seriously threatened and not mount some manner of defense which in some cases is manifest in an offense posture. We see it in nature and the animals around us constantly. Our cats somehow manage to inflate the position of their fur to double their appearance and then expose their teeth with a threatening hiss. Their physical prowess has not been increased but the perception of their strength has increased in the mind of their tormentor. We fully realize with dogs and cats occupying the same floor space in our home that the dogs merely want something to chase. Once the cat makes the offensive move, the dogs are content to lie down, take a nap, or look for excitement elsewhere.

Both exercise this part of the kabuki on a regular basis without harm. Humans however, are not blessed with this capacity to rid their memories so quickly of the perceived dangers in life. Both, however, need a physical outlet for their angst.

I do not have a fur covering which is able to ward off predators. But, I do have an outlet to blow off my excess irritations—I write. That is my protection from what I consider the predatory nature of our current government. When I become overcome with an issue which I believe requires a response I sit down at the keyboard and express my opinion and publish it for all—that would be you four regular readers—to see. This then becomes a physical expression and the matter is no longer bottled up inside to tear my guts apart. So long as there is a shred of Constitution left, I have the freedom to express my innermost thoughts and observations. Those of you who read it also have the right to either continue or dismiss me as a “right wing kook” who treasures his Bible, his guns and his liberty to excess. I egotistically conclude that once the problem has been identified it is then turned over to me and to God for a solution.

I might note here that I have had considerable success by turning my life over to God for the final resolution. Once I found that He was the answer, I stopped fretting over the questions. Since I am learning to understand salvation, it becomes increasingly more difficult to scare me with the threat of death or disaster. I have read in a reliable source that both are on the horizon so I shall not be surprised when either occurs. This fact alone allows me to view our world as an observer or better said a sojourner. Since I am convinced that this earth is just a way point on a journey I don’t fully understand, I can deal with it much the same as I would a visit to a cathedral in Europe or one to the Grand Canyon. Since there is little I can do to change either one, I try to leave the sites litter free, undamaged, and with a memory of the further evidence of the genius of my Father in Heaven.

What do we do today to improve our physical well-being amidst this onslaught of bad news emanating from our capital? You don’t have to have a website to make your voice heard and your opposition realized. I have tirelessly offered some solutions which may well bring a better dimension to your life.

Make yourself heard. In John 1:24, he (John) says; “I am one crying in the wilderness….” He recognized that at that time his was a lone voice. You are not alone. You have exactly the same support system that John had. Given the current size of the population who adhere to the principals offered by Jesus Christ we see the result of his “crying.” From that humble beginning came the formation of a remarkable body of believers. You have the right—no, the duty—as a citizen to communicate with your leaders, your family, your friends and complete strangers if you wish. Unburden yourself from the shackles of the unstated opposition to current policies. You will find it a cathartic to express yourself.

You must increase your knowledge. Every recognized discipline, be it medicine, law, commerce, trade skills or what have you has some sort of a program of ongoing training to further buttress the formal education received before licensing. As a consequence our society is constantly improved by upgrades and further knowledge unavailable during formal schooling. During this process it is wise to check and double check your resources for accuracy and authenticity. Even the best make mistakes but we need to be constantly alert to spin and outright deception. If you haven’t already, get a copy of the Constitution (it’s in the World Almanac every year) get it, read it, and apply it to the things going on around you. It has served us well for over 220 years and can do so for the future.

If you are physically able, leave your home and engage others in your beliefs. I recently urged you to attend a Tea Party on April 15. This could well be a defining moment in the history of the republic. We are a government “of the people” so this particular protest is highly dependent upon the presence of the people to lend credence to the effort. Just after the election I found that my barber had voted for “the one.” A normally sensible man had slipped through my net and not been engaged by me to encourage him otherwise. I vowed upon learning this that I would increase my contacts to carry what I consider a righteous message.

Do not be ashamed of your beliefs, be they spiritual or political. If indeed, you love your neighbor, share with him that which you love. The days when we can comfortably avoid “sensitive” subjects are long gone. Your example is probably a guide to others in the formation of their lives as well. How can they emulate your good works and thoughts if they are “hidden under a bushel?”

I truly believe that following this advice will have a highly predictable result. It will require that we “get out of ourselves” and share with others. Be proud of your country and do not believe for a moment that we are the cause of the world’s problems. We are, in fact, often the solution. For your continued good health—and Jan’s—it will be required of every citizen that he participate. This prescription will be for improving your physical condition and the nation as well.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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